will the REAL me pleaSE stand uP?

I’m a product of the sixties and seventies..peace signs, smiley faces and love chants have always been and still are my thing  I remember the invasion of the hippies and the Beatles. The world was going to hell under their influences-so preacher tackled their perceived attack on society the way they believed most effective. They preached HELL, FIRE and BRIMSTONE, a lot of it.

I’m a preacher’s kid and no one could be more proud of their heritage than me. After all, the BIBLE is full of prophets warning people to change their ways or face the wrath of GOD. I’m not disputing the WORD; if you read my posts, you’ll find I do a fair amount of prophesying about such things, so don’t misinterpret my words. I take the Bible word for word and believe it gives answers about a majority of sin. I don’t endorse any way into HEAVEN but-CHRIST. I’m not into passing out SHOT glasses instead of gospel tracts to bring people to JESUS, so please don’t misunderstand my message.

I believe we’ve lost contact with the REAL world; I’m concerned, saddened, desperate to remind people that GOD never commanded us to live in a bubble where the only those who live and act exactly like we do are welcomed. CHRiSTiANS are to be peculiar but, we must also acknowledge that this verse is taken way out of context more often than not.

If we do like JESUS-we’ll save tongue lashings for hypocrites who claim HIS name and choose to remain wicked. I challenge you to find any place in the Word where our LORD deliberately shuns or mistreats a sinner. On the other hand, search out how many self sanctified religious hypocrites HE called out in the PUBLIC square.

What is it about certain sins that cause mouths to water and tongues to wag? Through the years, my dude and I have received well meaning warnings about our tolerance for those living in sin. It hurts my heart to be scolded because I purposely associate with people who haven’t found CHRiST. I’m conflicted because Jesus didn’t minister to the lost with condemnation. He administered the truth with mercy and love.

I don’t want to forget the verse that instructs me to remove the tree trunk from my eye before I gouge in someone else’s for a splinter. Why does it draw so much criticism from fellow believers when they see us showing love and grace-before we point out the ugly? It doesn’t mean we’re giving our approval but, I spend a good bit of time in the company of holier than thou types, with their noses in the clouds and I gotta tell you, it’s nauseating.

I don’t condone sin-what I condemn is the way we pick & choose what and whose sins are the worst. I’m gobsmacked by the contrast of how patient CHRiST was with sinners but, not with the saints. HE didn’t avoid the woman at the well and went out of HIS way to extend compassion to her. Yet the pious behavior of the Pharisees irked HIM. We see it all during his ministry. The church should take a hint from the MASTER of outreach.

Being friendly with lost people does not make me a failure-backslider-sellout-or flunky CHRiSTiAN. I won’t apologize for opening the blinds of my life and allowing the world to see me-flaws and all. It is tough having people question my relationship with CHRiST because I have many unsaved friends.

The judgment of others is hard though, even after all these years. Just tonight I battled with-what will people think-about a dilemma I found myself in. By nature-I’m a people pleaser, so I’m tempted to cower inside the clubhouse when faced with the possibility of damaging my testimony. I know if I step outside of the holy circle to mingle with unclean, I’ll be judged but, my calling is to be a light to ALL people. It is your calling too, if you are a follower of CHRiST.

I picture Peter’s and Paul’s chat about doing one thing in one place while refraining from it in another. When Paul offered his advice to Peter-I suspect Peter thought sarcastically-Dare I remind you brother that you say to be all things to all people? How is what I do any different than what you do? The line of being real and being fake is a fine one huh?

How can I be PECULIAR-if I’m just like everybody else? There’s a spin to ponder. 🙂

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  1. Nette
    Feb 08, 2011 @ 16:02:03

    Tough words…but good stuff!!


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