bEiNg mE !

How a five foot chick can be so random is far beyond me. I look at various words others use to describe me and concede-there’s adequate cause for medication. My daily to do list is primarily for the thrill of the check! I’m without a doubt-goal oriented, yet I live by the hem of my skirt because for me, multitasking is the ultimate adrenaline rush.  I’m the best you’ve got to organize that epic Christmas production, but to inflict cruel and unnecessary torture, just assign me to call all 27 third grade moms about contributing to the annual bake sale.

I abhor shopping, but I watch Style and E! for fashion tips. My wardrobe is limited to simple dresses, skirts, jeans, tees, yoga pants (unless little sister, Lori, calls and asks me to clean out her closet). 90% of what I buy is black and white because it goes together easily.  I don’t wear my hair like Dr. Quinn and Demi Moore because it makes me look younger, sexier, or elegant. For starters, I have Alopecia (slick as a baby’s bum bald circles on my head) so I do a lot of comb overs! And, besides keeping a ponytail holder on my wrist at all times, ensures that everyday is a great hair day!

I love to talk and I hate the phone. My close friends usually text first, “Can I call?” Mama, a classic Georgia belle, has informed me that my cell phone answering message borders on rude and perhaps-Have a blessed day-would be a bit more appropriate. My precious mama knows me well and loves me anyway! 🙂

I avoid confrontation, but you DO NOT want to curse a kid because I WILL let you know that it’s unacceptable. At home, I prefer silence.  But, I can sit in any office, listen to chats going on around me, study Middle Eastern culture on my phone, watch Judge Judy on TV, have LeCrae rapping in my ear buds and my crazy brain processes it all simultaneously.

Family means everything to me and mine says I’m the best, but-I’m every woman from June Cleaver to Lilly Munster to Marie Barone.  If I run out of my estrogen, my darlings use the code warning DRAGON LADY to send smoke signals.

My personality is a hodgepodge of this & that; unhinged bits and pieces that make up who I am.  You never know what you’re going to get when you open my diary, but I promise to keep it real!

Your thoughts on CHRiSTiANS and Prozac???

1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Melanie Parsons
    Oct 04, 2010 @ 09:36:19

    You crack me up! Hearing you talk about you makes me feel ok to be me!
    Love you much!
    Melanie P.


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