Not Mine to say…

If you’re around my Chipper and me very long, you’ll hear one of us attempt to rap the line..NOT MINE TO SAY…WE FAIL miserably…fifty year old white people just ought not attempt to rap! 😀

Years ago, I was emceeing a beauty pageant and the guy who gave me a break in the show to change my clothes was a, that’s what they said.

So..the guy gets on stage and for five minutes he says that line..over and over and over..AND OVER.  No really..that’s it.  That’s the song. THE WHOLE song.

Well, here I am twenty five years later, still rapping his…um…song? 😀

There’s a lot of truth in that statement

It’s NOT MINE TO SAY…who’s righteous and who’s not…that’s GOD’S privilege as the creator of the universe and everything in it.  We say that we aren’t here to judge when in reality, we gag at gnats and swallow camels (Hey, where did that saying come from? :D)

It’s my choice to say..GOOD job…when someone does a good thing..stranger or friend. The BIBLE encourages us to ENCOURAGE one another. I’m not just talking church lingo. I’m saying if you’re at the restaurant and the waitress or waiter is doing a good job…say their face and watch the happy spread!

As a parent..what happens when somebody BRAGS on your son or daughter?  Do you refute the compliment? Of course not! Parents love to hear the words GOOD’s doubly delicious when said about our kids!

GOD enjoys hearing HIS CHILDREN bragged on..if they deserve a pat on the back.  How do I know? Of ALL the things HE COULD say when I stand before HIS THRONE…GOD ALMIGHTY will say WELL DONE, GOOD and FAITHFUL servant. Imagine GOD complimenting YOU! That should fill our hearts with so much joy we can’t help but SHOUT!

GOD reads my heart and KNOWS that I have but ONE MASTER..HE sees my every thought and reads every motive. If I’m living for HIM, I know that and so does HE.  When I tell another person, great job..I’m in NO way minimizing MY ADORATION for MY SAVIOR.  I’m PLEASING HIM when I BLESS others.

It’s NOT MINE TO SAY…who’s carrying the LIGHT the best way because I’m convinced HE made us all different for a reason.  There are as many ways to share there are people.

It is my choice to let another person know that I’m inspired by their life and how they live it. In a day and age where role models are a thing of the past, I thank GOD for those godly women who I esteem. They make me want to be a BETTER me..which only makes GOD shine brighter.  I hope I leave behind a significant mark for some other lives..the way my personal heroes have left their footprints on mine.

The year I turned forty, I made a pledge to myself and the LORD that literally transformed my way of doing ministry and how I looked at people in general. I decided to BE ME..flaws and all. I was DONE playing church and pretending to be somebody I wasn’t..just to impress other people. I’d been in church my whole LIFE and was TIRED of seeing people wearing masks. I took mine off and never picked it back up.

Micah 6: 8...HE has showed you, O man, what is good. And what does the LORD require of you but to do justly, and to love kindness and mercy and to humble yourself and walk humbly with your GOD.

That verse helps me keep my focus..I’m not here to judge another person’s behavior. I can only TREAT others the way I want to be TREATED..that’s how I interpret do justly and love kindness and mercy..

One day as I pondered this verse, it suddenly occurred to me that the verse says we must HUMBLE OURSELVES BEFORE we can walk humbly with HIM.  GOD was making a point..until you’re humble, you can’t walk WITH ME.

If someone’s bringing shame to the name of JESUS, then we BETTER stand up for our LORD! But, it never hurts to CHECK YOURSELF and get the beam from your own eye before you start clawing out anyone else’s.

There’s a right way and a wrong way to speak to fellow CHRISTIANS. We don’t have to like far as that goes, we don’t have to respect them..but we are to conduct ourselves with dignity..especially in how we interact with our brothers and sisters who are doing the same thing we’re doing..taking JESUS to the world wherever we’ve been placed.

GOD forgive me when I’m quick to judge another person’s way of sharing YOU with the world. If you’re pleased with their life..then it’s NOT MINE TO SAY.

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