LOSING much to FIND more

This past May, my Chipper and I thought our world had crumbled around us in one nasty heap. What we assumed was to be our promised land turned out to be anything but…I typed something else…but I decided it was best not to be quite that dangerously transparent! 😀

We were fifty year olds who had done a lot of living for the first half century, but were ready to grow up & settle down. With all of our hearts, we believed this was the place, and life had never been better.

Nine short eye-opening weeks later, our dreams shattered and for seven months, we’ve been unemployed.  What savings we had has been used up and our health insurance ended this month..but, this THANKSGIVING is the one that I’ll remember most because I have MORE to be thankful for than ever before.

By LOSING everything..I’ve SEEN up close and personal where my HELP comes from! Never have I been more in awe of the way our FATHER provides for those who live by faith.

For SEVEN MONTHS we’ve lived in a gorgeous home on the most beautiful property in South Carolina.  Every morning I watch the sun come up over the hills and in the evening I watch it set behind the trees over the Broad River.

Who BUT GOD could lead strangers to have compassion towards people they don’t know..to the point of giving us the keys and insisting that we stay until GOD moves us.. for FREE. Tell me WHO but GOD could do that?

FOR SEVEN MONTHS we’ve been blessed with food that we didn’t pay a dime for because of the ongoing generosity of friends and family. We don’t have a freezer full of food..we have THREE freezers full! Who BUT GOD could do that?

FOR SEVEN MONTHS we’ve had electricity, internet, cable, phone service, medicine, water, a car and insurance. WHO but GOD could do that?

FOR SEVEN MONTHS we’ve been surprised with gifts from unlikely givers..in amounts from $10 to $1000 at one time.  Who BUT GOD could do that?

Our son got married and we (with a lot of help from family and friends) hosted a lovely rehearsal dinner and reception…who BUT GOD could do that?

Jena’s wedding is in February and our precious daughter (with the help of our family & friends) will have the wedding of her dreams. Think about that, two weddings in four months & we’re unemployed! Who BUT GOD could do that?

FOR SEVEN MONTHS my Chipper and I have not had an argument during the most stressful time of our thirty years of marriage. Tammy who lives with us will verify- I’m not exaggerating. Who BUT GOD could do that?

HE FAVORS ME-HIS DAUGHTER..just as HE does ALL of HIS sons and daughters! I’m a broken girl turned woman with poor self esteem and yucky issues from my past. My mother scolds that I’m too honest about my past!  But, the way I see it..if knowing what I’ve been through offers HOPE to someone else-if revealing how my broken life was put together by my GOD, I’m all ABOUT that; I want people to understand JUST how big HIS challenge is when it comes to Lis’s life-HE hasn’t got much to work with let me tell ya!!

HE Favors Me is a special song GOD used to get my Chipper and me through this storm. My own NAME is engraved on the palm of GOD’S HAND, as is yours if you belong to HIM (a verse tucked in the Old Testament..I’d give you the reference, but-there might be something GOD wants to whisper to you as you search. When you find it, let me know!) If HE loves us enough to carve our names in HIS hand, HE FAVORS us! 😀

I won’t walk around in sack cloth and ashes!  Sometimes I feel like it, but when I think of what MY SAVIOR has DONE for me, my heart overflows with gratitude, joy, excitement and love.  I stand AWE STRUCK  of how SUPERNATURAL our GOD is!

I’ll be REALLY glad when the call comes for our next adventure and we get back to doing what we love to do…but, I’ll tell you this..

NEVER EVER AGAIN will I doubt the POWER of MY FATHER. NO FORCES of EVIL will sway me to DOUBT the LOVE that THE GREAT I AM has for me!  HE IS  all I NEED…HE IS all you need.

I don’t spew church talk for the heck of it.  I’m talking from first hand experience.  I can vouch for HIS POWER and TESTIFY to HIS GOODNESS because I have RECEIVED unmerited favor and love through every storm in my life and I’ve had some major storms! To say that my faith has been stretched would be an understatement..it has been PULLED beyond what I could endure..but HE forged HIS strength into my being. The feeling of COMPLETE confidence in GOD is surely worth every moment of pain and I wouldn’t trade this journey for anything!

My favorite hymn has never been more cherished or brought greater peace…

Great is thy faithfulness..o GOD my Father..there is no shadow of turning with THEE..THOU changest not, THY compassion it fails not…as YOU have been, YOU forever will be!

Great is THY faithfulness, Great is THY faithfulness, morning by morning new mercies I see! All I have needed THY HAND hath provideth!  Great is THY faithfulness, LORD unto me!

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  1. Norma Rubin
    Dec 01, 2010 @ 16:37:35

    Lisa, What a beautiful testamony, This is very real to me, as Louis and I have lived a very simular past two years. I gave my testamony last Wendsday night at chruch. I am sure only by God’s grace have we lived to tell about it. But with that being said we are so much better for it. I like to say we crashed but did not burn. Our God (mine and yours) is the BEST. Thank you for sharing this, I really don’t know why I clicked on this, but I am glad that I did.


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