what about HER benefits?

I’m trying my best to understand how O’Bama care is benefiting lower income Americans. I didn’t vote for him and his promises never appealed to me-but, that was my personal opinion. I’ve got more to go on these days-somebody living with us-disabled since birth-whose benefits have DECREASED since the President moved to the oval office.

My Chipper and I have been blessed to parent more than our two biological children; I say blessed because that’s what each of our other kids are to us. A few were temporary situations-but Jared, Jade, Tammy, Aaron and Walt, had a more permanent place in our home and hearts. I write about our kids often and I’ve had a few folks ask how many kids do you have because your facebook profile looks a lot like Michelle Duggar’s! 😀

Joshua, will be 28 in March and he married Nikki..which makes her ours. Jena, is 25, and she’s marrying Scott in three weeks…which makes him ours. Two by birth and two by marriage.

Aaron, 18, lives in New Zealand, with a family who took him when we returned from the mission field. He’s our redhead, but by no means the stepchild! Aaron coined a lot of phrases in our family-I can just do whatever! Perhaps my favorite was when he didn’t like the rules at our house, he’d throw his arms in the air, his hands palms up and huff. Well, fine! But I’m leaving here on my 18th birthday! I’m happy to say that he never got mad enough to really leave. For a boy who’d run away from other homes MANY, MANY times, it was a wonderful feeling to know that even when he was angry with us-our home, his home, was where he wanted to stay.

I recall a time when Aaron had an unusually bad day at school-my Chipper was out of town, so I had to go to the school when the call came. (We got a lot of calls from Principal Mike or assistant Richard, but, it was impressive how these two gentlemen cared about two wee boys-academically and socially-and did all they could to help us.)

When we got home, Aaron wasn’t allowed to play video games or go outside. After we ate tea (in New Zealand, tea- also refers to the evening meal. Supper is more of a light snack.) and he’d gotten his homework done, I sent him for a shower and told him that he’d be going to bed earlier than normal. He did as he was told, but on his way back from the shower, he lingered at the door of the lounge and spied Walt watching Spongebob. It hadn’t been one of Aaron’s better days.

You have to understand that by the time we got the boys, our children were in their late teens, so my Chipper and I had been there, done that.  To hear Joshua & Jena tell it, Aaron & Walt didn’t know the meaning of REAL discipline, but we’d had a lot of practice! I glanced at the clock and decided that Aaron had served enough time for his latest crimes and I’d let him have dessert before bed.

But, my heart melted when I got to his room and saw those sad tears; I handed him his jelly and ice cream, (JELLO is eaten with ice cream over there) and gave him permission to eat it in lounge so that he could see the last few minutes of his favorite cartoon before bedtime.

Instead of plopping on the couch or floor, Aaron followed me and when I sat down, this precious child crawled into my lap. He was about as big as me even then-but, snuggled up to me like a toddler. I’m sorry I made you have to come see Mr. Andrews, Mum. I don’t want to lose my temper, but when they call me names cos I’m a foster kid, it feels like my heart gets torn in a thousand million pieces and I can’t get it back together fast enough to make me stop being bad.

Can you imagine words so poignant coming from a little boys’ mouth? Back then, Aaron turning 18  years old seemed a long way off..now..not so much.

Walt, is 17, and lives in New Zealand, at a group home. He’s our blond hair,blue eyed boy-the one who you’ll find on my wall everyday asking Wots up Muma? If I don’t respond immediately, he calls me out in public-you haven’t answered me back! He makes sure I know-he’s in poo again..sometimes it’s poo-other times he slips with the S word..but, I’m so glad that my boy comes to MUMA about his problems-though we are a world apart. Walt has always been such a little charmer! I’ve had previous school teachers contact me years later to find out how he’s doing. One told me that in all of her years in the classroom-no child had touched her heart the way our Walt had.

Now, there’s Tammy, perhaps the best known of all of our extra kiddos. Tangy, Tang-Tang, Tams, Tangerine, Tangelo, it’s whatever mood we’re in that she’s called..but rarely is it just Tammy.

Tammy was born with Turners Syndrome, a disorder that most doctors don’t know much about. Despite numerous physical ailments, she’s WORKED since she was a teen-employed by my company, a mall chain store, and childcare centers in three states.

As she gets older, her medical problems are progressing; she isn’t able to work full time and that’s medically proven.

In the two years that Obama has been in office, Tammy’s benefits have been cut or reduced multiple times. Yesterday, she had a doctor’s appointment-due to the changes in our healthcare overhaul, she is now being charged a $135 fee per year-the receptionist understood our predicament and set it up on installments. Tammy’s on a small, fixed income and doesn’t have an extra $135 hanging out in her bank account. If the healthcare changes are suppose to be helping people like my child-it AIN’T workin!

I stewed all the way home about that $135 deductable. We picked up the mail and land sakes alive, it proved to be Tang’s lucky day! She’s getting more mail than ever about her benefits-but the notifications are anything BUT good news. Tam’s a diabetic who relies on a mail order company to ship the supplies that she needs. NOT anymore! The company regretfully informed her that changes in our HEALTHCARE will be preventing them from sending any more supplies to her home. WHAT?

If you don’t believe me-ask our Tangy Sue what OBAMA care is doing for her. She’ll tell you that for someone who wasn’t all that into politics- GEORGE W. BUSH-is her new hero.

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