i GOT you baBe..you GOT me..

I spent an hour on facebook having it out with my Chipper; a SUNRISE/SUNSET blog war. My sides were hurting from laughing so hard; as usual-we had onlookers chiming in to egg us on. We tend to draw a crowd when we play fight. People who know us, know exactly what to expect and tonight was no exception-we showed out in rare form! When the bell dinged, we sent our buddies home with a good laugh & it got me to thinking how much I like being a pair-my chipper and me.

There’s an image people have for a pastor’s wife and I don’t fit into that mold. Tailored clothes & bling are really NOT my thing. But, neither is the culottes & NO makeup look. I can’t sit still long enough to have a mani/pedi, I hate to shop and it’s a chore to go to a beauty salon-soI color my own hair & keep it long for the convenience of wearing ponytails everyday of the week. I promised Mama & Mother in Law, that I’d get a classy, Lisa Rinna haircut at forty. When I made it to forty, I upped it to forty-five. Here I am at fifty and I don’t see it happening for at least another five.

My daughter keeps me straight on what is age appropriate for a chick in my decade & I have a medical condition which makes me look seven months pregnant more often than not. I DO have an affection for shoes-but, I step out in FLIP FLOPS all year round. Go figure.

But, that’s okay cos my baby LOVES ME the way that I am. I don’t have to be perfect or the best at everything; he says that my quirkiness may be annoying sometimes, but life with me is NEVER boring. He says that he’d be miserable if I didn’t voice my own opinions or was afraid to disagree with him or anyone if my convictions lead me otherwise. One of our favorite past times is friendly debating about everything from current affairs to bible passages. Because of my self esteem issues, I wonder why this awesome, intelligent, man wants to spend his life with  an all over the place gal like me–but he does.

Chipper walked with me through the dark years-a long, hard journey. I was a messed up MESS and he had no idea how troubled I was because I didn’t know myself. When I came frighteningly close to the edge, he REFUSED to let go & kept me holding on when I didn’t want to anymore. I know that only GOD’S grace prevented him from walking away from me so how can I not love him like I crazy do? I I know a lot of great people with super marriages so I don’t want to sound sappy or overly spiritual but, we’re as ONE as two people can be.  Ask family and friends to tell you something about us and more than likely the very first thing you will hear is how unusual our marriage is.  Even our parents, couples married for 50+ years, have said that they’ve they’ve never seen two people so PERFECTLY matched as the two of us.  Our bond is unique; although we certainly don’t purposely FLAUNT it, if you’re around us for any length of time, you’ll pick up on it. Nobody makes me laugh like he does-after thirty years, I’d rather spend my time with him than anyone!  People, especially church members, have asked through the years how we stay together all the time and never get sick of one another. Truth is, we came to the conclusion a LONG time ago that we just don’t do separate. It’s not something that suits everyone, but it honestly works for us.

After our kids were born, we realized that married couples tend to invest everything into their kids, leaving little or nothing else for each other. In light of the fact that kids grow up, move out & move on, we made it a priority to nurture a life outside of the children, because one day it would be the two of us again. We tried never to put Joshua & Jena before or between each other & I believe that’s a big reason why we have this incredible love for one another all these years later. I love my children fiercely & I’d lay my life down for them quicker than anyone-but I’ll tell you this-the person who I don’t believe I could ever live life without..is MY CHIPPER.  ❤

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