you CAN go home again…

Friday morning, I randomly packed my bags@9:45am..I was swollen like a basketball(anybody who’s known me for more than two days, can SIZE up my statement.) My wardrobe is LIMITED.  I hate to shop, unless it’s GOODWILL where rich women donate to poor soul like…me. GOODWILL treasure hunting is my all time favorite outing with my mother in law, Mary Lou. She and I can stay in the store for hours; we don’t  need a food court or a Gloria Jean’s white mocha Cappuccino, to make our day complete.

The main problem is this alien baby that’s been camping out in my stomach for twenty years now. I never know which days it will decide to show far as that goes, I don’t know from hour to I have MATERNITY wear for a SENIOR ADULT…and regular clothes that are worn VERY irregularly!

SO to get back to my first statement..we were pulling out at 10:30 for a weekend in Savannah and I grabbed a couple of both kind. I had hopes for wearing REGULAR clothes-though I’d been in my mommy wear all week.

I have a super doctor in Savannah who gives me a combo of intramuscular injections..shots in BOTH cheeks 😀 Those two shots hurt like crazy going in..but they usually work Cinderella going to the ball..the swelling subsides a few weeks and I wear my size fours again. It only lasts til the clock strikes midnight (MORE surgery to cut them OUT again) but I enjoy the brief times I get my body back before the adhesion creature comes out of hiding.

I walked in and the doctor’s office was worries..I’m one of their best customers. I was greeted by the receptionist who calls me by my first name (I know she does that for 101 but, it makes me feel special ANYWAY). She glanced up awkwardly. Do you have your insurance card with you?

I thought nothing of it..just said, It’s the same as it’s been for the three years that I’ve been coming to see you.

Can I see it? I got it out of my wallet and handed it to her. As humiliated as I was, I felt worse for her. She hesitantly handed it back. Lis, my system says it’s been deactivated.

Now I was thinking about it. Do you mean as in I don’t have insurance anymore de-activated? She nodded..the wrong way.

As humiliated as I was for the receptionist and myself, I was MOST humiliated for my husband. GOD only knows how this man has done his best to take care of us since our tragedy.  He’s had to borrow money from parents and siblings, call and rearrange billing schedules, cancel things we’ve had for years. It’s not easy being unemployed..I saw puzzlement in his eyes before I got to the car.

I got in and strapped in, Sweetie, insurance is’s been six months. As long as the ordeal has seemed to drag on..having our health insurance continue with the Southern Baptist Convention in light of our debacle-was a huge blessing. Even in that, we praise GOD because the state had been involved with this church’s history and knew of the troubles that had been going on for years.

When it happened, six months sounded like a long time & we were so relieved-not having to worry about insurance-that we didn’t worry about it. We didn’t factor in how long the search process takes-had we’d done so-we would’ve been more calender minded, I suppose-but, it would’ve been unnecessary worry since GOD’S plan was not to place us someplace else within that time span.

Faking happy for our daughter & friends who were waiting on us to begin a three day CELEBRATION centered around her upcoming wedding seemed a daunting task. Suddenly a wave of panic swallowed me. Questions thrashed against my brain-my heart began to race. WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO? WE HAVE NO INSURANCE! IF WE HAVE A WRECK, WE HAVE NO INSURANCE, IF I CONTRACT A LUNG INFECTION, WE HAVE NO INSURANCE..I began to panic

GOD whispered to my spirit ..You live in a beautiful home FREE-you’re not behind on the car payments or insurance-you’ve had gas to get you to and from the places you’ve needed to go.  Your electricity, internet or cable haven’t been disconnected, nor have you gone hungry. Joshua and Nikki, had a lovely wedding and Jena will  have the fairytale wedding of her dreams, too–Lis, need I remind you that I love your children FAR GREATER than you can imagine?  I know that you are weary, dear daughter, but your lack of confidence grieves MY HEART. I will not FORSAKE you- I never have and never will. Don’t you trust me, my child?

There’s nothing quite like that peace that goes beyond all human understanding. Father-I do trust you-but, please help my unbelief. I so identify with that request

When we arrived at friend, Denise’s house, there were hugs, kisses, laughs and heaps of memory swapping going on. It had been six months since we’d all been together yet.. it was like yesterday. Friends are among GOD’S most valuable gifts-that’s why my Chipper and I have always been so adamant about importance of church fellowship & outside activities that promote team building. You can not put a price on genuine bonds of friendship with fellow believers. When the church body is united, Satan has a much harder time tearing it apart. If only we could see through this age old technique!  Talking about tried and true methods!

Anyway, eight of us went to see Harry Potter for my BIRTHDAY and as we exited the bathroom before the movie started,precious Tammy said to me-it didn’t take long for you to forget how sad you were and remember how happy you are. I put my arm around her and gave her a sweetie, it didn’t..that’s what friends are for.

Saturday afternoon we had the bridal shower and our pals outdid themselves. Jen got heaps of cool stuff-Mama Nancy even threw in a skimpy do in for the grand finale. Oh yeah! We took a picture of it & sent it to her daddy’s phone. GOOD TIMES.

When the shower was over, our former praise team got together to do a sound check as we’d been asked to do the opening number for Sunday worship at Immanuel Baptist. We decided on Friend of GOD followed by What a Friend we have in Jesus.

That’s when the HOLY GHOST party rolled in like a thunder was an unrelenting drenching-the kind you get when you least expect it. We experienced a fresh anointing–that Saturday afternoon worship experience as one of my all-time best. Saturday night forty plus of our CLOSEST friends gathered at Necie’s house  for a lowcountry boil. We sat around two firepits outside and did a lot of laughing..even a little singing, as the kids played. Food, fellowship & fun is the best medicine for whatever ails you!

What I learned is this; GOD puts you in places HE wants you and even when it doesn’t end the way you’d planned or hoped, there are REASONS for HIS every MOVE in our lives. All I had to do was look around and see these people who became..OUR family..

I hope you enjoy a snippet from the opening of that Sunday morning service. I was swollen that weekend  short and of breath-but, that’s okay because I had additional backup from more than the girls on stage and the choir. When we get to the chorus-listen as my TANGY sings along! She  was beside the video camera and the microphone picked her up BIG TIME. The girl can’t carry a tune in a bucket, but, it’s one of the sweetest things that I’ve ever heard. Listen as she offers a JOYFUL NOISE unto the LORD-I’m sure that it will make your heart smile like it did mine!

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  1. Harriett Cribb
    Nov 23, 2010 @ 11:10:18

    I needed that today……sometimes we forget, but God is always right there walking beside us or carrying us, whatever we need! ❤


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