CHLOE’S WISH – Book #1 in a 3 book saga by Lis Morgan

Synopsis of  Chloe’s Wish

Sample chapters to follow later today (hopefully)

At the close of the Sunday worship service, Annalise Ryan, stands at the edge of the stage, waiting to lead in the final song.  Just as she’s about to begin, her husband, Stephen, the Senior Pastor of Eagle Ridge Community Church, glances her way briefly, before collapsing in a limp heap across the pulpit.  The terror in his eyes conveys more than she wants to see;  Stephen knows he’s dying.  

Excerpt of book: “Sweetie, chew up this aspirin.  The ambulance is here, Stephen.  Can you squeeze my hand?  Don’t close your eyes, sweetie.  Stephen!  Look at me, you can’t go to sleep, yet!”  Twenty year old, Lisa, wept frantically over her dad’s chest   “Daddy, open your eyes! You can’t go to sleep!  Daddy, please don’t go to sleep, daddy!  DADDY, NO!   Mommy, you’re a nurse!  Do something!”  But there was nothing Annalise could do.  Forty eight year old Stephen died in her arms before the paramedics could ever make it down the aisle.

In less than five minutes, Annalise Ryan’s life goes from almost perfect to nearly unbearable.

With their two daughters Stepheni and Lisa, forging their futures, Annalise plans to return to Alabama, where she and Stephen grew up childhood sweethearts.  But, her church family pleads that she remain on staff, at least until the new Sr. Pastor is called.  Believing Stephen would want her to help the church through this difficult transition, she agrees.

Six months later, Nick Warrick, a strikingly handsome, bi-racial pastor, from New York City, becomes the new pastor. He and his stunning wife, Julie, a former Miss New York, have four children, twelve year old twins, Nathan and Naomi, six year old, Caleb, and two year old, Chloe, who has Down’s Syndrome.  From day one, Annalise and the new pastor’s wife form a unique friendship and the Warricks lovingly refer to her as Aunty-lis.  The plans to return to Alabama fade.

But, several months later, fate takes another tragic twist and thirty six year old, Julie, loses her battle with a rare form of Breast Cancer.   With hardly any warning, forty year old, Pastor Nick, is faced with that same vast emptiness Annalise poignantly described during a grief support meeting months earlier.  Holding the top of a plastic heart she had cut in  half, Annalise began dropping various items into the top; Hershey’s Kisses, water, photos, money, jewelry, medication, even a mini bible.  As objects fell through the gaping hole one after the other, she whispered…when half of your heart has been severed, you don’t have the slightest notion how to begin the healing process.  You’re willing to trying most anything just to find a little bit of peace. Her presentation was haunting…as dramatic as it was powerful.

Pastor Nick and worship leader, Annalise, become kindred souls…and as their lives become more and more entwined, they get swept up in a whirlwind of conflicting emotions….fear, desire, loyalty and the ever present scrutiny of public opinion.  Neither knows what the other is feeling and both are too afraid to take the ultimate risk and find out.

Does it matter that Annalise is five years Pastor Nick’s senior?  She’s anticipating grandkids and exotic vacations, while he’s juggling potty training and teenage hormones!  How would their children, extended family, and congregation react if they suspected that two were romantically involved?  Besides, is it even possible to fall in love again once you have pledged your heart and soul to the love of your life? 

What about his ethnicity? After all, aren’t some things meant to remain black and white?  What does GOD say about the subject and where EXACTLY in the Bible are those verses that state we are to marry our own “kind”?  Have  portions of scripture been misunderstood or intentionally convoluted to say something that they were never intended to say?

Chloe has the answers, but nobody is listening to the four year old!  With her friends and family gathered to celebrate her birthday, the little girl makes an astonishing request before blowing out the candles and is it ever a doozie! 

Chloe’s Wish will have even the most cynical of readers believing that fairy tales and happy endings may indeed still come true! 

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  1. Kelly Coker
    Oct 23, 2010 @ 10:54:57

    I feel as though I just read an excerpt from a Nicholas Sparks book. BTW, he’s one of my most favorite authors. This was just enough to really peek my interest. I’m sitting on the edge of my seat, and want to find of what happens next. Does Cloe’s wish really come true? Can’t wait to read the book. Best of luck to you. Praying for this dream to come true for YOU!!!
    Love you much!


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