i cAn be suCh aN aPe!

I say-I’m not going to do it, but do it anyway. If you’re a girl-you know what I’m talking about. You scan the homepage and take note of the article titles to read. Dog Saves Family of Six in Deadly Fire, Israel and Palestine in Peace Talks, Turkey Meatloaf, UN-RETOUCHED pics of hottest STARS.

THAT one gets me every time. Why does a fifty year old woman TORTURE herself by looking at Kim Kardashian unposing, while POSING in the Riviera. Really? Why am I utterly compelled to compare myself to others? Can I get a witness up in here?

Placing myself side by side with others is dangerous. Feeling inadequate doesn’t do a thing for my happy; magnifying my flaws & shortcomings is like stirring up a tried & true, FOOL PROOF batch of depression. It’s so dumb to zero in on things that I AM NOT, CAN’T DO, DO NOT HAVE-these thoughts emerge immediately; I WON’T ACHIEVE, I WON’T WIN, I WON’T GET- therefore-I WON’T GIVE, I WON’T TRY, I WON’T MOVE, I WON’T PLAN, I WON’T because-I CAN’T. In essence, to adopt that mindset is to tie GOD’S HANDS with that kind of attitude.

I desire more than anything else-to be the woman GOD created me to be. I want to reach my goals and succeed in every single plan that HE set for my life. I honestly do! Here’s where it’s dicey. I continue to entertain unhealthy habits like-defining myself with what other people look like, inside & out. I do that way too much.

GOD made me to be me-why can’t I be satisfied with HIS plans and go with it? To my credit, I’m a lot better at it than I used to be. Still, in my quest to be the best at everything-I’m prone to find the best & imitate. I’m a conflicted girl. I despise a fake, but I ape people more than I’d care to admit. (I love to use the word APE! It adds more flair than imitate, don’t you think?)

I’m currently studying Paul’s personality traits to get an in depth picture of what made this complex apostle tick. I’m dissecting this verse today-We dare not class ourselves or compare ourselves with them who commend themselves, but they measuring themselves by themselves & comparing themselves among themselves not wise.” (1 Cor 10:12)

Look-it’s wonderful to have role models and mentors; people who we look up to, admire and learn from.I hope that I have a few people who see something in me that they admire. But, our admiration for other people has to be kept in balance. I believe that we should honor & esteem people who have a positive influence on our lives. The WORD instructs us to edify & build each other up. But, we must always, ALWAYS be careful to admire, not idolize.

It’s NOT beneficial or helpful to compare-me-with anyone else. I’m here to please my GOD, to fulfill the plans and purposes that HE created me for me. I can’t do that, if I’m obsessed with impressing or imitating others. I know that it’s true, yet I continue to do it-even inadvertently. Paul’s words repeated-I do the things that I don’t want to do & don’t do the things that I want to do.

It’s great to be stirred & inspired; it’s deadly to compete & compare. A comparison trap blurs who  I am & GOD’S purposes for me become overshadowed when my eyes are focused on other people. I dig a pit for myself, if my mirror of measure reflects anyone but my JESUS. Honestly, I fall into my own pits a lot.  This is a precept that I’m nowhere close to mastering, but, I’m desperately trying-because it’s a vital discipline for every CHRISTIAN’S growth and maturity.

So, let me a be a little cheesy in how I close my post today-

Angelina, your lips are luscious,

Kim, your body is divine,

Lisa, I LOVE your hair,

Martina, I love your eyes-

But, even if I ape you girls with the glitz & the glam..the fact remains, I’m still the same, so I may as well be happy with who I am!

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