loRi’s stoRy

People sometimes make the assumption that I’m arrogant. The reality is that I’d love to have a small sprinkling of arrogance just to counteract the true me, a woman with a total lack of self confidence. Besides, if I had a tendency to think highly of myself, GOD devised a plan that keeps me humble-three little sisters. I was almost five when the first one came out screaming-Move over & give me some room will ya, sista! About the time I’d moved from that one’s shadow, here came another one and another one!

Lori’s always been SMARTER

Amy’s always been FUNNIER

Kelly’s always been PRETTIER.

My sisters shine in unique ways. I’ve told you about Mama and Daddy, so I’ll introduce the girls, one by one. An age guide-I’m 4 & 1/2 years older than Lori, 7 older than Amy and almost 10 years older than Kelly. I earned the title mother hen!

Lori Lynn Cribb Hurston-is not only the smartest (Valedictorian and offered a scholarship to Princeton), she’s the quietest and probably the most polite. When Amy, Kelly and I want to ruffle Mama’s feathers, we moan that Lori is Daddy’s favorite..we know better– but, she is the most like him, personality wise. Lori doesn’t lose her temper as quickly as the three of us and don’t count on her to get in your business-because if she’s not involved directly, she’s not talking. Admirable but B-o-R-i-N-G!

Twenty years ago, at the invitation of a friend, she went to a Bible Study Fellowship (known nationally as BSF). Lori grew up as a  pastor’s kid and was an active member in a local church. She and Scott hadn’t been married long, she was working full time and about to start their family. Going to another bible study wasn’t on her list of things to do. Don’t judge too harshly. If my sisters and I added up the times we’ve been at a church and combined them-there’s probably no number for the number!!

How it went down. Baby girl, Kelly, worked at a hoity toity shoppe. If you know my family or have looked at our photos, it’s evident Lori and Kelly are fashion icons. Amy and I inherited our daddy’s genes-the man has gone to church wearing ONE brown & ONE black shoe-at the same time. He’s dressed sharp when you see him because Mama chooses his clothes and makes sure his shoes & socks match before he walks out of the door. Lori and Kelly know how to rock  the clothes because they inherited their know how from Sara Frances.

One day, Lori dropped by the boutique to visit with Kelly and the manager, Robin Lehman. Lori and Robin were about the same age and had a lot in common like-clothes and accessorizing (BARF). It wasn’t long before Robin invited Lori to accompany her to a bible study. Because Sissy is so polite, she agreed to go one Wednesday. It was a lot to do for a new friend since it started at 9 and wasn’t over til noon, and was held at a church forty minutes from their home.

I could drag Lori’s Story out-it’s so special..but we know what happens but, I’ll hit the highlights. God impressed on her heart that HE wanted her to commit to this Bible Study. When I say commit, she COMMITTED! BSF runs in a SEVEN year cycle! I’m sure her initial prayer went something like-GOD..seven years of Bible Study at a church forty minutes away from home? Lord, I’m leading a small group already. How will I have a baby and come over here every week for five hours?  GOD had that worked out-Blake and Loryn were born thirteen months apart so she took care of her two little ones at one time. If you have time, read Luke 5:1-5..Simon Peter felt the same way as Lori did. HE didn’t UNDERSTAND why JESUS would tell him to take his boat and nets back out into the sea after coming in from an ALL NIGHTER with no fish to show for their labor. He was tired and no doubt very frustrated but, Peter answered, at your word I will do it, nevertheless.

Lori completed the seven years and when it was over, signed up for ANOTHER SEVEN! Remember, that conniving elder brother who conned Issac into marrying his older sister before getting the bride he loved and labored to earn? Brother Laban would love making deals with Lori.

This past spring Sissy went to Colorado for a week of training since she has been tapped as assistant Lecturer for BSF’s sister study group, Community Bible Study-CBS. Remember my post about wrote about getting serious about God’s word? I noted if you search, ponder, meditate, and value the Bible, expect to experience the supernatural. Sissy’s willingness to learn led to God entrusting her with an esteemed place of leadership. She and her head lecturer, will lead 2oo ladies weekly. My sister will teach other chicks what she learned after years of studying herself.

Mama and Daddy went to the first lecture that she taught and sang with her before she lectured and of course they were proud. Mama called to tell me how Lori did. She gushed how her new glasses made her look even smarter! For Mama and Daddy to look up at the pulpit and see their little girl-standing as a MIGHTY WOMAN of GOD was thrilling. That’s a perfect conclusion to Lori’s story, but I’m not quite done.Remember Robin, the manager of that boutique where Kelly, worked? We never know how GOD will use us as a conduit to connect life to life. Baby girl played a part in the tale.

I withheld at the beginning of the story, Robin wasn’t a CHRiSTiAN when she hired Kelly. She would come to work on Mondays wearing sunshades to mask the blurry eyes of partying all weekend. My teen-aged sister was convicted to witness to her. Kelly wasn’t over zealous. Her prayer went like this. God, she’s my boss! I just got my job and need the money! She’s older than me so why would she pay attention to what I say? I’m scared she’ll fire me but, nevertheless I will.

Kelly began witnessing to Robin. She didn’t get fired but, initially her words went in one ear and out the other. Still, she didn’t let that stop her. Kelly became passionate about seeing Robin get her life straight. Neither had an inkling how imperative it was.

Early one Sunday, the phone rang at my parent’s. Kelly answered-not knowing it was her boss. Kelly! I gave my life to CHRiST late last night and I want to come to your church this morning. Kelly gave Robin directions to our church. Hand in hand with Kelly, she went forward, confessed CHRiST publicly, joined the church and was baptized. When she died of cancer a few years later, ROBIN LEHMAN had left her mark on thousands of lives.

I love these principles. Had it not been for Kelly first witnessing to Robin, Robin may never have given her life to CHRiST. Had Robin, not given her life to CHRiST, Lori may not have gone to that Bible Study-which means she might not be teaching the WORD as she is now. And, had ROBIN not responded to GOD’S gift of salvation, chances are, she may not be basking in the glory of HEAVEN at this moment.

The next time GOD places something in your heart and you question why He’s calling you to do something that doesn’t make sense-have enough courage to trust HIM and to answer-at YOUR word I will do it Lord. NEVERTHELESS!


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. nancy chapman
    Jan 25, 2011 @ 12:00:47

    You know I have enjoyed all your writings,but this one spoke to me. The last paragraph was all I needed to read.


  2. Ginger
    Jan 25, 2011 @ 12:08:23

    Loved this story!! And since I know all of you, it was extra special! All of you are amazing ladies of God! Your parents are reaping the blessings of their faithful service to God! Thanks for sharing!


  3. Melanie Parsons
    Jan 25, 2011 @ 16:59:29

    Beautiful, Lisa, but you’re right, this is just skimming the surface of this story! Don’t you love to see how God connects all of the little dots in our lives for His glory? I often think of Robin and that beautiful blonde hair. 🙂 What an impact for His Kingdom that she made in her time on this earth. Such a sweet reminder to just go where He leads, do what He says. What amzing stories might we be a part of without even knowing it!


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