SNOW Days are the BEST!

I wanted to share some photos that I took at Morgan Meadows today. If you aren’t a facebook friend-my profile is public so snoop around anytime-Lis Morgan, Hickory Grove, S.C.-or friend me if you’re boosting your numbers. 😀

I made snow cream this morning. WHAT? You’ve never eaten snow cream? I’m truly so very VERY sorry for you!

I made it early so that we could enjoy it all day long. I whipped a dozen eggs, four cups of sugar, 2 cans of evaporated milk, and a lot of Watkins Vanilla. When the cream is ready, baby IT IS on! We don’t worry about fat, sugar or calories, when there’s snow cream. It’s a rare treat that we treat with the utmost of respect!

My Chipper is snow cream’s biggest fan. He ate four bowlfuls in a row-we’re talking DEEP cereal bowl size. Somewhere between bowl #1 & #4, he said-

Heaven will have snow cream. 😀

My heart danced as I stole a quick was boyishly charming-maybe even a little sexy-my 50 year old husband kicked back on a sofa watching the snowfall– gorging on snow cream. Life is full of happy moments; that glimpse of one of my Chipper’s- made me realize that I miss far too many of my own.

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