tUrn tHe oTHer chEek and wAlk aWay

Every morning I watch the exact same scenario-you know that our animals are very much our extended family-though my Chipper doesn’t think much of me calling Desmond, the chihuahua, son-therefore I do it to IRK him! tehee-hee 😀 I always get up before dark and until the sun rises, Desmond cat naps beside me until day break. Around 7:30,  Cassandra, the boxer, will come barreling to the back door-as happy as can be to be reunited with toy boy. As soon as I open the door-she and Desmond, instinctively race through the front door, charging like bulls to the barn, with hopes of picking another fight with Bristol, the Husky/German Shepherd.

If you haven’t read my Chipper’s blog about the feud between our four legged kids, check out his unique storytelling-Michael Vick Should’ve Been Here Today, chipmorgan.org or search Lis Morgan can’t be held Liable if Language is Offensive in my archives.

I’m habited to glance to the back fields so that I’ll know where to head in case a barnyard brawl erupts-but rarely does it come to it, most mornings, the tag team wrestlers are disappointed because their opponent doesn’t even bother to show up. However,  this morning-GOD kept my attention & spoke personally to my spirit. I LOVE the way that HE uses random situations to teach me something. When that happens, I’m made fully aware of why it’s so important to WALK IN THE SPIRIT..to ABIDE CLOSELY by HIS side, to be alert and watchful. If my ears and mind are centered on HIM even in the day to day grind, it allows the HOLY SPIRIT to speak the WORDS of my FATHER instantaneously and I find those experiences to be most amazing.

When Cassie and Desmond took off, I noticed that BRISTOL and BINDI SUE (Lassie collie) were already stretched out in the grass, catching some early morning sunshine. It’s approximately 100 yards from the front door to the barn-so during the mad dash run, my eyes focused on the target, Bristol and her faithful companion, Bindi. It can’t take the two more than ten seconds to make the run-but it played out in SLOW MOTION for me. PICTURE it with me and I guarantee that you’ll benefit from what GOD whispered.

Bristol and Bindi heard the oncoming early morning confrontation. They know the sound-they deal with it DAILY. As Cassie and Desmond were approaching, Bindi Sue, stood up, saw what was coming and headed to the barn. Her leading prompted Bristol to follow the leader. NO KIDDING-at the precise moment when Cassie issued that first ANNOYING, let’s you & me rumble bark, Bristol was literally standing HALF in the barn and half out.

FIXED in my mind-the way that Bristol took that last glimpse before walking on inside. How many times has my FATHER stood up at oncoming trouble and beckoned me to follow HIM out of harm’s way? It doesn’t mean that HE isn’t ABLE to fight-ABLE to win, but-when it’s something NOT WORTH fighting about-HE knows that it’s BEST for me not to waste energy & time if HE has already taken care of it and I don’t need to be tangled up in idle, needless-goings on- again.

Tears welled behind my eyes as my FATHER moved closer towards me. It was as if HE was standing by my side with HIS arm draped over my shoulder. I understood HIS WORDS plainly and the visual helped them to penetrate deeply-thoroughly. Daughter, it’s not cowardly to turn and walk away-if that’s the direction that I lead you. I know WHEN you need to stand your ground, so when I remain for a battle, you can rest assured that you are safely standing in full armor. But, why should you engage the enemy if I, YOUR PROTECTOR-am not concerned or worried? Have you noticed that CASSIE never picks a fight with BINDI? You see BINDI as gentile and non aggressive-therefore you assume that she’s not a fighter. Actually, she’s using her head. Why get dirty if you can walk away?  You have plenty of battles to fight, lots of scrapes, bruises, cuts-it’s futile to get knocked around unnecessarily. She’s actually a VERY SMART girl, that BINDI SUE. Notice how Bristol, the wild, high spirited one..easily submits to BINDI’S leadership.

THE next precept upon precept hit me like a ton of bricks! The only times that Cassie is able to lure BRISTOL to fight is when she’s alone-when she’s not by Bindi Sue’s side.

I had my OWN private screening of Narnia playing out in living color. BINDI, my Aslan– ALL knowing strong and mighty Lion, and Bristol, as Edmond..a strong willed child, weak in the face of temptation from the Ice QUEEN, Cassie and Desmond, one of the many powerless imps who served her.

GOD spoke SO much in that 15 second Show & Tell..it makes me wonder how often I miss a precept upon precept lesson because my mind has wondered away from where HE is.

I realized once again what a vital  verse JAMES 4:7 is. THEREFORE-submit to GOD, resist the devil and he will flee from you. DRAW near to GOD and HE will draw near to you. We skim over verses way too much! See, many CHRISTIANS know this verse but they’ll say over there in James where it says RESIST THE DEVIL and HE WILL FLEE FROM YOU.  I created a BIBLE STUDY series years ago LEARNING vs READING the BIBLE. One of the initial exercises is a worksheet with ten familiar verses where I leave out a few words for the participants to fill in from memory.  I don’t take them up or look at them myself..I KNOW the results. It was my own results when GOD first began teaching me how to LEARN.  Class members are always stunned to see that nearly everyone MISSES the exact same words in all of the incomplete verses. This one is a prime example of why we need to LEARN the WORD the way it’s WRITTEN.

THEREFORE_______  ____   ______ resist the ______ and he will _______ from you.

Now..everyone usually gets the last two words DEVIL……………...FLEE..some say DEPART…but it’s the first three words that are the trouble. BUT, the verse doesn’t mean the same thing WITHOUT those first three words…I hope you knew them and GOOD job if you did! YAY!! But, don’t feel bad if you didn’t..you’re in the majority. 😀 RESIST THE DEVIL and HE WILL FLEE FROM YOU. Sound advice I suppose-but, the problem is..NONE OF US are strong or wise enough to OUTLAST or OUTSMART Satan. I don’t like to give  Lucifer any credit-BUT-that’s just plain DUMB. He’s smarter, wiser, stronger, than I am–GOD tells me that over and over…HE warns that I can’t let my guard down, that Satan is always ON THE PROWL. So-if GOD clearly tells me that I can NOT handle him alone, why do I seem so naive as to think that I can?

Add this to the blanks- SUBMIT to GOD..the KEY to the whole precept and we’re missing it. Satan flees if we first SUBMIT to GOD. In other words, the DEVIL doesn’t want a face to face fight with GOD-he already knows who will WIN; but a human standing alone is quite another thing! Take thirty verses like this one and LEARN-not read them & your LIFE changes. I know that it does because mine has since I began to fill in the blanks. I’m STILL filling in the blanks and if I want to continue growing in HIM, I’ll never STOP filling in the blanks.

As I sat and pondered what I’d just learned, I asked the LORD to always remind me just how vital it is that I ABIDE in HIM, not some of the time but ALL of the TIME. If I stray even a little bit..Satan’s ALL ABOUT THAT. I was so wrapped up in my early morning LIFE class, that I let my coffee go cold. As I went to get up, my eyes looked through the window and what did I see?

BRISTOL and BINDI lying out in the grass enjoying the early morning sunshine. My first thought was I WONDER who came out first! And, then-GOD whispered one final little precept-don’t try to over analyze everything that I show you. LOL 😀

I say that with a chuckle. The point that HE left me with was this. When GOD LEADS, I don’t LOSE. HE may choose to REROUTE me, send me off the beaten path or direct me to take detours that I don’t understand.  HE may say, let’s not waste time with those guys when I’m rearing to fight. If HE does that-it’s because HE can SEE BEYOND the now-HE doesn’t PREDICT my future-HE DESIGNS it!

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