my joy COMES in THE morning..

I’m up every morning by 4:30 and it’s not because I have to be. I wake up naturally and love to see dawn break. My Chipper can’t understand. His theory is; if you wake up while it’s still dark  outside, it means one thing only; get up & go NOW so you won’t have to get up & go later. He is going to scold me for writing that. He’s old fashioned about bathroom talk.

I LOVE my routine-Desmond and I tiptoe downstairs-I put him on the sofa while I fetch my coffee. SAECO machines ROCK! Fresh espresso or drip available 24/7 at the touch of a button. Loves it!

About Coffee-I’m not really into blueberry cobbler or french vanilla or chocolate brownie or hazelnut-we use classic EIGHT O’CLOCK whole beans in the red bag-only they changed the red bag to a white bag. I don’t have a marketing degree-but, the way I see it, it was a real stupid thing to do-now their bag looks like everybody else’s bag.

I remember going to the A&P where they had a grinder at a few registers. While your groceries were tallied, a man, usually wearing an apron-would unseal the bag, pour the beans in the machine, stick the bag under the spout and freshly ground coffee aroma would fill the air. Most fresh beans smell the same when they’re ground, but- Eight O’CLOCK gives the smell plus warm, fuzzy, childhood memories as a bonus. I’m overly nostalgic.

My first cup’s always the same-a splash of half & half  and the tip of a teaspoon of sugar. I don’t turn on the light because the moon shines on the kitchen side of the house and spotlights RIGHT on the coffee maker. We’ve got panoramic glass windows to maximize the views-no curtains-except for in our bedroom because my CHIPPER does NOT like to wake up to the sun pouring in the windows like I do-he wants it as dark as dark can be for as LONG as it can be!

After I get my coffee, Desmond and I sit on the sofa without turning on any lights at all. I don’t know! It’s just how I do things. It’s how my Mimi and Pa did it. All my life, those two were up at 4:30, sitting in the dark, drinking their coffee.

I sit for thirty minutes or so and answer the questions rolling across my brain screen. What to wear? What’s for dinner? What has to be washed? What needs to be cleaned? Who needs a callback..HUSH!!? Can you tell how stretchy your lungs are yet? Have you got any ideas about what you’ll post today?

After I’ve been up a while, I come to my office, turn on my fireplace-check emails, see where my blog stats ended up, write in my journal, study my Bible, write some scriptures in my binder, look at facebook, get some more coffee and I watch the sunrise.

I’m a bit different than most-I love a beautiful sunset-at Morgan Meadows, no two are the same-but, if I had to choose between sunrise or sunset-I’d go for sunrise. It’s an indescribable emotion when I see it peek over the horizon-perhaps it’s because I tend to prefer gearing up as opposed to winding down.

That’s what I’m anticipating at the moment-gearing up for what’s peeking over our personal horizon..a ministry GOD has meticulously been organizing for us. HE hasn’t clued us in on a lot of the details-but, we have enough to know that it’s going to be an amazing journey with some incredible people..GOD adventures always are!

My Crazy Husband’s Rebuttal

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  1. Shasta Looper
    Jan 16, 2011 @ 10:10:20

    I love reading your blogs! Every time I see a new post I get excited to read it! Love it!

    I have one as well – not as deep or thought provoking, but the thoughts of a 36 year old who has a few experiences under her belt. Here is the link:


  2. caroline
    Jan 16, 2011 @ 12:27:42

    love this lisa. I read this book a couple of weeks ago called the The Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell and he talks about ‘getting up before the crack of dawn’ a lot and how this contributes to the lives of the great outliers, one of his theories about the culture of success and failure.
    As I read his stories and theories, I think, of course, when you get up before the crack of dawn you get to do so much more, and I began to realise that it is definitely a discipline worth discovering, but what he doesn’t mention and what you have is you get to ENJOY the day so much more, when you sip your coffee (which I could honestly smell, as you described it), enjoy the sunrise and really get to meditate and think about the important tasks for the day. So how have I been in terms of achieving this, still trying take the finger off the snooze button…… ya, Caroline


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