Secret Lives of PASTORS’ WIVES

Once upon a time there was a boy and there was a girl and the two fell in love.  He told her about his call to be a minister and she agreed to faithfully stand at his side, in sickness and in health, for better or worse, til death did they part.

But, had the naive girl known then what it would cost to keep that she would have to forfeit many of her own dreams and opportunities for the greater purpose of helping her husband’s ministry to flourish, I can’t help but wonder how many would have said I will….NOT.

Saying I will to being a pastor’s wife assures that your heart will get bruised, broken and battered, time after time after time. Contrary to how it appears, a pastor’s wife’s life isn’t that glamorous. Many fellow PW sorority sistas went through boot camp like me..a petty officer aka-preacher’s offspring. Then, between eighteen & thirty, we made a choice..discharge or re-enlist for LIFE.

Those who chose like me, were either extremely stupid or extremely strong! Nah, we’re combo packs, strong enough to be stupid! I wouldn’t trade places with anyone, I love my LIFE & what I ain’t always easy bein’ me

For the newbies in our elite sisterhood, welcome! I’m an avid reader who has learned from many inspiring writers like Ann Graham Lotz, Beth Moore, Gloria Gaither, Carol Cymbala, Joyce Meyer, Priscilla Shirer and Lisa Bevere.

But, I thought you were Baptist? SHOCKING that I admit reading anything written by a Charismatic female, isn’t it? 😀

I’m also a fifty year old, Harry Potter & Twilight fan (Team JACOB all the way, babYY).  I’m a bona fide word GEEK, who curls up with a coffee, a dictionary or thesaurus for hours and finds sheer, unadulterated bliss, perusing synonyms, origins, antonyms and definitions.

I’m starting a BLOG SERIES about PW’s and exercising my female prerogative. PW may also stand for..say…Pretty Woman, Pouting Witch, Prison Warden, Party Wrecker, Pitiful Wretch, Pesky Warrior, Playful Wench..however I feel on any given day.

You gals have plenty of role models out there you can look up to, so I thought you’d appreciate someone who catered to your more sinful nature.

Want my philosophy on being a pastor’s wife in a two short sentences?

PUTTIN on my BRAKES>>SKID MARKS>>SLIDING>>STOP..I do NOT stick to basic words. I’ll tell you straight up, I LOVE words and those of ALMIGHTY GOD can literally put me on the edge of my seat, make me gasp, cry, laugh. I believe that GOD wanted us to visualize when we read it-HE had to want that because HIS words are SO descriptive and clear. For instance, when HE says that HIS WORD is sharper than a two edged sword-HE wanted us to picture the magnitude of TRUTH-it cuts sharp and deep.

Words are a powerful tool of the DEVIL..but a FAR MORE POWERFUL TOOL of THE ALMIGHTY. My suggested reading for some is the entire book of JEREMIAH. I’m certain this GLOOM & DOOM dude had a number of haters in his audience branding him, a liar and a fraud–he must have longed for another message to deliver besides the one GOD called him specifically to spread among hostile, ill minded, people. Still, he could not escape the call on his life.

What Jeremiah’s ministry tells me is:  NOT everybody is called to give only the GOOD news..somebody has to DELIVER that other stuff, like there’s a place called HELL-if you haven’t accepted CHRIST, that’s where you’ll go unless you change the way that you live. Somebody has to be brave enough to tell the HYPOCRITES polluting our churches to CLEAN up their act or get out so that we CAN do the job we’ve been commanded to do. Yes, I said it. If you choose to claim the name of CHRIST, you have an obligation to your brothers and sisters and most of all, the SAVIOR of your SOUL-to keep whining & evil out of our midst. It’s dangerously distracting!

PEOPLE don’t relish having their ugly exposed, never have & never will-so if GOD calls you to shine the spotlight, be prepared to get smacked.  I’d be worried if my blogs hadn’t ruffled a few feathers here & there-but, I’ve gotten 2, 800 hits so far this month and more emails than I can count. Only one person was negative..that excites me! There’s still fiery PASSION about BUILDING the KINGDOM, we just need more MOUTHS. Well, I’ve raised my hand and offered-Here I am LORD, send ME! Wanna raise yours? 😀

Dig in THE WORD of TRUTH and you find that GOD uses woe for you messengers like JEREMIAH, AMOS, JOHN BAPTIST..a lot.

John Baptist lost his head, LITERALLY, for speaking the truth to those who didn’t like what he had to say. Visualize Herod and Herodias sitting smugly, when his bloody head was brought on a platter. (My British, Aussie, Samoan & Kiwi friends got a chuckle out of that.) They thought they were so all that! I picture them taunting, spearing his tongue, smirking-What’s wrong Johnny Boy? Cat got your tongue? After he read this post, Chipper told me that history actually reports that Herodias DID keep John’s head for a long time and that she periodically STABBED it with a dagger. The she-devil thought that she had shut him up AND good.

You want to know the magnitude and longevity of WORDS? That event happened around 32AD in ancient Jerusalem-I’m in South Carolina, November 16th, 2010 bringing it up again! I hear Nelly & Tim McGraw rapping out their tune..AND it’s all in my head, I think about it over & over again, I just keep picturing you with him & it’s all in my head, I think about it over & over again, I think about it over & over again.

My parents didn’t have material things to give me as a child. I didn’t play golf, go on cruises or wear designer clothes. But, my godly role models instilled in me from the time that I was old enough to understand YES & NO-that who I am when nobody’s watching is what matters most to GOD. They made sure that I understood that HE hears my words before I even speak them. I don’t know about you, but I must discipline my tongue 24/7- it has a MIND of its own! 😀

I’m so thankful that my parents were rich in BIBLE truths and passed a desire to PLEASE HIM on to my sisters and me. I don’t want to just KNOW the WORD, I want to LOVE it, LIVE it and never be afraid to SPEAK the TRUTH.

GOD has been commander & chief of my life since I was a six year old child. HE’S commanded me to deliver an urgent message to HIS people. As much as I fear the ridicule of man, I have a GREATER FEAR of failing my LORD; therefore-I’ll spread the message of HIS love, HIS grace and HIS sovereignty. I won’t UN-HEAR the LORD; I will speak THE MESSAGE even if it puts me in harm’s way.

MATTHEW 10:27-28 Whatever I tell you in the dark, SPEAK it in the LIGHT; what you HEAR in the EAR, PREACH it from the HOUSETOPS.  Don’t you FEAR those who kill the BODY but CANNOT kill the SOUL. BUT rather, FEAR HIM who’s ABLE to DESTROY both SOUL and BODY in HELL.

34-39 DO NOT think that I came TO BRING PEACE on earth.  I Did NOT come to bring peace, BUT a sword. I have COME to set a man against his FATHER, a daughter AGAINST her MOTHER and a daughter-in-law against her Mother-in Law; a man’s enemies will be THOSE in HIS OWN HOUSEHOLD. He who LOVES his FATHER or his MOTHER more than ME isn’t WORTHY of me. AND HE who LOVES his SON or his DAUGHTER more than ME is not worthy of ME. HE who does not TAKE UP HIS CROSS to FOLLOW after ME is NOT WORTHY of ME. HE who finds HIS LIFE will lose it and he who LOSES his life FOR MY SAKE will find it.

The world’s in CHAOS and I wholeheartedly believe that we are LIVING in the LAST DAYS. We can’t sit in a GRAVEYARD MANSION- acting as if that alone merits a seat right next to GOD’S THRONE. We’re LOSING opportunities to BRING people to JESUS because of our arrogant, self righteous PRIDE! It puts a stench in the nostrils of fellow Christians, LOST PEOPLE and GOD, HIMSELF. HE says HE will SPEW you out of HIS MOUTH, be hot or be cold…but don’t STRADDLE THE FENCE!

In the words of a dear man who I don’t believe graduated from high school, wore overalls and didn’t speak perfectly dictated ENGLISH..but, B.B. Cantley had it right! ANYWHERE you saw him, he was talking to somebody and you KNEW what he was asking. It didn’t matter one bit to him if they were black, white, mixed, Mexican, young, old, man, woman or child. All he cared about was this:  JESUS IS COMING BACK, IS YOU SAVED or IS YOU LOST?

4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Dorothy Cantley
    Nov 16, 2010 @ 21:46:01

    God has truely blessed you Lisa. To say you have a way with words would be putting it lightly. I am sooo proud of you. When God puts it on your heart Girl tell it like it is!!!!!!!!! God bless you and I love you…


  2. Nett
    Nov 16, 2010 @ 23:10:42

    Wow!! ….all I can say!!


  3. Harriett Cribb
    Nov 17, 2010 @ 12:19:08

    I was raised Pentecostal & have seen my share of what you’re talking about in my “formative” years. Thank God, i got passed it & into God’s word. Every church has, what I affectionately call, the Top 10 (top ten families who think they’re in charge….you know what I’m talking about PK!!!!)! It’s sad but true & if you don’t measure up, you’re on the outside looking in, or it feels that way. My mother was always comparing me to the “good” kids……the ones that made straight “a’s”, the ones that played the piano, who wanted to be in all the plays……..I was born with rhythm………..All she wants to do is dance!!!!!!! Pentecostal & want to dance? I did, I confess! And I DID! Even if I had to sneak to Rec dances after football games! BUT, at school, I was part of the “in” crowd……….and the kids at church resented that a bit, I think. I wasn’t a bad kid, no smoking, drinking, no cutting school, I just have a knack for making friends….with EVERYBODY! I like that about me. ALL that to say, I know where you’re coming from!!!!! As Christians we are suppose to accept everyone, no matter what their walk of life! Love them enough & you just might win them to Christ. I admit, I’ve never felt “good enough” but as I’ve gotten older, I know God loves me no matter what! He is ALWAYS with me. All we need is LOVE & GOD IS LOVE! i know I rambled…..Sorry!


  4. Kathy Miller
    Nov 17, 2010 @ 15:35:26

    AMEN Sista!! Tell it like it is!! If God is for you, who can be against you?!! I admire you, and ALWAYS get a blessing out of your posts and blogs! You could be right up there with Beth Moore and the rest of them! God has given you so many gifts and it’s so inspiring to see you using them!
    And BTW.. I IS SAVED Halleluhjah and PRAISE GOD for HIS MERCY AND GRACE!!! Keep it coming!!


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