cAll mE anYthIng bUt oNe of tHoSe!

I won’t lie. I’m over-animated, highly demonstrative, extremely passionate and ridiculously talkative, so needless to say, I’ve got no problem expressing myself and I get irked easily and if I’m not mindful, I’ll sound off- it’s just me-flaws & all. While I admit that it’s not one of my more redeeming qualities, it goes to the heart of what I want to write about today.

Are you honest about your strengths & weaknesses? If you’ve never taken a personality quiz-you should; identifying our character traits makes it easier to exercise self restraint in weak areas and better equipped to capitalize on strong points. One of the reasons that I love using Proverbs as a daily self help is-it’s a DUMMY 101 Manual-everything you need to know about being a professional wise man or FOOL! 😀

I can’t say how often I’ve kicked myself in the butt-for butting into something I had no business butting into. Proverbs 26:17, He who gets mixed up in a fight which isn’t his business, is like one who takes a dog by the ears while it’s going by. A perfect depiction of what happens when we don’t mind our own business. Of course, always use common sense when that verse comes to mind. I was watching the news last night & the lead story had me ranting & raving like a maniac. FYI: If you witness a 43 year old man taking little girls into an abandoned house-BUTT IN! At least four girls between 6 & 16 have been raped there by this familiar neighbor.

I was heaping praise on the lady who called the police after sensing that something wasn’t right, but as the story went on, I was about to throw my shoe at her! She saw the man do the same thing a year earlier, but decided to do nothing more than confront the creep and ask why he would take children in a dilapidated shack for an hour. REALLY?

About my emotional outburst, I could get a doctor’s excuse to confirm that I’m estrogen deprived or that swimming in the shark tank puts me under enormous stress. It could be that my creative flair is at the root, or poor self confidence or scars left from being molested, this or that, but my D (do) N (not) A (activate) makes me this way. Wind me up on a suitable subject and be prepared for my take on things. Daddy calls me leather lungs (ironic since I have COPD & never smoked).  My father in law, Poppa Bear, often reminds me to take a breath whenever I get started.

I don’t care much for CHURCH people. Now, please don’t tune me out until you read the post in its entirety. Church people is not a SYNONYM for Godly people. My favorite people on earth are GODLY people! I love keeping company with GODLY people, building friendships with GODLY people. But, I detest associating with shallow, self centered church people, who possess about as much spirituality as a bowl on my coffee table.

Here’s an easy to understand explanation of what I’m saying. When deciding if someone is a church person or a godly person-use this handy guideline that I’ve gleaned from others’ observations as well as my own in my ministry history.

1. Is the person in question more interested in the color of the carpet or the welfare of the visitors?
2. Is the person in question most concerned about their comfort & certain other church people? Do they believe they have earned equal say with the pastor when making decisions about the direction of the church? Do they  expect to receive credit for what they do and what they give? Still unsure? Here’s a sure fire test to distinguish between church person or godly person. How many times does he or she mention what they’ve done for their church? Do they reek of false humility? Do they esteem others as often as they do themselves?  Do they talk about the contributions of others? (THEIR family members don’t count.) Do they critique easier than they compliment?
3. Is the person in question unwilling to sing any type of music other than the songs THEY like?  If you’ve heard a person complain that the songs being sung in your church don’t mean anything, that they aren’t sacred enough-read the words yourself.  Do they omit CHRIST?  Are the lyrics worldly or man centered?  Take note of the complainer.  Do they participate in the worship? I do not believe that GODLY people can stand with their arms folded across their chests and SCOWLS on their faces when these words are sung. HOLY HOLY, is the LORD ALMIGHTY-who WAS and IS and is to come. With all creation I sing, PRAISE to the KING of Kings, YOU are my EVERYTHING and I will ADORE YOU! Church people, on the other hand, don’t consider that a well prepared worship pastor, will do their best to incorporate songs that appeal to all age groups instead of a few.
4. Most church people are there every time the doors are open-I’ll give them the most services attended pin. BUT-if they’re also quick to tattletale on who isn’t FAITHFUL-red flag. Most church people keep count of the number of services Brother & Mrs. So & So miss. They can tell how many members are absent a lot faster than how many visitors are present. Church slang- the fifty up crowd call it COMMITMENT, the younger prefer-ACCOUNTABILITY.

Don’t judge my assessment-scripture shows that JESUS wasn’t keen on associating with church people either. In fact, HIS teachings show godly people how to spot the fakers. Pride’s a dead give away. CHOOSE me, LOOK at what I do, SEE what I did, nobody does it BETTER, even the charitable deeds will be ALL ABOUT THEM. Nothing new under the sun. Church people want their church to meet THEIR needs & do whatever it takes to keep things the way that THEY want them.

JESUS couldn’t tolerate those types, I’m so WITH HIM! Blasphemous statement, maybe..but, for the record, I prefer to be called a JESUS FREAK over a church girl any day!

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  1. Nette's Place
    Mar 26, 2011 @ 12:49:55

    Love your heart….AND…..THIS MESSAGE!!


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