drEaM kInGdOm

Recently, my Chipper & I watched Leo D.’s blockbuster movie, Inception . Honestly, I’d rather think up movies than watch them. I’m not a movie fan, per say-unless it’s something that I loved as a child (black & white versions preferred). Nostalgia is my comfort food– if I’m sick or down-instead of a carton of ice cream or bag of potato chips, give me the couch, faded pajamas, and a stream of movies like White Christmas, Little Women (June Allison & Liz Taylor), Pollyanna, Christmas Carol, ( for someone easily bored-I’m pathetically routine).

But, since my Chipper is a huge movie fan-once or twice a week, we’ll watch something together. I gotta say-the premise awed me. A futuristic world where people stick an IV in their arm that connects them to a dream machine. (Just go with it.) In essence, humans live in the real world and their dream world, too.

I loved how dreams & reality became so intertwined, that the characters (audience, too) had a hard time distinguishing what realm they were in. I liked that the writer chose not to make these futuristic humans look like aliens- it kept it more plausible to keep them like present day people with jobs and families. They drove cars (not spaceships) and dressed like we do.  I thought that it was brilliant to build on the idea that humans will always push the boundaries of what they are & ARE not capable of doing.

As the story moved on, the characters experimented with DREAM LEVELS, a dream within a dream. When that was achieved, a dream within a dream within a dream. I was fascinated with subtle threads of reality, like, to wake a dreamer and bring them back to the real world, they would experience a KICK..that falling sensation that we experience while dreaming. Brilliant!

My brain over analyzes and I have an incredible imagination-so since then, I’ve asked my Chipper a dozen times, What if THIS is only a dream? What if we’ve already lived as other people? What if we’re not fifty? What if we’re five hundred and fifty? (He rolls his eyes & teases me about being a cow in one life & a pig in another.) I tell him to be serious & imagine how many souls we could win to the LORD in 7 life times!

I’m not a heretic, people..I’m blessed and cursed with a very vivid imagination!:D

I loved make believe during my childhood and since I lived at church, it’s no big surprise that I would fantasize about Heaven.  I don’t have a problem believing-streets of gold, gates of pearl, crystal rivers. I don’t have trouble picturing lions & lambs frolicking about in lush meadows while children play on their backs. I don’t doubt that music will be like nothing we’ve heard or that TANGY (our Tammy) will have a beautiful singing voice! bwahahahhaha

When I dwell on FOREVER-my imagination gives up! If FOREVER lasts forever-doesn’t it still end at some point? I can’t comprehend a million years but I know that it ends on the last second of day, 999,999,999, at 11:59pm & 59 seconds. Chipper says that he gets forever easier than In the BEGINNING. I say, who cares about the beginning man! It happened-here we are. BUT, an eternity that goes on & on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on..not so much!

When I dwell on what HEAVEN will be like, I have to slow my breathing to keep from hyperventilating! I’m dying to get there & see it for myself. (hehe) Please don’t think that I’m a quack..but, sometimes I think about what I would do if I were creating my utopia. My friend, Catherine Cameron, said one time that she SURE  hoped that GOD was planning on giving us a bed in HEAVEN, because she couldn’t imagine not being able to lay down and sleep when she wanted to! 😀

I’d include a DREAM KINGDOM, a realm where people could lie on a cloud & live out all the dreams that we had on earth. (once we get there, things of earth will pass away..that’s what THE WORD says.) This is my deal. When I was growing up, I wanted to be an actress & mortician (no joke), detective &  a thousand other things. VERY few of us achieve doctor and lawyer status in one life time. (KUDOS to those few who do-I’m insanely jealous!)  Best of all, in my heavenly DREAM KINGDOM-the dreams would be completely PERFECTED..no KICK needed! 😀

When we get to the REAL Heaven, PRAISING & WORSHIPING our LORD will be the most glorious experience that I can think of but there’s a reason why HE’S PREPARED exquisite mansions and paved the streets with the purest gold.  OLD TIME preachers used to put it this way-GOD spent six days on this world-so what must HEAVEN look like?

HEAVEN isn’t a movie myth! It’s a MAGICAL, UNEXPLAINABLE, wonderland that GOD has meticulously prepared. I believe that HE smiles whenever HE finds me daydreaming about it-talking about it, reading about it, writing about it. There’s a reason our FATHER chose to keep it a mystery. HE wants HIS children to anticipate a place so indescribable that words don’t work! My heart is dancing like crazy as I write-the thought of HEAVEN sends my pulse into double time.

Today, lie down & allow your mind to create your own DREAM KINGDOM. As you design-remember-as outrageously spectacular as you make your paradise, it will never compare to GOD’S!!

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