EXTREME makeover:CHURCH edition

I woke up in the wee hours this morning with the title of today’s blog clearly on my mind.  I’d planned to share a previously drafted post..but GOD steered my thoughts away from that and to this as I lay in the darkness. Should I get up and write this stuff down? HE gave me permission to go back to sleep for a while and assured me that I’d remember it when the sun rose.

Want to know why I’m not apt to judge someone’s way of communicating with GOD?  Because my way probably seems insane and unorthodox. I usually talk to HIM out loud and believe wholeheartedly in TWILIGHT ZONE happenings often labeled as mere coincidences. They’re GOD-INCIDENCES..just sayin..

When I come across something that I wouldn’t typically stumble upon, I just acknowledge that GOD led me there. HE uses CREATIVITY a lot, because it takes SHOCK & AWE tactics to penetrate my choatic brain for the most part!

As naturally as if I’d taken an AMBIEN, I drifted back to sleep, GOD’S way of letting me know that HE had indeed woken me to plant the idea for this blog.

SO..here we go!

Last month, Jensi’s maid of honor, best friend, Hannah, hosted a baby..whoa.. WHOOAA..BRIDAL shower for my-wife to be-daughter in Savannah. Do ya think I might be secretly obsessed with being a grandmother? 😀

EXTREME MAKEOVER, HOME EDITION was in Savannah to film an upcoming episode and a few of our friends were on the volunteer crew. It was awesome to hear how they do the show-whisking a needy family to an exotic place for a week while their dilapidated home is torn down and rebuilt!

Hannah’s mom, Nancy, who is one of my best friends, was a part of that crew. To be honest, when Nancy and I met, we really didn’t particularly care for each other..personality conflict, so to speak. But as Jena and Hannah became sister friends, our own relationship changed and today, I’d trust Nancy with my deepest secrets. She’s a rare gem of a friend.


GOD knows how to pick our friends better than we do. At times, I’ve chosen women who I thought were perfect candidates for lifelong friendship status, and they turned out to be those who hurt me most. And then, there are those who I thought weren’t friendship material,  who would later become one of my best friends. I’m sure a few would say the same of me; fair enough. I more than likely didn’t turn out to be what they expected in a pastor’s wife.

So, Nancy is on this crew team and she’s telling us how the show works, but it was a sideline parody that GRABBED my attention more than anything else.

Three chicks showed up one afternoon wearing HIGH HEELS. When handed a broom, they nonchalantly replied..we’re only here for the free shirts. And, there’s nothing but extra large and 2x large over there and we wear EXTRA smalls..can you STOP WHAT YOU’RE DOING and get us the right size?


Every time I remember Nancy acting this scene out, I laugh. I knew I’d find a way to tell you about it one way or another!

A percentage of church people come to GOD’S HOUSE every week in their HIGH HEELS & NECK TIES for one reason and one reason only; the free shirt. They don’t come to worship, or encourage their brothers and sisters or offer hope to the lost or carry JESUS to the community where they live..they are there FOR THE FREE SHIRT!

Okay, so I’m judging..WELL, it’s my thoughts that get published here, so if you don’t want to read my thoughts, thanks for stopping by! Have a GREAT day!

I don’t care where you go..it’s the same in EVERY church across EVERY state throughout EVERY country and EVERY denomination..there’s always going to be a few who do everything.

That STATEMENT works BOTH ways..pros & cons..and you know by now that I’m going to cover both..

So the question is..do I cover the good-then the bad or visa versa and more importantly, have I earned my readers’ trust to the degree that I can truly be  DANGEROUSLY TRANSPARENT and tell you what I believe GOD would have us..the CHURCH..hear?

I hope so because I’m struggling with this one. GOD’S impressing things on my heart to say that I know won’t be popular. I’m going to follow through on this that I’ve been called to do..but posts like this one unnerve me because some of my own thinking has changed and is a bit UNCOMFORTABLE for me still. I know that I’m opening myself to ridicule and can understand the skepticism to a certain extent.

I’m going to take a break and let this introduction sink in and we’ll go from there. PROCEED with CAUTION and try not to judge what I write until you’ve read the entire post. Then, it’s yours to ponder or throw in the rubbish! After all, this is just my journal and who really cares what I think anyways? 😀

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  1. CarolineWilson
    Dec 05, 2010 @ 18:11:54

    anticipating the rest of it Lisa….love from the heart stuff…


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