i could’ve BEEN a rich girl..

As my blog traffic increases, so do the questions about me, my life, where I came from-so, I decided that it was time to give you basic information about my past along and along.

I’m a writer who DETESTS filling out forms! I put off going to a new doctor because it means filling in MORE forms! That’s why you get the bits & pieces to string together..it’s less like I am filling out a questionnaire.

Born in Savannah- first of four girls belonging to Reverend THEMOS J. CRIBB and SARA FRANCES THOMPSON CRIBB. Most of my childhood was spent in Hemingway and Georgetown, South Carolina.

School years were spent at Lake City Elementary, Juliette Lowe, Pathway Day School, Francis Marion Academy & Winyah Academy (long swim the DOLPHINS-BOOM chicka BOOM!)

Three sisters-Lori- married to Scott Hurston, mother to Blake and Loryn

Amy, married to David Newman, mother to Tyler, Alana and Ashlyn

Kelly, married to Dave Murray, mother to Noelle, Kala and Chase

Churches Daddy pastored:  Red Dam Baptist, Rose Hill Baptist, Paran Baptist, Liberty Baptist, Tabernacle Baptist, Ringel Heights Baptist and Gourdines Chapel.

Most memorable boyfriend before Chipper: Kenneth Parsons Brady-son of Lucille Vanderbilt Pate. Kenny was killed by a drunk driver at the beginning of his senior year. We had a date that night and I would have been a passenger in his mustang-but my grandparents were visiting from Savannah so that Mama could help take care of Pa, who’d had a stroke. Daddy was preaching a revival in a neighboring town and I’d gone a couple of nights already so that I could go out Friday night.

When I got home from school, Mama told me that Pa hadn’t been able to walk all day and to make a sad story short, she and my sisters went to the revival and I stayed home to help Mimi care for Pa. Ken volunteered to sit with me, but I insisted that he go to the movies in Myrtle Beach like we’d planned. He invited a fellow schoolmate, Rudolph Poston, to join him; they died instantly at the infamous flashing light in Murrells Inlet.

That unexpected tragedy had a profound effect on me. Ken had come home from an out of state boarding school to play soccer for our high school team his junior & senior year. Many girls were vying for the attention of a boy whose family owned Debordieu and Arcadia Plantations. Of all the debutantes he could’ve dated, Kenny chose a poor, baptist preacher’s girl, who refused to go out with him on Friday or Saturday nights, unless he accompanied me to church on Sunday mornings and nights.

I always have a bit of a problem telling teenagers to ONLY date Christians-though I wholeheartedly BELIEVE that it’s the best decision..but I didn’t follow my own advice. On top of that, I didn’t suffer sad consequences. Ken was a good kid who treated me with respect.

Ken LOVED our church, RINGEL HEIGHTS BAPTIST mostly because the folks never treated him like he was royalty, he was their preacher’s daughter’s boyfriend. My parents LOVED him. They’d never had a son and this boy came into our home and made it his, too.

One FATEFUL Sunday, he gave his life to CHRIST and a few weeks later, my daddy baptized him. He became a member of our church and truly fell in LOVE with JESUS. Mama and Daddy got him a study bible and so many nights we were on the phone talking-not about soccer or homecoming or the latest breakup or hookup at school..but about spiritual things. He’d sit at our kitchen table with daddy and they’d talk about the things that confused him or seemed to contradict what he’d learned about the Bible through the years.

A few months after Ken was born again, he died.

When I met my Chipper and brought him home with me from college, I warned him that it may be a little awkward. When we walked in the back door, Mama was standing at the stove and started to cry. Daddy shook his hand and spoke-then walked outside for some fresh air.

That went well.My poor Chipper! What was so ironic about it..was that he physically resembled Ken. I don’t know if that sounds morbid-but, I prepared my parents before they saw him in person that he looked like Ken-but that was NOT the reason I was dating him.

That night, we went to bed and my little sister, Amy, snuggled up to me. She would’ve been about eleven years old. Her voice quivered as she asked-Do you think that GOD let Ken get killed because he wanted you to date Chip?

My little sisters didn’t have a big brother and they loved Ken dearly. He had his own place at the table and we spent as much time at my house as we did anywhere, playing boardgames, watching TV. Ken usually brought us home from school so it was heartbreaking for them, too. When he died, my family was devastated.

No. We would’ve broken up when he went to college. He would’ve met a rich girl named Catherine Kennedy or Mary Elizabeth Rockefeller-not LISA CRIBB.  She sighed. That’s good, I guess I’ll learn to like him.

I have a doll that Ken bought for me when we were dating..a HUGE rag doll. I knew that I wasn’t what his family planned for him-though his mother, Lulu and I were quite close-especially after his death. I had a great friendship with his sister and brother, Dawn and Matt and his stepdad, Wallace. But, in reality, I was not from his side of the bridge. One night, I inadvertently overheard a phone chat between his mother and grandmother and it made me cry. Enough said. I knew that it wasn’t because they didn’t like me, it was just that I wasn’t a society girl.

I broke up with Ken that week-I told him that he was expected to find a porcelain doll, not a rag doll. That weekend. he came by the house and left a rag doll with long dark hair on the porch. Ken gave me numerous gifts, but that rag doll was the most treasured.

We got back together weeks later-as much as teenagers are capable of loving each other, we did.

After he died, Mama noticed that rag doll’s dress needed to be washed-I’d shed a lot of mascara tears on her shoulder. I got home from school one afternoon and Mama sat on the bed and took the doll from my arms. She asked if I had looked beneath her dress. It was a bizarre question to which I replied, no ma’am.

She pulled the dress up and showed me that Ken had drawn a red heart on the fabric where a heart would go. Inside of it he’d written I love you.

Rag Doll sits on the shelf in my closet. During those times that I feel MUCH more like a rag doll than a porcelain one, her smile reminds me that I am anything but

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  1. James Joseph
    Jan 14, 2011 @ 11:28:30

    You dropped the “a” in your name, now it all makes sence. I just read ur blog. I haven’t thought about Ken or Rudolph since I can remember. Ken and Michael Morrison were coaching our b-ball team at the time. I can remember Rosalee walking into my room as I was getting ready, she told me that they were both gone. I had not felt that feeling of loss since my father pasted. I think in some way this hurt more because I knew this wasn’t suppose to happen. Thay were MY friends and they were too young. Thanks LISA for the memory.


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