your COMMENTS are gifts!

I wanted to say thanks to all who have left beautiful comments on my blog. Tonight as I sifted through my piled up emails, I shed tears of joy over the  many uplifting and kind words of encouragement.

This has been a unique Christmas for our family..more than ever before I’ve been focused solely on the TRUE reason of the season.

Can I be dangerously transparent? I’ve missed the shopping, the baking and wrapping those presents..but..I’ve enjoyed looking at the CHRISTMAS tree with NO presents beneath it and realizing..the material THINGS are wonderful and I’ll look forward to doing all those things NEXT YEAR… was a good year..a year for me to remember-THINGS are not what makes Christmas.. our SAVIOR is CHRISTMAS!

I wish for you-the best CHRISTMAS ever..I pray for your happiness, health and that 2011 will be filled with the never-ending HOPE that our FATHER holds us safely in HIS HANDS! It doesn’t matter what we’ve been through, what we’re facing now or what we have yet to confidently assured..

HE IS all we need to survive and thrive..because HE FAVORS you and me!



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  1. sandra kelly
    Dec 26, 2010 @ 15:52:51

    You know that I have always heard that God works in mysterious ways and the older I get the more I understand. You would think that by the time you have reached our age in life that most of the troubling things would have been far into the past like way back in our teen and young adult years, but somehow we keep stumbling into trial that test and refine us even more. I know you would have never chosen to experience the things that the four you have, but they came anyway and somehow you are successfully plowing through each new trial. A different Christmas? Yes. But, one that has probably taught you more than you ever dreamed of about God’s provision and His faithfulness. This year for me I have spent 24 hour shifts every other day in the hospital with my mother-in-law. I would have never chosen it that way, but Christmas came and went and it was very different for all of us. But, it made me appreciate all the years that all the family has been together and every detail of the celebration. This year I was made to be still and Christmas day came not with lots of noise and activity but with silent halls of a sterile hospital working with a skeleton crew of nurses and aides and hardly any visitors moving in the halls. It made me realize that it really doesn’t matter where you are on Christmas but what you make of Christmas. Because, it wasn’t up to others to make it merry but up to me and how I planned to think on it. I’ll count it as one of my most memorable ones. One that I was called on to serve instead of be served and one where I was made to think of all those who spend special holidays in hospitals and other places they really don’t choose to be. Thanks for being so honest and being so encouraging to those of us who read what you write. You are making a difference ! Happy New Year, Friend.


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