Let the Windchimes Roll ?

I personally find the sound of wind chimes soothing.  Hearing them mentally transports to Ocean Lakes Campground in Myrtle Beach, where thousands of wind chimes ting ting a ling harmoniously to permeate the air from sunup to sundown.  Oh, go ahead!  Listen to the Music (Whoa, oh, oh, Listen the music! Whoa, oh, oh, listen to the music…sorry, I can’t help myself.)  Whether store bought  or a rusty set crafted at Vacation Bible School, wind chimes, for me, represent simplistic tranquility.

SIDENOTE:Wind chimes” appears to be two words in Webster’s, but, I thought it was a compound word. If I use it both ways, I’ll be sure to be grammatically correct! :D)

One of the first things I was  anxious to do when we moved to Morgan Meadows, was put out my bird feeders and wind chimes.  I spent an entire morning deciding what was going where, but there was no doubt that the most elaborate set of chimes would grace our patio so that we’d be able to hear serene, calming, fairytale melodies from….clanging metal objects… yep…the mood just changed.

On top of Morgan Meadows’ hill gentle, country breezes are far more like gale force winds! The wind chimes don’t sway, they CLANG. I mean they clang, clang, CLANG!   Now, it didn’t help that my sinuses were (and still are) at war with pastures full of hay and pollen.  My bottle-necked eardrums weren’t hearing familiar tunes at all.  They were trying to decipher tones that had morphed into fingernails on a chalkboard, heavy metal, makes your skin crawl noise!

Another peek at me:  By nature, Lis Morgan is a stubborn girl, prone to hold out as long as possible before admitting a mistake. Please note:  I said, BY NATURE!  Don’t plan to use my admission as your ammunition should you want to make me look bad down the road.  I’m also, by nature, an expert at self restraint so the X’s cancel out the O’s.

So, back to the story.  A few nights after I hung the chimes, I was in the kitchen attempting to read a Taste of Home magazine while those pipes clanged and banged like there was no tomorrow!  I was about to blow a gasket when alas, my knight in shining armor came to the rescue! 😀   Chipper was sprawled out on the sofa watching a favorite Everybody Loves Raymond when I noted the television volume steadily rising.   Finally, he yelled out over the top of Ray’s whining, “Lis!  Those wind chimes have got to GO!  I sooo want to use Frank Barone’s infamous slang term, HOLY CRAP about now to add pizazz, but, being that my Chipper didn’t actually say HOLY CRAP, I reckon it’s best not to embellish.  But, if he had thought to throw it in, wouldn’t it have been the funniest thing? (Did I forget to mention that Chipper tried to tell me that I was putting the chimes too close to the house?  How do you suppose I forgot that part? **wink & shrug**)

Between you, me and the fencepost (or is it gatepost?) I was so over those wind chimes!  Therefore, it was not the time to act like a cantankerous, old bitty!  I grabbed my new Ephesians 5:22 Submission Jacket and a flashlight, and prepared to exercise my wife submitting skills!  I walked to the edge of the back yard’s perimeter and easily located a sturdy branch.  Those pipes didn’t miss a lick!  They began to clang up a storm before I could properly secure the hook.  As silly as it sounds, it brought me comfort to think that the cows might appreciate the wind chimes contribution to our farm more than my family and I had. (I may as well go ahead and confess that they ended up EXACTLY where Chipper had suggested they go in the first place….yeah, well, whatever.)

As I drifted to dreamland that night, I had to perk my ears to find the faint ting ting a ling drifting in a cracked window….I fell in love with the sound of my wind chimes all over again.

GOT ME TO THINKIN….. If we admitted when we’re wrong, let go of our pride and adopted a less is more mentality, wouldn’t our life be less complicated?  You can get too much of a good thing, no matter how good the good thing is!  Think about it……

Advice is great, but, it’s best to give it only if asked! And, should you solicit it, don’t go ballistic if you don’t like what you hear because that updates your status to big baby!

Talking to be friendly is great, but, there is a time to hush. Note to self: More often than you think, Miss Congeniality is secretly referred to as a PEST!

Love is great, but relentless smothering can lead to death!

Knowledge is great, but, who in their right mind eagerly anticipates spending an evening with Mr. & Ms. Know it All?

Kindness is great, but overextending ourselves may lead to feeling taken advantage of and unappreciated.  Ironic isn’t it, that an act of kindness has been known to be at the root of deep bitterness?

I could go on and on and on(remember that 70’s song, On and On?  Loved it!) but that would be belaboring a good point too much.   We’d serve ourselves and others well if we learned how and where to draw the line.

For years I’ve pondered AGUR’S prayer found in Proverbs 30.  At one point, he requests: Give me neither poverty or riches, but feed me with the food allotted to me, Lest I be too full and Deny you.”

I can’t think of anything I love more than gigantic Snow Crab legs, dripping in melted butter.  Hmmm… GOOD!  And, I can think of nothing I hate much less than hugging a toilet bowl at 2:30 in the morning because I didn’t know when to back away from the table!

I don’t want to miss out all the good things I’m blessed to enjoy, so I plan to keep reaching for the stars and living life large!  But, I do hope I’ll always have enough sense to know when I’ve had my fair share of a good thing.  Pepto and Rolaids can only take care of so much!

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