she’s GOIN’ to the CHAPEL

I just glanced up at the clock, trying to decide if I wanted to post anything else today or if you’ve had enough of my rambling already..and it dawned on me that..

it’s 5:35pm

Three weeks from today, Jena will be standing in front of family and friends, pledging to love Scott McDowell for the rest of her life. Their ceremony will be unique; reflective of the CHRIST centered relationship they have. Just like he did at Joshua and Nikki’s I know my Chipper will speak- a bit choked up-from a daddy’s heart.

I think (at least I hope) that we’ve managed to keep our job circumstance from putting a damper on this long awaited, event-thanks to the overwhelming GENEROSITY of those who love us and her-and have given unselfishly to ensure our amazing daughter has the wedding of her dreams. It hasn’t been that hard-Jena, has bare taste-yep..I meant to use a b instead of an r. She tends to lean more towards natural and understated, which is a GOOD thing when money is an issue.

For instance, her idea of the perfect reception was having Papa’s world famous (more like COUNTY famous) barbecue. And, about the cake-she opted for a small gluten free traditional one for pictures-but we’ll be having a dessert bar with everything from peach cobbler to red velvet cake, honey!

The ceremony will be at the beautiful Pawleys Island Chapel-a perfect choice since their official first date was sitting on the beach there . The reception will be at Debordieu-(It sure does pay to have sisters with connections!)

Last Saturday, she spent the day at the chapel and the reception site with my mama, dear friend, Lizzie, who arranged my flowers and made MY bouquet-and my sisters-making sure they were all on the same page.

Today she and Scott went for a final fitting of his attire. Next weekend, she has finals, so it’s ALL about studying.

Her last weekend as a single chick, Liz and I, are going to Charleston to spend Friday night-hang out-take her shopping at Victoria’s Secret-that’s gonna be a hoot. Liz and I have have been best friends since BEFORE Jena was born; Izzie‘s just another aunt who’s doing the same for Jena that she did for Joshua-directing the wedding and more importantly, making sure that I don’t spazz out until after it’s all over.

I just looked at the clock again-it’s 6:30-we’ll be making pictures about this time and her daddy and I will be smiling all the way to the end-that is until she climbs in her Equinox for the first time as MRS. JENA MCDOWELL. That’s when I suspect that my Chipper and I will slip away for a good cry..after all, that’s our baby girl who will be waving goodbye.

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  1. Jena
    Jan 15, 2011 @ 20:23:05

    thanks for making me cry mom! geeesh! The bride to be does not need to be getting red eyes and puffy faces so close to the big day! hehe….I love you 7…..


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