bEiNg mE !

How a five foot chick can be so random is far beyond me. I look at various words others use to describe me and concede-there’s adequate cause for medication. My daily to do list is primarily for the thrill of the check! I’m without a doubt-goal oriented, yet I live by the hem of my skirt because for me, multitasking is the ultimate adrenaline rush.  I’m the best you’ve got to organize that epic Christmas production, but to inflict cruel and unnecessary torture, just assign me to call all 27 third grade moms about contributing to the annual bake sale.

I abhor shopping, but I watch Style and E! for fashion tips. My wardrobe is limited to simple dresses, skirts, jeans, tees, yoga pants (unless little sister, Lori, calls and asks me to clean out her closet). 90% of what I buy is black and white because it goes together easily.  I don’t wear my hair like Dr. Quinn and Demi Moore because it makes me look younger, sexier, or elegant. For starters, I have Alopecia (slick as a baby’s bum bald circles on my head) so I do a lot of comb overs! And, besides keeping a ponytail holder on my wrist at all times, ensures that everyday is a great hair day!

I love to talk and I hate the phone. My close friends usually text first, “Can I call?” Mama, a classic Georgia belle, has informed me that my cell phone answering message borders on rude and perhaps-Have a blessed day-would be a bit more appropriate. My precious mama knows me well and loves me anyway! 🙂

I avoid confrontation, but you DO NOT want to curse a kid because I WILL let you know that it’s unacceptable. At home, I prefer silence.  But, I can sit in any office, listen to chats going on around me, study Middle Eastern culture on my phone, watch Judge Judy on TV, have LeCrae rapping in my ear buds and my crazy brain processes it all simultaneously.

Family means everything to me and mine says I’m the best, but-I’m every woman from June Cleaver to Lilly Munster to Marie Barone.  If I run out of my estrogen, my darlings use the code warning DRAGON LADY to send smoke signals.

My personality is a hodgepodge of this & that; unhinged bits and pieces that make up who I am.  You never know what you’re going to get when you open my diary, but I promise to keep it real!

Your thoughts on CHRiSTiANS and Prozac???

dO nOt pReAcH iT uNleSs yOu cAn LiVe it-

Dangerously Transparent quote of the day; put me in the mire with the vilest of sinners over cuddling in the church pews with hypocrites. Seriously, it nauseates me to watch CHRiSTiANS embrace high profile, flamboyant fakes, while pointing their noses up to genuine struggling souls- unsaved or saved.  We may as well say-be here every Sunday, wear CHURCH CLOTHES, sing O, how I love Jesus, tithe 10% and earn a pass. Any Sunday-any church-any city across the globe, distinctions are blurred between CHRiST followers and counterfeit

I recently posted a blog written by a dear friend, whose daughter is gay. She’s Catholic. I’m Evangelical and neither of us feel like we fit our denominational mold. The Orlando tragedy was another shock to an ongoing quest to understand genuine CHRiST followers.  I dare question. Was it as important in your church to pray for those grieving families as the previous ones? Reality is supported by facts. There wasn’t the same outpouring of compassion we witnessed for other victims of terror. It WILL happen again and I anticipate the public will mourn loudly when the target is an airport, school or theater because those are socially safer than expressing concern for a gay nightclub.

Paris dominated facebook for weeks-CHRiSTiANS abuzz with prayer chains, solidarity flags of support.  I can’t wrap my head around why we couldn’t show that sympathy for the families of Orlando’s victims. For many of us who did speak or write, our faith was brought under scrutiny by other followers. Upon a private explanation, a few who questioned my judgement offered an apology but, not all responded courteously.  It hurt to know my CHRiSTiANiTY was questioned because I stated can love gay people and remain devoted to JESUS.

I don’t condone same sex relationships, support gay marriage or transgender bathrooms. I do support all people being treated fairly. I don’t advocate catering to a specific group because of religion or sexual orientation. I don’t want to be told my husband or I must marry gay couples. Personally, I don’t believe it’s wise for a CHRiSTiAN to marry a non believe. But, you know what gets us into more trouble than anything? Marrying couples with different skin tones. Nephew, Brad and his wife, Tracy are raising our nieces, Peyton and Skylar, to be Christ followers who value his culture and hers. I don’t hate on pastors who won’t marry blacks and whites.  They’re wrong but, I believe they still love Jesus!

It may surprise you to hear my best friend in Tanzania is a Muslim chick. I grappled with be ye not unequally joined, but as I prayed-GOD put peace in my spirit.  I don’t partake in Ramadan and she doesn’t attend Christmas Eve service. Still, I have a precious friendship with JenZee and I passionately love JESUS.

I’ve read the Bible from cover to cover. I don’t need to be convinced where I stand on the issue. But, I have gay friends, I believe love Jesus just like my alcoholic friends love Jesus. I have lying friends who love Jesus. Bitter friends who love Jesus. Friends with addictions who love Jesus. Friends trapped by sexual sins who love Jesus. Don’t ask me to explain how anyone can love Jesus and be gay because you may find yourself on the receiving end of my questions. How does your son or daughter engage in an extramarital affair and love Jesus? How can your dad, brother or sister, lead a small group and when the group goes home, flip on a laptop and goggle adult web sites? How can your husband or wife love Jesus and abuse you or your kid? Ladies, how you love Jesus and dress in a way that draws a man’s attention towards you, especially guys with wives? How can you undress a woman with your eyes while sitting with your wife and love Jesus? We ALL do things NOT becoming for a child of GOD but, it doesn’t mean we don’t love Jesus.

We can inspect the fruits of fellow CHRiSTiANS and draw a conclusion about their walk, but we don’t have permission to pick people apart or question integrity just because they think differently than we do. What I have learned is; it’s wise to allow the HOLY SPIRIT to guide my fruit inspections if I’m determined to walk through the orchard. Many times the fruits I suspected would be rotten-are sweetest of the bunch!

Get where I’m going? I am NOT sure how LIS MORGAN-devoted follower for fifty years can love Jesus and do some things that I do. How do I love Jesus and host a spirit of fear? The Bible talks about FEAR more than it does being gay. Someone has to be bold enough to put it STRAIGHT. If it helps one person, I’ve done what GOD led me to do.

How can I love Jesus and envy a friend’s new car? How do I love Jesus and resent the guy who got a promotion at work when I don’t think he deserved it? How can I love Jesus and hold a grudge against the chick I supposedly forgave? How do I love Jesus and withhold money that could help the poor? Don’t buy the myth that all CHRiST followers must also be financial whizzes.  JESUS told us not to store up earthly possessions. Read the word in context and show me where FINANCIALLY INDEPENDENCE is a principle. How do I love Jesus and overeat? How can I love Jesus and treat people differently because of social status or appearance? How can I love Jesus and talk behind others’ backs? How do I love Jesus and keep quiet when lies are spread about someone? How do I love Jesus and not share HIS love with everyone willing to listen? All have SINNED and come SHORT of the GLORY of GOD. Why insist on removing their splinters while lodging our beams? Aren’t we tired of PREACHING this SAME message over and over?

That’s why I believe gay people can and do LOVE Jesus.  I BREAK my SAVIOR’S HEART with some of what I do everyday. The audacity to point my finger at anyone else is more about taking the pressure off of me than I want to admit.  People are shocked to find out that I’ve struggled with fear most of my life. The truth is, a lot of my ADVENTURES are done because I am a fearful chick. I had my first severe asthma attack at three years old so the terror of suffocating began early in my life. I fell out of a boat when I was four and wasn’t wearing a life jacket. With eyes wide open, I sank into the darkness of Black River. That experience left me petrified of drowning. These fifteen hour plane marathons we take over oceans challenge my wherewithal. Why do it? Because HE promised if I wear the armor designed for me, I will remain MORE than a conqueror-therefore I trust HIM. Still-BRAVERY doesn’t come naturally to a coward.

Many churches are governed by people who don’t care about the lost and have no burden for the downtrodden-thus why local outreach is nil. If your church funds an overseas trip for a few to experience “culture” but, back at home, a local dad comes by the church pleading for $200 to pay his utilities because he lost his job and your church is so cynical, they turn him away without verifying if he’s telling the truth, your church isn’t mission minded. It’s so easy to make an online payment or mail the check directly. The fear of the church’s money being squandered on drugs, cigarettes or alcohol is so overrated and it’s SAD we allow it to be standard church policy. Will we be misled sometimes? Sure we will. But, that’s not a valid excuse to refuse everyone in need. Don’t claim to LOVE my folks in AFRICA if you don’t love those around your own church. That is your first mission field! Support us financially when you can, but NOT at the expense of the ones you see face to face.

Let’s be the flies on the wall at the nominating committee meeting of Global Jesus Church.  (I hope there isn’t an actual GLOBAL JESUS CHURCH-bahaha.)

Chairperson Wishy-Washy: We’ve had a few question us AGAIN this year about having ol’ Mike teaching “his” couples class.  I’ve heard the rumors that he isn’t faithful to his wife-but-his father was our pastor when we built the fellowship hall and let’s not forget his wife started that class. If we take it from Mike, it’ll cause a stink and it’s just not worth splitting the church over. Let’s leave the judging between him the good Lord. 

Rookie Committee Member:  David has been a faithful member now for over a year and I think he’d be great as a greeter, with his outgoing personality. Let’s plug him in a ministry that will enable him to feel useful and provide an area of accountability for him, too.

Committee Member My way or No way:  The big fellow with all the tattoos? Got the long hair and beard?

Open Minded Committee Member:  That’s a great idea. It’s giving a new CHRiSTiAN a place to serve and showing the community we have a place for everyone. I’m for it! He’s another one Ham Bone led to Christ, isn’t he? You know Ham Bone-My way or No way? 

Committee Member My Way or No way scowls and twists his head to indicate NO.

Rookie Committee Member: Ham Bone witnessed to me when I got my first tattoo.  He’s been instrumental in bringing so many people to CHRiST.  I met David at the small group Ham Bone leads for third shift workers. I know our new pastor thinks highly of him.

Committee Member My way or NO way: (responds only when silence didn’t squash the subject) We don’t need people who look like the world in a leadership role because it sends the wrong message about what we stand for!  I don’t know him well enough to judge him, but we’ve got to keep standards or the world won’t see any difference between them and us.  

Committee Member Wishy Washy: David really doesn’t look like a CHRiSTiAN. Wonder if he would he cover the tattoos and shave if we allow him to be a greeter?  We could ask.

Open Minded Committee Member: With all due respect, I‘ve got a problem with that. My teenagers are on social media. They’ve never shown me pictures of David’s tats but, they’ve pointed out a few of Mike and his girlfriend. What message is that sending?  If we ask David to cover Bible verses on his arms and cut his hair, then let’s confront Mike about his affair. That’s actually biblical.

Awkwardness fills the room and Lucifer does the happy dance.

I leave you with this to ponder-until we stop pandering to the church people who want it their way or no way and get back to following JESUS and HIS teachings-which are far less complicated, we’ll continue seeing a slump in CHRiSTiANITY. We make excuses for those in the church while we shame those outside of church. Let’s go back to what the word of God mandates. Treat all the same for LOVE COVERS A MULTITUDE OF SINS.

I’ll Always Be Your Little Girl


                                         I’ll always be your little girl…

                                   somewhere deep inside, even though

                                      I’m all grown up and living my own life.

                                                                         I still depend on you

                                                      like I did back when

                                      you would pick me up in your arms

                                                           and swing me in the wind.

                                   Sometimes I find myself, just longing

                                                         for those days when you could

                              take my problems and make them go away.

                                                    You’re still my hero, Daddy,

                                           like you were right from the start

                                            and I’ll always be your little girl…

                                                          I love you with

                                                                          all my heart.

                                                         © Lis C. Morgan 1995

if I should diE befoRe i wAkE

boBBi KrisTiNa dEseRvEs beTTeR

FACEBOOK BK I began my day today praying for those I love and many I don’t know. May I preach? I can’t understand the pious mindsets that prompt Christians to post insensitive comments about Bobbi Kristina Brown.


BK with WHIT singing

GOD BLESS this 21 year old girl, who never knew stability. She lived with a terribly broken mother & an absent father. It’s SAD to read comments of JESUS followers, who refer to her as a spoiled rich brat. I recently read the remark, she’d made her bed and is now paying for it. Seriously? BOBBI and BOBBY

Does celebrity status exempt her from the same level of understanding we want for ourselves or people we love who battle addiction? I don’t want condemnation spewed at the people I love. I want others to be sympathetic to the struggle of addiction. I want them to be encouraged and never doubt that the’re loved, especially if they’re barely out of their teens. I want the people who I love to know that they are not alone and that they have a solid support system, even if they don’t feel like they deserve any more chances.

BOBBI KRISTINA & WHITWe’re talking about a young woman who was only beginning the path to adulthood, not someone who has partied hard for twenty five years. THERE is a difference.  And, in Bobbi Kristina’s case, this is the only lifestyle she’s ever known, according to friends, family & employees.

Bowman, who stopped driving Houston in 2003, added: ‘You just know this stuff is passed on, I don’t mean through DNA, it’s passed on through behavioral influence and I just thought this poor kid doesn’t stand a chance,’ he said. ‘This kid is gonna witness this her entire life.’
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BK with parentsI believe there comes a time when TOUGH LOVE is the only alternative & deeply admire families who are strong enough to implement that last form of help. But, this girl is just 21 years old & she’s been through a lot, especially in the last three years. She watched her mother spiral from the BEAUTIFUL, GOD GIFTED woman she was, to the tragic shell she became before she passed away. One need not look further than a few you tube videos BK posted of herself over the years to know this girl was hurting. I hope someone saw past the name & fame to fully recognized her pain.

TABLOID BONG BKThe caption read: ‘This picture may be inappropriate but I want to make a connection with you all. Don’t worry this picture isn’t recent just hear me out. Do you know what I feel? I feel strange that I can’t feel any pain anymore. ‘I don’t take any drugs as of recently. Things just happened. But then there is some situation that force me to do things and the impact I’ll feel pain. I did and I do. I was hurt.’ It continued: ‘People kinda expect more from me. But I can’t. I have lost my sense. It just happened. Then here we go again I’m in the same pain. I’m hurt. I’m trying to. I really do. ‘ But I know that I’m hurt and in pain but I can feel it but I don’t know what it is. What do I really do? God, Help me ignore and rebuke what these demons are saying, in Jesus Name. Amen.’

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BK with CISSYI pray her grandmother, godmother, CeCe Winans, or honorary aunties, gospel singers, Kim Burrell & Yolanda Adams, never stopped reminding her of a Father in Heaven, who loved her more than she could imagine. I even pray that there was a time when Whitney was well enough to snuggle with her daughter and tell her about how God so loved the World that HE gave HIS only begotten SON so whosoever believed in HIM, would be saved.CECE and Yolanda

BK with MOm and CECE I pray that even as she lays close to death, someone’s words penetrated her heart and mind enough to bring her to a place in time that she whispered JESUS.  BK shy pic

dOn’T assuMe yOu kNoW hOw tO leAd wOrShiP aT mY chUrcH

While I respect everyone’s views on music-as a worship leader, I feel it is important to represent contemporary worship songs fairly. Indeed, an abundance of them say the same thing over and over but, so do many sacred hymns. STANDING STANDING STANDING on the PROMISES of GOD MY SAVIOR. STANDING STANDING, I’m standing ON THE PROMISES of GOD. GLORY TO HIS NAME, GLORY TO HIS NAME. THERE TO MY HEART WAS THE BLOOD APPLIED. GLORY TO HIS NAME.  SINCE JESUS CAME INTO MY HEART. SINCE JESUS CAME INTO MY HEART. Floods of joy ore my soul like the sea billows roll, SINCE JESUS CAME into MY HEART. Sound doctrine. But repetitious.

We sing them because they’re old; because great grandpa did. We sing them because they evoke memories of that church back home. But, let’s be honest. Plenty of hymns are not composed of earth shattering lyrics. I love traditional hymns; have never NOR will I-abandon the hymns that our faith is built on. But-compare the lyrics above to these-Thank you for the cross Lord. Thank you for the price you paid. Bearing all my sin and shame, in love you came, and gave amazing grace. Thank you for this Love Lord. Thank you for the nail pierced hands. Wash me in your cleansing flow, now all I know, is your forgiveness and embrace. WORTHY is the LAMB, seated on the THRONE. We crown you with many crowns, you reign victorious. High and lifted up, JESUS, son of GOD. The darling of heaven crucified, WORTHY is the LAMB!  There is no comparison to the depth. N.O.N.E.

I’ve been a worship leader a long time now. I’ve been blessed to lead in several countries and various cultures. I’ve planned the music for congregants in large churches, medium sized churches and very small ones. The formula for harmonious worship is similar in every setting. I have a God given responsibility foremost to PRAY about every song I add to our playlist. I believe that it is courteous to choose a variety of songs so that everyone goes away-moved-even if EMOTIONALLY-by at least ONE song. In other words, it just not healthy for the whole body if I am catering to one section only. Do I receive criticism? On a weekly basis, I usually receive an email, call, or face to face request that we do more hymns and I am still asked where the hymn books are. That same week, someone wishes that we didn’t sing so many slow songs while another is sure that the songs are much too upbeat for a worship service. Another wants the band to be featured more, while a few yearn for the old days when the piano and organ were the only instruments in sight. That’s the tightrope a worship leader/minister of music walks; thus my safety net is permanently affixed.

I recently responded to a particular article and have been asked to clarify my comment. The sole reason that I chose to “add my two cents” was simply because the writer openly advised others who hold the same ministry title-to follow his example and (why not add PRAY about it first) mostly abandon contemporary worship songs. Just as I believe that GOD inspired the words of Fannie Crosby, Issac Watts and other hymn writers, it’s an injustice to imply that modern day writers like Chris Tomlin, Matt Redman, Kari Jobe, Marvin Sapp, Don Moen, William McDowel, Shannon Wexelberg-aren’t equally inspired to write worship music with words & melodies that I, my kids & grandkids understand.

Still, I would’ve let it pass-if not for one overly troubling statement written–Second, the content of hymns is almost always vastly more theologically rich. When I say rich, I don’t necessarily mean every hymn recounts the Gospel in it’s entirety, or that all hymns clearly teach the Five Points of Calvinism. The hymns he sites are used to emphasize his own Calvinist doctrine; that undoubtedly is taking liberties that I’m not sure the writers of many hymns would appreciate. Perhaps they were NOT all Calvinist.

Just my views on what’s always been and will continue to be a controversial topic in churches.  I suggest that WE CAN SING ALL of IT as long as it GLORIFIES the LORD. I have many friends who are five point Calvinist, so please understand, I don’t think it’s of any major relevance-UNLESS-an article is pushing the points unnecessarily. If you want to lead your church that way, okay but, be straightforward about it is all that I ask. Selah.


I chose Dr. Joe Joseph, Hilliard, Ohio, because he was listed in our insurance network, had a nice website, state of the art office, an adequate education, friendly staff and in my most dangerously transparent voice, because he widely advertised Nitrous Oxide for dental anxiety. I drove an hour for two prior visits and didn’t ask for nitrous for those visits, but made it OVERTLY clear that when I had a 90 minute procedure done the following week, I wanted it. I got to my appointment and the office atmosphere was noticeably tense. When he entered the exam room, I noted immediately that his demeanor was agitated and combative-definitely not the man I’d dealt with twice before. I expected nitrous to be started before I was given those penetrating shots but, that wasn’t the case. When I reminded his assistant that I was to get it, she said that he just hadn’t brought it in yet. As he prepared to begin the 90 minute long ordeal, I requested the nitrous AGAIN. He angrily snapped that I didn’t NEED it and the worst part was over! How that was possible I don’t know since he hadn’t begun yet. I kindly reiterated that I’d been assured by his staff and him that it would be administered during this appointment. I explained calmly that I simply expected what was offered on their list of services. Doctor Joe Joseph went into a rage and I was actually frightened as his behavior escalated to a point that I felt compelled to VIDEO his conduct. He didn’t “lay a hand on me” but repeatedly yelled cruelly and most bizarre, referred to me as just another religious fanatic at least twice. (My husband is a pastor and he knew we were heading to Africa and that’s why we needed a lot of dental work done quickly but, that’s as far as religious talk went). He swore repeatedly and at one point screamed for me to get–I’ll let you FILL IN THE BLANK–out of his HOUSE.
Writing a negative review for a doctor or business is something I honestly don’t do-but in this circumstance-it would be wrong of me NOT to report my experience as I know that I’m not the only patient to ever be on the receiving end of this verbal abuse or outburst. A lot of people would’ve been just too intimidated to get out of the chair and REFUSE to allow him to continue like I opted to do. I’d been given two Novocain shots and even for me, a typically un-nerved personality-I was temporarily at a loss of what to do. AND this was all over, the use of nitrous??? It was significant enough that when my husband arrived and watched the video, he decided to call the police to the premises and we filed a report.
Further unsettling, when I went to another dentist and handed over X-rays Joe Joseph himself retrieved and put into an envelope that day, (I assumed they would’ve been easily accessible since he was doing major work on my teeth)-I assumed WRONG. The X-rays Dr. Joe. Joseph, HANDED me personally as he continued to rant while supposedly making copies, were NOT mine! Imagine the bumfuzzled faces of the dental staff where I’m OVER THE MOON HAPPY TO BE NOW-when they realized that the teeth they were looking at in my mouth were NOTHING at all like the teeth in the X-rays. Dr. Joe Joseph handed me X-rays that were clearly dated 2010 and unfortunately contained another patient’s private information-including a social security number. I’d never heard of him before two weeks ago, so how he could make such a blunder with something as simple as giving me Xrays that he should’ve had RIGHT THERE in the room where he was about to reconstruct two teeth, is beyond me. While I genuinely can sympathize with whatever his personal issues are (I’ve no doubt, he’s got serious stuff going on) but-please-for your dental needs, I strongly advise that you LOOK ELSEWHERE!

I had NEVER dreampt of Africa

Many of my blog followers want to know why I dropped off of the cyber planet. First of all, I’m STILL here! You’re never going to believe where the next adventure lies for my dude and me! We will be moving to Dar es Salaam, Tanzania in five weeks! It happened so suddenly that I don’t know how to explain HOW it happened. For now, please pardon my lack of correspondence and don’t give up on me! Once I get to Dar, I promise to be back more dangerously transparent than ever before. Thanks for being my friends and readers!

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