she’s GOIN’ to the CHAPEL

I just glanced up at the clock, trying to decide if I wanted to post anything else today or if you’ve had enough of my rambling already..and it dawned on me that..

it’s 5:35pm

Three weeks from today, Jena will be standing in front of family and friends, pledging to love Scott McDowell for the rest of her life. Their ceremony will be unique; reflective of the CHRIST centered relationship they have. Just like he did at Joshua and Nikki’s I know my Chipper will speak- a bit choked up-from a daddy’s heart.

I think (at least I hope) that we’ve managed to keep our job circumstance from putting a damper on this long awaited, event-thanks to the overwhelming GENEROSITY of those who love us and her-and have given unselfishly to ensure our amazing daughter has the wedding of her dreams. It hasn’t been that hard-Jena, has bare taste-yep..I meant to use a b instead of an r. She tends to lean more towards natural and understated, which is a GOOD thing when money is an issue.

For instance, her idea of the perfect reception was having Papa’s world famous (more like COUNTY famous) barbecue. And, about the cake-she opted for a small gluten free traditional one for pictures-but we’ll be having a dessert bar with everything from peach cobbler to red velvet cake, honey!

The ceremony will be at the beautiful Pawleys Island Chapel-a perfect choice since their official first date was sitting on the beach there . The reception will be at Debordieu-(It sure does pay to have sisters with connections!)

Last Saturday, she spent the day at the chapel and the reception site with my mama, dear friend, Lizzie, who arranged my flowers and made MY bouquet-and my sisters-making sure they were all on the same page.

Today she and Scott went for a final fitting of his attire. Next weekend, she has finals, so it’s ALL about studying.

Her last weekend as a single chick, Liz and I, are going to Charleston to spend Friday night-hang out-take her shopping at Victoria’s Secret-that’s gonna be a hoot. Liz and I have have been best friends since BEFORE Jena was born; Izzie‘s just another aunt who’s doing the same for Jena that she did for Joshua-directing the wedding and more importantly, making sure that I don’t spazz out until after it’s all over.

I just looked at the clock again-it’s 6:30-we’ll be making pictures about this time and her daddy and I will be smiling all the way to the end-that is until she climbs in her Equinox for the first time as MRS. JENA MCDOWELL. That’s when I suspect that my Chipper and I will slip away for a good cry..after all, that’s our baby girl who will be waving goodbye.

what about HER benefits?

I’m trying my best to understand how O’Bama care is benefiting lower income Americans. I didn’t vote for him and his promises never appealed to me-but, that was my personal opinion. I’ve got more to go on these days-somebody living with us-disabled since birth-whose benefits have DECREASED since the President moved to the oval office.

My Chipper and I have been blessed to parent more than our two biological children; I say blessed because that’s what each of our other kids are to us. A few were temporary situations-but Jared, Jade, Tammy, Aaron and Walt, had a more permanent place in our home and hearts. I write about our kids often and I’ve had a few folks ask how many kids do you have because your facebook profile looks a lot like Michelle Duggar’s! 😀

Joshua, will be 28 in March and he married Nikki..which makes her ours. Jena, is 25, and she’s marrying Scott in three weeks…which makes him ours. Two by birth and two by marriage.

Aaron, 18, lives in New Zealand, with a family who took him when we returned from the mission field. He’s our redhead, but by no means the stepchild! Aaron coined a lot of phrases in our family-I can just do whatever! Perhaps my favorite was when he didn’t like the rules at our house, he’d throw his arms in the air, his hands palms up and huff. Well, fine! But I’m leaving here on my 18th birthday! I’m happy to say that he never got mad enough to really leave. For a boy who’d run away from other homes MANY, MANY times, it was a wonderful feeling to know that even when he was angry with us-our home, his home, was where he wanted to stay.

I recall a time when Aaron had an unusually bad day at school-my Chipper was out of town, so I had to go to the school when the call came. (We got a lot of calls from Principal Mike or assistant Richard, but, it was impressive how these two gentlemen cared about two wee boys-academically and socially-and did all they could to help us.)

When we got home, Aaron wasn’t allowed to play video games or go outside. After we ate tea (in New Zealand, tea- also refers to the evening meal. Supper is more of a light snack.) and he’d gotten his homework done, I sent him for a shower and told him that he’d be going to bed earlier than normal. He did as he was told, but on his way back from the shower, he lingered at the door of the lounge and spied Walt watching Spongebob. It hadn’t been one of Aaron’s better days.

You have to understand that by the time we got the boys, our children were in their late teens, so my Chipper and I had been there, done that.  To hear Joshua & Jena tell it, Aaron & Walt didn’t know the meaning of REAL discipline, but we’d had a lot of practice! I glanced at the clock and decided that Aaron had served enough time for his latest crimes and I’d let him have dessert before bed.

But, my heart melted when I got to his room and saw those sad tears; I handed him his jelly and ice cream, (JELLO is eaten with ice cream over there) and gave him permission to eat it in lounge so that he could see the last few minutes of his favorite cartoon before bedtime.

Instead of plopping on the couch or floor, Aaron followed me and when I sat down, this precious child crawled into my lap. He was about as big as me even then-but, snuggled up to me like a toddler. I’m sorry I made you have to come see Mr. Andrews, Mum. I don’t want to lose my temper, but when they call me names cos I’m a foster kid, it feels like my heart gets torn in a thousand million pieces and I can’t get it back together fast enough to make me stop being bad.

Can you imagine words so poignant coming from a little boys’ mouth? Back then, Aaron turning 18  years old seemed a long way so much.

Walt, is 17, and lives in New Zealand, at a group home. He’s our blond hair,blue eyed boy-the one who you’ll find on my wall everyday asking Wots up Muma? If I don’t respond immediately, he calls me out in public-you haven’t answered me back! He makes sure I know-he’s in poo again..sometimes it’s poo-other times he slips with the S word..but, I’m so glad that my boy comes to MUMA about his problems-though we are a world apart. Walt has always been such a little charmer! I’ve had previous school teachers contact me years later to find out how he’s doing. One told me that in all of her years in the classroom-no child had touched her heart the way our Walt had.

Now, there’s Tammy, perhaps the best known of all of our extra kiddos. Tangy, Tang-Tang, Tams, Tangerine, Tangelo, it’s whatever mood we’re in that she’s called..but rarely is it just Tammy.

Tammy was born with Turners Syndrome, a disorder that most doctors don’t know much about. Despite numerous physical ailments, she’s WORKED since she was a teen-employed by my company, a mall chain store, and childcare centers in three states.

As she gets older, her medical problems are progressing; she isn’t able to work full time and that’s medically proven.

In the two years that Obama has been in office, Tammy’s benefits have been cut or reduced multiple times. Yesterday, she had a doctor’s appointment-due to the changes in our healthcare overhaul, she is now being charged a $135 fee per year-the receptionist understood our predicament and set it up on installments. Tammy’s on a small, fixed income and doesn’t have an extra $135 hanging out in her bank account. If the healthcare changes are suppose to be helping people like my child-it AIN’T workin!

I stewed all the way home about that $135 deductable. We picked up the mail and land sakes alive, it proved to be Tang’s lucky day! She’s getting more mail than ever about her benefits-but the notifications are anything BUT good news. Tam’s a diabetic who relies on a mail order company to ship the supplies that she needs. NOT anymore! The company regretfully informed her that changes in our HEALTHCARE will be preventing them from sending any more supplies to her home. WHAT?

If you don’t believe me-ask our Tangy Sue what OBAMA care is doing for her. She’ll tell you that for someone who wasn’t all that into politics- GEORGE W. BUSH-is her new hero.

i could’ve BEEN a rich girl..

As my blog traffic increases, so do the questions about me, my life, where I came from-so, I decided that it was time to give you basic information about my past along and along.

I’m a writer who DETESTS filling out forms! I put off going to a new doctor because it means filling in MORE forms! That’s why you get the bits & pieces to string’s less like I am filling out a questionnaire.

Born in Savannah- first of four girls belonging to Reverend THEMOS J. CRIBB and SARA FRANCES THOMPSON CRIBB. Most of my childhood was spent in Hemingway and Georgetown, South Carolina.

School years were spent at Lake City Elementary, Juliette Lowe, Pathway Day School, Francis Marion Academy & Winyah Academy (long swim the DOLPHINS-BOOM chicka BOOM!)

Three sisters-Lori- married to Scott Hurston, mother to Blake and Loryn

Amy, married to David Newman, mother to Tyler, Alana and Ashlyn

Kelly, married to Dave Murray, mother to Noelle, Kala and Chase

Churches Daddy pastored:  Red Dam Baptist, Rose Hill Baptist, Paran Baptist, Liberty Baptist, Tabernacle Baptist, Ringel Heights Baptist and Gourdines Chapel.

Most memorable boyfriend before Chipper: Kenneth Parsons Brady-son of Lucille Vanderbilt Pate. Kenny was killed by a drunk driver at the beginning of his senior year. We had a date that night and I would have been a passenger in his mustang-but my grandparents were visiting from Savannah so that Mama could help take care of Pa, who’d had a stroke. Daddy was preaching a revival in a neighboring town and I’d gone a couple of nights already so that I could go out Friday night.

When I got home from school, Mama told me that Pa hadn’t been able to walk all day and to make a sad story short, she and my sisters went to the revival and I stayed home to help Mimi care for Pa. Ken volunteered to sit with me, but I insisted that he go to the movies in Myrtle Beach like we’d planned. He invited a fellow schoolmate, Rudolph Poston, to join him; they died instantly at the infamous flashing light in Murrells Inlet.

That unexpected tragedy had a profound effect on me. Ken had come home from an out of state boarding school to play soccer for our high school team his junior & senior year. Many girls were vying for the attention of a boy whose family owned Debordieu and Arcadia Plantations. Of all the debutantes he could’ve dated, Kenny chose a poor, baptist preacher’s girl, who refused to go out with him on Friday or Saturday nights, unless he accompanied me to church on Sunday mornings and nights.

I always have a bit of a problem telling teenagers to ONLY date Christians-though I wholeheartedly BELIEVE that it’s the best decision..but I didn’t follow my own advice. On top of that, I didn’t suffer sad consequences. Ken was a good kid who treated me with respect.

Ken LOVED our church, RINGEL HEIGHTS BAPTIST mostly because the folks never treated him like he was royalty, he was their preacher’s daughter’s boyfriend. My parents LOVED him. They’d never had a son and this boy came into our home and made it his, too.

One FATEFUL Sunday, he gave his life to CHRIST and a few weeks later, my daddy baptized him. He became a member of our church and truly fell in LOVE with JESUS. Mama and Daddy got him a study bible and so many nights we were on the phone talking-not about soccer or homecoming or the latest breakup or hookup at school..but about spiritual things. He’d sit at our kitchen table with daddy and they’d talk about the things that confused him or seemed to contradict what he’d learned about the Bible through the years.

A few months after Ken was born again, he died.

When I met my Chipper and brought him home with me from college, I warned him that it may be a little awkward. When we walked in the back door, Mama was standing at the stove and started to cry. Daddy shook his hand and spoke-then walked outside for some fresh air.

That went well.My poor Chipper! What was so ironic about it..was that he physically resembled Ken. I don’t know if that sounds morbid-but, I prepared my parents before they saw him in person that he looked like Ken-but that was NOT the reason I was dating him.

That night, we went to bed and my little sister, Amy, snuggled up to me. She would’ve been about eleven years old. Her voice quivered as she asked-Do you think that GOD let Ken get killed because he wanted you to date Chip?

My little sisters didn’t have a big brother and they loved Ken dearly. He had his own place at the table and we spent as much time at my house as we did anywhere, playing boardgames, watching TV. Ken usually brought us home from school so it was heartbreaking for them, too. When he died, my family was devastated.

No. We would’ve broken up when he went to college. He would’ve met a rich girl named Catherine Kennedy or Mary Elizabeth Rockefeller-not LISA CRIBB.  She sighed. That’s good, I guess I’ll learn to like him.

I have a doll that Ken bought for me when we were dating..a HUGE rag doll. I knew that I wasn’t what his family planned for him-though his mother, Lulu and I were quite close-especially after his death. I had a great friendship with his sister and brother, Dawn and Matt and his stepdad, Wallace. But, in reality, I was not from his side of the bridge. One night, I inadvertently overheard a phone chat between his mother and grandmother and it made me cry. Enough said. I knew that it wasn’t because they didn’t like me, it was just that I wasn’t a society girl.

I broke up with Ken that week-I told him that he was expected to find a porcelain doll, not a rag doll. That weekend. he came by the house and left a rag doll with long dark hair on the porch. Ken gave me numerous gifts, but that rag doll was the most treasured.

We got back together weeks later-as much as teenagers are capable of loving each other, we did.

After he died, Mama noticed that rag doll’s dress needed to be washed-I’d shed a lot of mascara tears on her shoulder. I got home from school one afternoon and Mama sat on the bed and took the doll from my arms. She asked if I had looked beneath her dress. It was a bizarre question to which I replied, no ma’am.

She pulled the dress up and showed me that Ken had drawn a red heart on the fabric where a heart would go. Inside of it he’d written I love you.

Rag Doll sits on the shelf in my closet. During those times that I feel MUCH more like a rag doll than a porcelain one, her smile reminds me that I am anything but

how about DETROIT?

Over the summer, we received an inquiry from a church in Detroit and I gotta tell you, I got excited about it as did my Chipper. Granted, not everyone would want to move there..but we aren’t your typical fifty year olds.

The church we were talking to was located near Eight Mile Road, so over Christmas I watched the movie, Eight Mile– about a white, foul mouth rapper (Eminem & trailer trash mom, portrayed by Kim Bassinger). The language was vulgar, but I’ve worked in a similar environment and learned from that experience that I’d have to tolerate offensive language if I planned to penetrate their territory. Sometimes it worked. Sometimes not.  Sometimes we earned enough respect to have them watch the language when we were around and at other times were told to #@** off!  I’ve been called about every name in the obscenity thesaurus.

Let’s get real. Christians are two faced about entertainment. We’re religious fanatics of CSI Miami, House, Grey’s Anatomy, Private Practice, Young & the Restless, etc. (I’ve watched them so I’m not throwing stones-just being dangerously transparent) We watch Doctor House pop Vicodin like candy corn and don’t get me started on Grey’s Anatomy! If that much random sex went on in a hospital, we’d have an infection pandemic! We watch the same content at home that we scold others for seeing at a theatre. Subscribers to Cable, Dish or Direct pay to watch garbage too..just sayin

We have ministry friends in Fairfax, Va. outside of D.C.-David and Karen Stokes.  Dave’s first book was recently published & he’s one of the best communicators I know. You may have heard him on FOX-he’s a guest from time to time. He and Karen are two of the most real people you’ll ever meet. When he became pastor of a large church that had a history of legalism and ultra conservative views on pop culture issues, he and his entire family stood against the tide and made it a mission to turn the ship around. Visit them at Expectation Church if you’re ever in that area.

One weekend we were there to preach and speak and went out to breakfast or lunch or maybe it was dinner. We eat a lot when we visit the Stokes.  While we jabbered, their middle daughter, Debby said nonchalantly, I’ve got no shame when it comes to the movies-but at least I don’t lie about it!  This statement from a twenty something year old STUCK in my head. A bold thing to state in front of company (granted she knew that if we hung out with her folks, we couldn’t be too stuffy) I admire a brave soul who boldly proclaims-real-over paper or plastic. I’m glad that our kids are real enough to be real. They don’t always say or do what I’d like them to do but, the same would be said of me. When Mama hears me say, heck, dang or I swear..she reminds me swiftly I know better than to say those things. 😀

But, Mama accepts me for who and what I am and she never fails to let me know that she is proud of me. I wish more parents were like my mama. If they were, we’d see less acting out by kids doing outrageous stuff to gain attention. Whoa..I’ve gotten so comfortable with you that I’m beginning to reveal too much of my way of thinking and should weigh what I say against my stats a little more.

Detroit.  We were excited about a possible next step and prayed for GOD to give us a green flag. They contacted references, ran the background checks and after we’d cleared the bank, scheduled a Skype interview to talk.  Just a couple of days later they called to tell us that we were their choice.  Detroit’s inner city is ransacked by crime, drugs, collapsed job industry. We took it as a great compliment that a multi cultural church believed we were resilient enough to handle the challenge.

We asked a few close friends to help us pray for peace & clarity while making this decision. Number one-it’s what we do when making decisions and number two..we didn’t have the peace & clarity that we knew we should have. Years of listening and following have certainly taught us that if it’s GOD’S way-HE makes our steps sure, even if the ground is shaky. The ground was secure enough, it was our steps that didn’t feel right.

Since I know that you’re wondering, I’ll answer. I believe that we followed GOD’S voice when we accepted the call to our “dream church”.  I don’t understand why GOD chose that path for us like he did but, the thing that matters now to us is that we WERE sure and we obeyed. Oh I still want to know the purpose it served but, I’ll not get bogged down in questions that lead to despair.  HIS ways or NOT our ways..full stop.

The Detroit team set up a time for us to visit for a trial weekend and we tried convincing ourselves that once we were actually there, we’d gain the confidence we were lacking. But, when time came to book flights, our hearts indicated that we were trying to FLY where HE wasn’t leading. Our conscious wouldn’t allow us to let them spend the money in light of how our spirits were still wrestling about a decision we’d been prayed about for months. There were tangible obstacles to work through, but we’ve been missionaries.We have had plenty of practice managing obstacles.

THE thing we were struggling with was…accepting that GOD’S answer was clearly NO.

The obstacle that had us BLOCKED was our faith..FAITH can throw up road blocks as sure as it clears them. The VOICE of WISDOM said..You can do this-GOD will bless because it’s HIS church and HIS people there are seeking a good man and woman to partner with them to bring their community to CHRIST. BUT can do this-GOD will bless..but not with HIS best..because HE has something ELSE for you to do. Are you willing to forgo immediate security & trudge through the valley of uncertainty a little longer so that GOD can ready HIS perfect plans? Are you willing to wait on the LORD?

Chipper wrote and explained how much we wanted to join their team but, we knew it for certain that it wasn’t GOD’S best for us..which meant, we weren’t HIS best for them. Their response was FINAL confirmation. They weren’t upset to have spent so much of their time investigating us..they’d grown to know us ENOUGH and THANKED us for being honest.

GOD is kind and tender. HE led them to tell us that they had a back up candidate in mind just in case we said no. HOW COOL is it that GOD rewarded everyone by revealing exactly who the RIGHT man was for Detroit! My Chipper sent them a file of promo logos he’d worked on during the entire process; everyday we pray for our Detroit family. It was meant to be a long distance partnership, but GOD used them in a specific way to continue honing our skills in following HIS voice.

I was working on CHURCH WHERE EVIL DWELLS last night-when Chipper trudged in from the barn, tossing snow from his goatee. He said, “I DO like snow cream, but not enough to deal with what it takes to have it on a regular basis.  I’m over this snow.”

I thanked GOD again for confirming what we’d settled in our hearts and minds. Detroit would have offered a lot of snow cream & LORD knows how we LOVE us some snow cream..but, some things are meant to remain-a special treat.

SNOW Days are the BEST!

I wanted to share some photos that I took at Morgan Meadows today. If you aren’t a facebook friend-my profile is public so snoop around anytime-Lis Morgan, Hickory Grove, S.C.-or friend me if you’re boosting your numbers. 😀

I made snow cream this morning. WHAT? You’ve never eaten snow cream? I’m truly so very VERY sorry for you!

I made it early so that we could enjoy it all day long. I whipped a dozen eggs, four cups of sugar, 2 cans of evaporated milk, and a lot of Watkins Vanilla. When the cream is ready, baby IT IS on! We don’t worry about fat, sugar or calories, when there’s snow cream. It’s a rare treat that we treat with the utmost of respect!

My Chipper is snow cream’s biggest fan. He ate four bowlfuls in a row-we’re talking DEEP cereal bowl size. Somewhere between bowl #1 & #4, he said-

Heaven will have snow cream. 😀

My heart danced as I stole a quick was boyishly charming-maybe even a little sexy-my 50 year old husband kicked back on a sofa watching the snowfall– gorging on snow cream. Life is full of happy moments; that glimpse of one of my Chipper’s- made me realize that I miss far too many of my own.

NOT what you say..but HOW you say it!

When I began hearing about blogging a year ago, I had to ask my Chipper what it meant. I explored a few blog thingys and quickly determined that it was out of my scope. It didn’t help that I proceeded in typical Lis fashion and wasted no time visiting modest blogs; I headed to the penthouse suites where professional bloggers flaunt word power wealth. I’m not a hater-just insanely JEALOUS in a holy covetingJesus won’t mind this kind of sin, Christian way! bwahaha

Some blogs have more flashing lights than Vegas..belly up to the toolbar! Come see what my widgets can do for you. Would you like to have a specialty menu? Upload this before you download that! Will you be importing or exporting? Sign up for FREE TWEETS and on and on! Enough already..I accepted the cold hard truth..pauper or billionaire..I was way too stupid to be a blogger!

Anybody who knows me knows that I’m a hopeless MORON about all things technical..add to that the fact that I’ve got a pitiful excuse of a computer. If I had the computer savvy-it would be impossible for a bona fide blogger to work with what I’ve got to work on. I’m swallowing my pride so that I can tell you about set-up.

When I say I sit in Mimi’s chair with my laptop, I do-I use it as a keyboard since half of the screen shows work while the other half got held up at a DIY Convention -obsessed with a VIRTUAL “try on” booth. It has an emotional sensor like the flippin mood ring I wore when I went through puberty cos it changes CONSTANTLY!

A day ago, it rained and half the screen was solid BLACK. Next day sunshine-it sported Gamecock red & black. Today, it apparently overdosed on a Brady Bunch marathon because it’s avocado green, burnt orange & harvest gold stripes.

I tried to justify just charging a laptop. Writers need things to do their jobs like everyone else..but-the smart side of my brain instinctively sent my eyes to a stack of loose-leaf paper.  My Mama raised an eternally thrifty chick.

Chipper wanted me to have a new computer, too, but with our son and daughter getting married four months apart, he knew we couldn’t afford more than food and keeping the most basic bills paid. His Mama didn’t raise no dummy, either. My baby’s got serious skills.

His nickname is PASTOR CHEAP for a reason-since he isn’t pastoring at the moment..he goes by only CHEAPER! Just ask our daughter who’s planning a WEDDING if you don’t take my word for it! 😀

Chip found an old desktop monitor in the garage, some cables and he gave me the ultimate HOOK UP..a single edition, one & only CUSTOMIZED model.

Back to my topic. After I concluded that I’d never be able to learn what I’d have to learn in order to blog, I lamented to my Chipper about how dumb I was and how I hated being a doofus and how if I could have figured it out, I would’ve so enjoyed being a blogger. VIOLINS played and the wine flowed beside the blue cheese..*sigh*

One thing that I love most about Chip is that he doesn’t talk down to me to elevate himself, nor does he shove my nose in my piles of ignorance to draw attention to his mountains of intelligence. Whether you like him or not, I’d wager that from here to New Zealand-anybody who has sat under his teaching would agree that he possesses an uncanny ability to explain things in a unique way- no matter who’s listening- man, woman, kids, teens, yuppies, hillbillies, English, Asian, American, Samoan, rich or husband breaks it down so that everybody gets it.

It doesn’t matter if he’s talking about computers, blogs, parenting, key lime pie, spark plugs, mustangs, seventies rock, Reagan, Clinton, Denzel, Angelina, King James, Holman Christian, Fox, CNN, Braves, Cowboys, Islam, North Korea..or Calvinism, once saved-always saved, pre-trib, Pentateuch, Pentecost, baptism, church membership..Chipper’s a gifted communicator who reads, studies and stays abreast of current events, pop culture..real life.

Several days AFTER I’d given up my blogging ambition..Chip walked in my office and pointed to a stack of journals.The things you write in your notebooks is the stuff people blog about. If bells & whistles take away from your writing, it’s counterproductive and besides, it’s the style that you write that makes people enjoy reading what you say. If a blog is so high tech that it intimidates readers and they leave without reading it, then why write one?

He sat down by me and clicked a few keys on my customized computer. Like magic, a smackin’ hippy chick themed blog came up..exactly the look I’d have gone for if I had been smart enough to figure out how to do it.

Hey, you can’t call yourself DANGEROUSLY TRANSPARENT..I won that title FAIR & SQUARE years ago! I glanced at the picture beneath the headline. She even looks golly..she is ME!

My amazing husband had taken a random sample of journal entries & typed them on my BLOG. I got you started- from here on, you’re on your own. He showed me the notepadsave draft & publish buttons. That’s all you need to know. I designed it to reflect your style- simple- all you have to do is write. The more you do, the better you’ll get.

As I marveled over MY blog, I was reminded why I love my Chipper the way that I do. His unselfish act said-I BELIEVE IN YOU..why don’t you believe in you? It was worth more than any CUSTOMIZED DELL on the market.

January 1st, 2011-I received an email from WORDPRESS. This is the actual snippet.

Your 2010 year in blogging

Blog-Health-o-MeterHappy New Year from! To kick off the year, we’d like to share with you data on how your blog has been doing. Here’s a high level summary of your overall blog health:

WOW !!!!

They used an analogy to give me an idea how significant my blog traffic had become. A 747 aircraft holds approximately 418 passengers- your blog has filled up___I’ll leave you to wonder-but, I’ll give you a hint; I’ve filled up quite a few!  I’ve receive the glory for my blog’s success, but I haven’t lost sight of my humble beginning…

What if my Chipper had allowed me to remain CONVINCED that I couldn’t blog? What if he hadn’t explained it to me in a way that I understood? What if he had cared more about creating his blog than helping me start mine? What if he hadn’t done the groundwork? I wouldn’t have a blog and looking back over the past eight months, I can’t imagine NOT having a way to help me cope with the tragedy that we faced.

The moral of this story PREACHES..Some plant..some tend..some reap. When Chipper did his task, he equipped me to do mine. Most important-GOD accomplished more through it than he or I dreamed possible!

Hi world! My name is Lis Morgan and I’m a blogger!

top 10 changes I plan to make this year…

1. KISSING my husband GOOD MORNING & GOOD NIGHT..every morning and every night. (I’m an EARLY bird and my Chipper’s a NIGHT owl so we usually kiss somewhere in the middle. As we get older, I wonder more often how our lives will progress. I want to make sure that the most important person in my life KNOWS that he is.)

2. ANSWERING my phone..yeah, family and friends are calling me a big fat liar whose pants are on fire.

3. ACKNOWLEDGING that my CHILDREN are MARRIED ADULTS and should be treated that way.

4. USING my SPIRIVA  and ADVAIR everyday the way I’m supposed to..who knows how well I could breathe if I used my medication consistently!

5. TAPERING down on coffee and increasing water and green tea.

6. No more SNOOPING on’s a waste of my time and a detriment to my health.

7. EMAIL works for business correspondence; personal thank you notes..NOT SO MUCH. I’m going back to snail mail.

8. YOGURT and Calcium Rich Foods are no longer optional..they’re a necessity when you’re a half a century old.

9. I’ll stop looking at VICTORIA’S SECRET ads and feeling bad about myself. I’ll remember that I had my turn to be sexy…and I’ll ask GOD to allow me to have a peek at those same perfect angels in twenty years. *wink..wink*

10. No matter how dark my days or nights turn, I’ll fight with everything I’ve got to hold on to HApPineSs & H0Pe.

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