i nEed tHis, yOu nEEd thAt..LeTs liNk uP..

A few weeks ago, my cell phone rang in the early afternoon-our daughter, 25 year old Jena, calls at least once a day so it wasn’t out of the ordinary. But, it wasn’t a normal call. She was on her way to the hospital to get an x-ray done, per doctor’s orders, ASAP. While children are growing up, we worry & fret-they fall out of trees, spill over on bikes, land the wrong way on trampolines-parents stay on the lookout for potential harm. Mommys of all ages-let me warn you-you don’t stop worrying when they become adults. Why not? Because adults fall out of trees, spill over on bigger bikes, land the wrong way on..heck, we don’t have to BE on a trampoline to land the wrong way..tehee

The point is-Mama never stops being Mama. I didn’t grasp what my own mother sought to explain once I moved away from home. I knew that sincere motherly love fueled her ongoing reminders to be careful but, it really sort of  insulted my ability to be an adult. I was such an immature baby back then. I’ve since apologized to Mama about my irrational views on smothering, for neither am I a ridiculously overprotective mother-it’s simply my GOD GIVEN right to nag remind my kids not to text & drive!

When Jena read the doctor’s orders to me, I panicked. Identifiable mass on left ribcage, 3.8″ in diameter. Soft. Do not fax report, call in to office. She attempted to sound unworried-but she was scared..I could hear it in her voice. New husband, Scott, was on the other side of Charleston, her brother two hours away and us a tad over three. I hung up and fell apart. Her daddy called her back so that he could at least pray on the phone with her, something my daddy does when I have surgery and he and Mama can’t get to me.

I typed a text & sent it to about twenty five of my friends and family. Within moments, I began receiving kind words and assurances about prayers going up for Jena. One of the most precious was from a new friend, who stumbled on my blog-but soon realized that it was no co-incidence. I hate to break it to Google, but they aren’t the world’s ultimate search engine.*wink* She tagged a heartfelt prayer tagged with-I asked my boss, also a Christian, to step in my office so we could pray for Jena together. Her text meant more to me than I can say-she’d been grappling with some personal issues that had damaged her hope & put her faith under fire. Reading her words of renewed trust in GOD-brought me such joy-even in the middle of my storm.

Let me tell you-having so many people praying all AT ONCE physically soothed me beyond words.

Half an hour later, Jena called-I don’t know if we should celebrate or cry. The radiologist measured it & told me  prior to the procedure, that it was always easier to find a mass when she had an outward visual of where to look. BUT..when she got started, she could see it on the OUTSIDE-but there was NOTHING on the inside. Mama, she searched her hardest to find something-but, I saw the screen with my own eyes-there was NOTHING there.

My heart left my feet and bounced back in my chest! I clued her in that I had begun a prayer chain & that there was no question at all-GOD had granted our request. I was floating Up, Up & Away on my happy balloon! Jena was getting in her car when she interrupted me mid sentence-Hold on Mommy, it’s the radiologist calling. (She still calls me Mommy a lot-I love that). A minute or so passed before she came back on the line. I gotta go back and let the head radiologist do it again. Apparently, he looked at the notes from my doctor & wants to repeat the test himself. I’ll call you when he gets done. Seven. (That’s the way she, her daddy and I say I love you. I’ll tell you why later. It’s so precious!)

I wish that I could say that I had giant sized, unwavering, NO DOUBT faith..but, I promised to keep it real-HONESTLY-my fluttering heart nose dived back to the soles of my feet. I kept my tone upbeat-they’re just being cautious, sweetie. Don’t worry. It would be misleading, however, for me to tell you that I believed my own words 100%.  Fear & doubt reappeared very quickly.

Half an hour later, she rang again. He said he’d never seen anything like it-a visual, feel-able, protrusion on the outside of the body that had absolutely NO ORIGIN on the inside. SO, I’m going back to work! Send your prayer warriors a big thank you and let them know that PRAYER changes things! Miracles aren’t always for everybody else, are they Mama?

Have I mentioned what a spiritual giant my girl is? 😀

As I looked over my stats this morning, I’m certain that GOD put something in my heart and I’d like to share it with you. People from all over the world come to my blog everyday. Wouldn’t it be AWESOME to have a prayer chain going 24/7 ? I have followers in every time zone in our country as well as overseas in England, Zambia, New Zealand, Australia, China, Guatemala, etc. Someone’s reading my blog every hour of the day so why not capitalize on Nehemiah’s story-wanna help me build a PRAYER wall?

I want to pray specifically for your needs & I’d like you to pray specifically about things on my heart. Perhaps, your husband or wife needs to accept CHRIST. Has your child drifted away from you or the LORD? Is someone you love terminally or chronically ill? Are you burdened about a friendship that needs to be restored? Marriage in crisis? Battling depression or some addiction? Stressed out by finances or debt? Need to lose or gain weight? Grief stricken? Church in turmoil? GOD is abundantly ABLE to deliver a miracle!

If you want it to remain anonymous, make up a name (that’s NOT lying ). I promise that I’ll personally pray about each request as will many of my readers. I’ll moderate EVERYTHING and publicize only what you want  public. If you need to explain privately, but want a generalized request on the wall, I can handle the wording. I’m certain that this is a way for us all to give & receive.

This is my top project of the day, so check back & help me get it started! I’ll have a place where you can put the requests and a space for PRAISE reports! I’m super excited about this, guys- I BELIEVE in prayer because I’ve SEEN it work OVER & OVER & OVER in my own life. Let’s DO THIS!

It’s DONE! Now when you come to the blog-click on the prayer wall located at the right of the top menu bar. You can put your requests in the comment box. I think that it will be easier for us to keep up a constant feed, going whether it’s for prayer, encouragement or praise. When I upgrade the blog space, (PAY & I’m being feasible) it more like I’ve envisioned. MONEY really is the ROOT of all EVIL! Thanks to you who started building it! South Carolina, Mississippi & New Zealand have put the first stones in. YAY!

6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Nette
    Mar 25, 2011 @ 13:05:03

    Lis, I am going to join your prayer wall….I am asking for prayer for healing both physical and mental. God knows the details and the great struggles which almost bring me to tears as I write this…I love you my friend and prayer warrior!!


  2. jena
    Mar 25, 2011 @ 13:26:04

    This just made me cry….thanks for being my HERO!
    And your top two prayer requests right now are my top two prayer requests right now!..no words needed 🙂 I love you 7 🙂


  3. Harriett
    Mar 25, 2011 @ 13:55:30

    My prayer request is much like Nette’s……..I moved 5 weeks ago & let’s just put it this way……..it’s the little foxes that spoil the vine…..computer problems, separation anxiety without my 3 kitties ;( ……depression but I have found a church 5 mins. from me. This too shall pass!


  4. Kelly Coker
    Mar 25, 2011 @ 18:38:04

    I had about 5 minutes to jump online this evening before heading out to meet with a wonderful group of Christian friends and had just time to read your blog. We are meeting to practice for a drama that we are participating in at an upcoming ladies event called “She Treat”. Please pray that we will touch hearts and reach souls for HIM. And you can count me in your prayer chain. More to write about later. Love you girl and thanks for your prayers!!!


  5. Michelle Tiatia
    Mar 26, 2011 @ 02:03:38

    Hey L, I love your idea! I believe in a God that works miracles too! God has just answered our prayers to see our sister carry a baby after 12 years of trying. The cool thing is that God answered this prayer while Kathy and I did a 21 Day Daniel fast two years in a row-which my sister knew we were doing.
    Could you please put my sister Anita’s name on your prayer list. She is coming to church tomorrow night to watch Kathy and I graduate from Bible College. She has a very high position in the Mormon church in New Zealand and we are believing for not just her but her whole family to come to the Lord.
    Thank you!


  6. Cal
    Mar 28, 2011 @ 18:30:42

    So, I must admit that I was a bit hesitant to post anything after reading this the other day. But, I don’t know why. To be a bit ‘dangerously transparent’ myself, I am always hesitant to ask for help. What is that about? Well, I’m not entirely sure, but I think it has something to do with my prideful, independent, and self-sufficient nature. I am reading ‘A Praying Life’ by Paul Miller (highly recommend it!) with a group at my church for single ladies led by my pastors wife, and I just picked it up and the chapter was about asking for prayer from people who may have a ‘direct line access’ to God. I immediately thought of this blog post that I had read the other day and was too nervous, or busy, or whatever to post my own prayer requests.

    So, better late than never, here they are (I feel honored to have you and others praying for me)::

    1. I am looking to buy a house in Pittsburgh. Not that I am going to be stuck here forever, but as I get my PhD, it just makes sense not to sink a lot of money into a rental. This is a BIG deal, so please pray for the right neighborhood, house, and that I would find some Godly roommates (another proposition that makes me nervous as I live alone now).

    2. Pray that I will find and continue to find some Christian science community. Last year I went through a quarter-life crisis of sorts (another story for another time), and ever since I have been somewhat struggling in my lab work (on the plus side, I started attending church again -around Aug of last year- for the first time in about 3 years, and have found Christian community like I have never experienced).

    3. Pray for 3 specific people in my life who are not believers.

    Thank you so much! I am so excited to see what the Lord will do through this!


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