doN’t gEt tOo tiRed!

Galatians 6:9  Do not grow weary in doing good, for in due season you shall reap if you faint not. Weariness is part of the human experience. I believe that JESUS coming to live as a human had so many layers of truths & lessons-we’ll never uncover them all. But, I want to share a gem that GOD’s been whispering to me. It’s not a long or spiritually deep post-sometimes we need a friend to tell us something that we know already but have trouble doing!

Given a choice, boogie man, lucifer-probably prefers that committed Christ followers focus on the SUPERNATURAL aspects of OUR LORD’S- 33 year human life as opposed to natural, everybody goes through that kind of stuff. WHY do I make such a statement?

Logic says a firm believer takes the WORD of GOD as truth-we accept its premise & the plot. We know that it’s a mystery way beyond what we can understand TIL we get to HEAVEN & can grasp the mind of GOD. Miracles are more dramatic than ho hum activities of everyday life. We hear it preached-CHRIST had struggles like us, that’s why GOD sent HIM to walk in our shoes. Do  we concentrate on that basic precept enough-like say-the fact that JESUS got hungry & physically weary. When we focus on miracles, we come face to face with how very different HE was from the rest of us. But, when I’m sad, lonely, hurt, feeling mistreated and misunderstood-I’m not all that concerned about how JESUS turned water into wine, or healed a sick child, or raised a man from the dead.

SORRY if that sounds offensive, I’m just being honest. I need ASSURANCE that JESUS understands my BROKEN heart- comprehends my pain, grief & sorrow. It makes my burden SO MUCH easier to handle because through the accounts given about HIS MAN TIME-I see that HE completely understands what I’m feeling because HE FELT IT, TOO!

We’re encouraged to sleep, so that our bodies can renew & replenish. I find it interesting that GOD gave us references in HIS WORD while JESUS lived like a human. He got tired & HE slept-if it was good for CHRIST, it certainly will work for you and me! How cranky & difficult will a tired child be? Well, it’s the same principle. People of every age listen up..everyone functions better if we get enough rest. Your relationships will THANK you because you’ll be so much more pleasing and sweet! 😀

Being TIRED makes us grumpy, mentally sluggish-all around dull. Get a good night’s sleep as frequently as you can, rearrange your schedule so you can fit in a Sabbath day to rest and enjoy some down time. We’re encouraged to guard against-GROWING WEARY-defined in the context that  it was written; don’t allow yourself to become bitter about doing the right thing, being all you can be in CHRIST, running the race with strength and endurance. Don’t give up on always doing good because we don’t go wrong when we do the right thing-even if it feels like we have. And TRUST me, it will seem that way at times. LIFE ain’t always fair-at least, it sure doesn’t look that way all the time from my experience.

When you’re exhausted and your body is screaming for a breather, take a lesson from JESUS; grab a pillow & get some needed REST. You will thank you and I guarantee-so will everyone else! 😀

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