NOT what you say..but HOW you say it!

When I began hearing about blogging a year ago, I had to ask my Chipper what it meant. I explored a few blog thingys and quickly determined that it was out of my scope. It didn’t help that I proceeded in typical Lis fashion and wasted no time visiting modest blogs; I headed to the penthouse suites where professional bloggers flaunt word power wealth. I’m not a hater-just insanely JEALOUS in a holy covetingJesus won’t mind this kind of sin, Christian way! bwahaha

Some blogs have more flashing lights than Vegas..belly up to the toolbar! Come see what my widgets can do for you. Would you like to have a specialty menu? Upload this before you download that! Will you be importing or exporting? Sign up for FREE TWEETS and on and on! Enough already..I accepted the cold hard truth..pauper or billionaire..I was way too stupid to be a blogger!

Anybody who knows me knows that I’m a hopeless MORON about all things technical..add to that the fact that I’ve got a pitiful excuse of a computer. If I had the computer savvy-it would be impossible for a bona fide blogger to work with what I’ve got to work on. I’m swallowing my pride so that I can tell you about set-up.

When I say I sit in Mimi’s chair with my laptop, I do-I use it as a keyboard since half of the screen shows work while the other half got held up at a DIY Convention -obsessed with a VIRTUAL “try on” booth. It has an emotional sensor like the flippin mood ring I wore when I went through puberty cos it changes CONSTANTLY!

A day ago, it rained and half the screen was solid BLACK. Next day sunshine-it sported Gamecock red & black. Today, it apparently overdosed on a Brady Bunch marathon because it’s avocado green, burnt orange & harvest gold stripes.

I tried to justify just charging a laptop. Writers need things to do their jobs like everyone else..but-the smart side of my brain instinctively sent my eyes to a stack of loose-leaf paper.  My Mama raised an eternally thrifty chick.

Chipper wanted me to have a new computer, too, but with our son and daughter getting married four months apart, he knew we couldn’t afford more than food and keeping the most basic bills paid. His Mama didn’t raise no dummy, either. My baby’s got serious skills.

His nickname is PASTOR CHEAP for a reason-since he isn’t pastoring at the moment..he goes by only CHEAPER! Just ask our daughter who’s planning a WEDDING if you don’t take my word for it! 😀

Chip found an old desktop monitor in the garage, some cables and he gave me the ultimate HOOK UP..a single edition, one & only CUSTOMIZED model.

Back to my topic. After I concluded that I’d never be able to learn what I’d have to learn in order to blog, I lamented to my Chipper about how dumb I was and how I hated being a doofus and how if I could have figured it out, I would’ve so enjoyed being a blogger. VIOLINS played and the wine flowed beside the blue cheese..*sigh*

One thing that I love most about Chip is that he doesn’t talk down to me to elevate himself, nor does he shove my nose in my piles of ignorance to draw attention to his mountains of intelligence. Whether you like him or not, I’d wager that from here to New Zealand-anybody who has sat under his teaching would agree that he possesses an uncanny ability to explain things in a unique way- no matter who’s listening- man, woman, kids, teens, yuppies, hillbillies, English, Asian, American, Samoan, rich or husband breaks it down so that everybody gets it.

It doesn’t matter if he’s talking about computers, blogs, parenting, key lime pie, spark plugs, mustangs, seventies rock, Reagan, Clinton, Denzel, Angelina, King James, Holman Christian, Fox, CNN, Braves, Cowboys, Islam, North Korea..or Calvinism, once saved-always saved, pre-trib, Pentateuch, Pentecost, baptism, church membership..Chipper’s a gifted communicator who reads, studies and stays abreast of current events, pop culture..real life.

Several days AFTER I’d given up my blogging ambition..Chip walked in my office and pointed to a stack of journals.The things you write in your notebooks is the stuff people blog about. If bells & whistles take away from your writing, it’s counterproductive and besides, it’s the style that you write that makes people enjoy reading what you say. If a blog is so high tech that it intimidates readers and they leave without reading it, then why write one?

He sat down by me and clicked a few keys on my customized computer. Like magic, a smackin’ hippy chick themed blog came up..exactly the look I’d have gone for if I had been smart enough to figure out how to do it.

Hey, you can’t call yourself DANGEROUSLY TRANSPARENT..I won that title FAIR & SQUARE years ago! I glanced at the picture beneath the headline. She even looks golly..she is ME!

My amazing husband had taken a random sample of journal entries & typed them on my BLOG. I got you started- from here on, you’re on your own. He showed me the notepadsave draft & publish buttons. That’s all you need to know. I designed it to reflect your style- simple- all you have to do is write. The more you do, the better you’ll get.

As I marveled over MY blog, I was reminded why I love my Chipper the way that I do. His unselfish act said-I BELIEVE IN YOU..why don’t you believe in you? It was worth more than any CUSTOMIZED DELL on the market.

January 1st, 2011-I received an email from WORDPRESS. This is the actual snippet.

Your 2010 year in blogging

Blog-Health-o-MeterHappy New Year from! To kick off the year, we’d like to share with you data on how your blog has been doing. Here’s a high level summary of your overall blog health:

WOW !!!!

They used an analogy to give me an idea how significant my blog traffic had become. A 747 aircraft holds approximately 418 passengers- your blog has filled up___I’ll leave you to wonder-but, I’ll give you a hint; I’ve filled up quite a few!  I’ve receive the glory for my blog’s success, but I haven’t lost sight of my humble beginning…

What if my Chipper had allowed me to remain CONVINCED that I couldn’t blog? What if he hadn’t explained it to me in a way that I understood? What if he had cared more about creating his blog than helping me start mine? What if he hadn’t done the groundwork? I wouldn’t have a blog and looking back over the past eight months, I can’t imagine NOT having a way to help me cope with the tragedy that we faced.

The moral of this story PREACHES..Some plant..some tend..some reap. When Chipper did his task, he equipped me to do mine. Most important-GOD accomplished more through it than he or I dreamed possible!

Hi world! My name is Lis Morgan and I’m a blogger!

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  1. Jena
    Jan 05, 2011 @ 19:15:16

    and what a wonderful blogger you are! SO super proud of you Mommy 🙂


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