i gOt noThinG!

THERE once was a girl named LIS

with a head full of mind boggling ideas

she spent all of her days,writing blogs, books and plays

Now she stares into space..isn’t THAT a tragic waste?

LOL-the first LINE of the ditty is courtesy of MY CHIPPER who’s been making sport out of my miserable struggle through the worst case of writer’s block ever.  I should have let him finish it himself, since even this measly FOUR line poem has NO flow. If you’re one of my faithful readers AND still coming by after a month of SILENCE, please DON’T give up on me! I’m determined to break through the concrete walls that have barricaded my thought process. I don’t KNOW what the heck is going on, but a little sympathy would be appreciated. Imagine my brand of brain waves being confined to a single ball of playdough with NO outlet? It’s like a cyclonic wind tunnel; my poor head is about to explode-but, I can’t find the tiniest place to drill a hole to offer it an ounce of relief. It’s just SAD!

I’ve decided that GOD is giving me overtime practice in two areas where I’m prone to be weak. PATIENTLY WAITING. Do me a favor and pray for me as I wiggle and writhe through this process because to be REAL honest, it’s frustratingat the momentI’ve got NOTHING to say and for a perfectionist with an abnormally high competitive spirit, it’s HARD to admit being at a LOSS of words.

I don’t do-WAIT-well. I like to THINK that I do-but when TEST time comes, I’m reminded that I’ve got waayy more studying to do before this chapter is MASTERED. The ENEMY often wages war against me using patience and waiting as choice weapons to knock me down. I know his battle plan, yet, I continue to feed lucifer cake & ice cream on a regular schedule. 😦 So, while I HATE enduring, I know that GOD has my best interest in mind whenever HE decides that I need additional patiently waiting drills. But, don’t you worry..once HE gives me permission..OF COURSE, I’ll be right back to sharing the wealth! 😀 tehee

In all seriousness, it’s sobering & awe inspiring to hear GOD whisper-Daughter, this time of quiet is all the more reason for you to remember that your gift with words comes SOLELY from me. On your own, you‘ve got nothing but a broken, empty cistern, so you must ALWAYS allow ONLY ME to speak through you-if it is your genuine desire to speak to this world using MY voice alone.

Most of all, will you help me pray that THE BIG THING that we’re waiting for, will be answered quickly. I’ve come to a conclusion this past week-the cries of my heart are more than likely crowding out the words in my head. My Chipper and I are praying about a life changing shift and it’s hard to get our heads around all of the how would this possibly work details that keep popping up faster than those pretty little purple flowers overtaking my yard. I’m reluctant to let Chipper mow them down-the fragile little things have somehow survived two snows this season which inclines me to shout-Let the FLOWERS live, man! Let the little flowers live! When I look through the window and see patches of beauty in an otherwise ugly BROWN earth, it makes my own heart hopeful that spring is around the corner for us, too!

So, as I once again start my daily ROUTINE in my RAIN MANgotta go to KMART and get some BoXer shorts– kind of way, (you’re not going to get that unless you’ve seen the movie where Dustin Hoffman plays Tom Cruise’s autistic brother) why don’t you give a listen to the song I usually rely on as my first dose of VITAMIN C (C as in CHRIST). Maybe you need some happy for what ails you, as well. They dance and groove-Shasta, my dear, THIS is where I learned-to BUST a MOVE.  CRANK up the volume, and ENJOY the promise that CHANGE IS COMING!

1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Jena
    Mar 02, 2011 @ 21:13:20

    do you need your bestest buddy to come up there and give you a pep talk!! lol LOVE YOU!


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