secREt liVes of pAStoRs wiVEs-celeBRiTieS

There are bunches of pastor’s wife blogs; rebellious pastor’s wife-atheist pastor’s wife, unhappily married pastor’s wife-reading some of the chronicles, I say everything from you go chick-to have mercy on the poor dude! My blog is for everyday chicks but, let’s peek at life on other side of the altar!

America’s original mega church, Brooklyn Tabernacle, was smart enough to acknowledge what their pastor’s wife brought to the table or perhaps best said, the choir loft!  Not taking anything away from Pastor Jim, author of one of my favorite books, FRESH WIND, FRESH FIRE, but Carol, put Brooklyn Tab on the map. You don’t get ANY better than Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir. Carol is one of my role models. She leads the best choir in the world without knowing how to properly read music. Carol Cymbala is a real lady.

Victoria Osteen, the impeccably dressed, pastor’s wife at Lakewood Church in Houston, is often in the limelight for drama mama behavior like assaulting a first class flight attendant. The case went to trial and she was exonerated of the charges. Regardless of personal impressions, I believe that much of what’s said about Victoria is exaggerated or fabricated. She has a strong personality and does more than look pretty and whisper PREACH IT BABY after sugary words floweth from her husband’s mouth-but that doesn’t make her a she devil.

Bobbi Houston, Hillsong, Australia is married to the South Pacific’s most famous pastor & is the former pastor’s wife of the world’s most celebrated worship leader, Darlene Zschech. She stirred up a fuss when she wrote a series on CHRISTian women & sex. I don’t know why it caused a ruckus, it not like she penned Fifty Shades of Grey!  Bobbi dons the grooviest outfits of any PW on the planet. Having never met her, I can’t vouch for her character, but this fifty something year old wife proves that not all of us have to wear a coiffed bob & fancy suit and I’m all about that.

Gloria Copeland, Lindsay Roberts, Frances Swaggart, all share the pulpit with their hubbies. Through the ongoing years of Jimmy Swaggart’s prostitute scandals, stoic Frances never gave up her throne on the platform so I shout GOOD on ya, you’ve earned your seat!  Then there’s cotton candy pink, Jan Crouch. That’s about all I’ll say about  that.

RUTH GRAHAM. I have genuine respect for this woman of GOD, who for the most part, remained primarily in the shadows of public eye, kept the home fires burning and never once caused any controversy to cloud her husband’s global impact. I think of her as the epitome of that beloved Proverbs 31 lady.

Arguably, the best known famous preacher’s wife is the late Tammy Faye. In their glory years, the Bakkers enjoyed a rockstar status in the Christian and secular realm. I was watching PTL one morning as she rushed on set, threw her hands up & huffed-Sorry I’m late. They closed the Dam Bridge! Jim went pale as the live audience gasped, but Tammy Faye was Tammy Faye. She diffused the tension with her unmistakeable raspy but childlike cackle. We cross D-A-M Bridge to get to the studio. What did YOU GUYS think I meant?

Underneath the eyelashes was a natural, even those who didn’t like her, couldn’t deny that she was a larger than life character. After the PTL debacle,  she hosted a talk show( I KNOW-her co-host was gay) and starred on an MTV reality series The Surreal Life.  She had no trouble standing tall (quite a feat at 4’11”) by refusing to participate in a nude segment on Surreal Life. That decision gained respect from non church people and won back many CHRISTian fans who’d written her off.  To be honest,  I was fond of her. I read her autobiography, followed her web journal and wept through the documentary about her battle with terminal cancer. She had issues, so do you and I. Fortunately, ours isn’t splattered on the news, in the papers or aired in a TV movie. It’s sad how most who shared the big life with the Bakkers, were so quick to bail when the gospel ship ran aground. 

Some pastors’ wives have replaced their husbands completely!  Does anyone know what Dave Meyer looks like? It must be hard to deal with the ridicule and jokes I’m sure this guy does. But, their ministry spans around the globe and when suspicions arose about their wealth, they were cleared by the government for misappropriations of funds. Let’s commend Dave for sacrificing a public role for the sake of the Kingdom.

What about Pastor Randy White? Never heard of him? Maybe not. But you have seen ex wife, Paula, the Barbie Doll blonde who preaches like her mentor, Bishop T.D. Jakes, who I do listen to now and then I don’t watch her broadcast, read her books, blogs or anything else.  This photo was taken on the Sunday that the Whites announced their divorce to CHURCH WITHOUT WALLS in Tampa. He continued to pastor the church and Paula moved to Texas. Long story short, the church in Tampa tanked, Randy was arrested on a DUI charge following a series of personal struggles so he handed the pulpit back to his famous wife. She’s the one on the cover of the National Enquirer with a still married, Benny Hinn, but I won’t go there.  🙂

Mansions, private jets, Mercedes, are indeed part of the perks. But NO THANKS on living the celebrity pastor’s wife with a public life!

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  1. Harriett
    Jan 21, 2011 @ 16:34:00

    I Love Tammy Baye-Fakker, too….JustKidding, I got tongue tied one time & it came out that way & my friends never let me forget it, especially the non-Christians!!! I watched a repeat of the movie documentary on her, “The Eyes of Tammy Faye” a couple of months ago & I still cry over what she went thru & survived! I believe she’s in heaven singing with the angels right now! Her heart was the REAL DEAL! And that’s what my God looks at! Nevermind the eyelashes, shoulder pads, eyeliner, etc. I took my mom to PTL one time & we had a great time…….it broke our hearts when the scandal hit. Human beings are going to screw up but she did hold her head up! You have that same spunk!!!!!! I love you!


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