a CHILD’S Christmas wish list

A Child’s Wish List

I’d like to have a lot of brand new toys this year,
maybe a new bike or a talking teddy bear.
I’d like to wake up early on Christmas day to
lots of shiny new things waiting for me to play.


But the toys always get broken and the batteries
all wear down, and then it seems that
Christmas is no where to be found.

So I’ve been giving it some thought and this
is what I’ve decided on, I’d like to have the
following please, when Christmas Day finally comes.
If my mommy could stay happy like she is
at Christmastime, on the days that I’m not
at my best, maybe she wouldn’t mind.

And, if my daddy would hurry home like
he does on holidays, it sure would give him
lots more time to spend with me each day.

If we could keep the laughter
that fills our home right now,
I don’t think my parents would
want to scream and shout.

Maybe it’s the Christmas tree or perhaps
the fireplace, but our house sure seems
warmer around the holidays.

Jesus I hope you will work this out
with Santa Claus some way.
This is my Christmas Wish List…
Amen-oh Lord, I pray.


copyright: Lis Morgan 1995

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