My mom is seventy one years old…she looks sixty one..which is a good thing and a bad thing. People are not as apt to treat her as a Senior Adult because of her youthful looks..again a good thing and a bad thing.  She has to pull out her I.D. to prove that she deserves that free coffee at Hardees!

So, one day last week, we were chatting away and she was telling me about a lady who told her that she had read my blog. Then she asked..What is a blog and what is a tweet?

I KNOW! Is that not too precious?

So, I explained that a blog was basically a person’s journal..they put on the web…it means web log. I explained that a tweet was in essence a facebook status on your phone.

Got me to thinking…maybe you’re wondering why I’m putting MY journal on the internet?  GOOD question…let me see if I can explain.

I’ve been writing my life since I was four..my mom taught me how to write early! She would spell the words and I’d write the letters to my Mimi and Pa..

I wrote my first song when I was eight…sang and played the piano for a little talent show at my elementary school..

I wrote stories..and Christmas plays..I wrote about my parents, my three little sister, our animals..I wrote about everything.

When I was in eighth grade I wrote a poem about Mark Fenters, a friend from Hemingway, who died in a car accident. My English teacher, Mrs. Cribb, liked it enough to publish it in our yearly annual..it was called, That Smile.

I have my first journal that I started at fourteen and I’ve kept one ever since then. My journals are my PRIZED possessions because they HOLD my life in those pages.  I can tell you how I was feeling on November 21st, 1981 when my Chipper and I got married. I can tell you how I felt on March 28th, 1983 and August 22nd, 1985..the days my son and daughter were born.

I can tell you when I had my bridges put in and my gall bladder removed. I can tell you about the time we slid down a mountain in our new Suburban.  I can tell you about my son’s salvation day and my daughter’s, too. I can tell you about ALMOST anything..simply by looking back over my journals.

I guess what I’m saying is..I didn’t JUST START writing this year for the sake of outing my business.  I’ve been doing this a long time.

WordPress alone has about 367,000 bloggers..that’s like a bazillion words being pinged out a day..ask any of us why we do it..because it’s what we like to do! We love to write, we love to put the thoughts in our head on paper and it’s just really cool when other people get something out of what we have to say.

A BLOG isn’t FACEBOOK..it’s not a public forum up to discussion and scrutiny. It’s not a place where I have to be politically correct. I own this little slice of the internet and anybody who wants to get to know me is welcomed to open my journals and read who I am, what I feel and how I think. I don’t have to give anybody equal time ON MY PAPER..it’s my notebook.  You have to come to this journal specifically to read my thoughts..I don’t EMAIL them out! 😀

I don’t lock my diary, but please understand..it’s MY diary. As long as you’re cool with that, I really don’t mind if you snoop at all.. 😀

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