do I reALLy maTTer aT aLL?

Yesterday afternoon I went into my office, grabbed a couple of my oldest, used up study Bibles, my scripture memory binder and a few of my journals and retreated to my bedroom for some impromptu-but seriously urgent me time. Not a bubble bath, paint your nails, facial-pampering kind of me time..this was more of a rescue mission. I got knocked around by the enemy at an ungodly hour yesterday for real. Literally speaking, the moon hadn’t turned in for the day & the sun wasn’t dressed and if somebody would quit borrowing my rechargeable camera batteries for their Wii remote, I could prove it to you! Actually it began beautifully..those rare mornings when both the moon and the sun are in the sky fascinate you even imagine just how expansive the HEAVENS must be for those guys to reside together up there with so much distance between them? Those awe inspiring photos were to be the premise of my blog-the photos of both light and darkness residing in the same space. CLEVER aye?

BUT-lucifer and his puny imps decided to railroad my spiritual thought process and when I went for the camera, they made their move.  And, though I hate to admit it-they succeeded-temporarily. It was all I could do NOT to barge into the bedrooms of the other two occupants of our home (who will remain unnamed to protect their privacy) and scream-WHY do you keep removing my batteries! We go to Walmart  five days out of seven-does it ever occur to you guys to pick up some spare batteries? UGHH! I guess I really should give myself kudos for refraining from that kind of immature behavior. Still, when you get irked before the day begins, it can’t be good..for anybody!

When the other residents of my house got up-the choice of how their day would begin was in my hand-what to do..what to do..start their day off negatively-or keep my mouth shut & let it go. I’m proud to say that I allowed them to eat their fruity pebbles in peace.

I realized that some days I just wake up NICER than I do others. Do you identify with that? When I say that I escaped to my room for some me time-it was to repair my mindset-and for me, that’s usually done by looking back over my life and seeing that I count-I am worth something, even when I don’t feel like I am. My stronghold is that I often have a negative self image; I struggle with seeing myself as a valuable part of LIFE-I told you in yesterday’s blog that I’m a joy chaser-I’m always trying to reach some goal. I do that because when I’m feeling down about me and who I am, it’s branded in my mind that if I could just be a little better or a little more likeable or a little more pleasing or a little bit smarter or prettier or…I really can be my own worst enemy.

I’ve found out, however, that if I can get my mind back on GOD’S view of me-if I can look and see that HE has used me in the past, is using me now and will no doubt continue to use me for HIS purposes, then I’m less likely to have a major setback. This is the deal-it’s imperative for me to keep GOD as my point of reference-because if left up to me, I don’t see much worth salvaging.

Usually, God will remind me this-Whatever you’re doing, do it for my glory. 1 Corinthians 10:31 See, I just feel like I don’t do enough for HIM or anyone else-especially lately. BUT, HE whispers this-the things that you are doing-are you doing them well? How are you taking care of Chipper? What about Tammy? Are your taking care of your children? How about the new in-law kids? Do they know how happy you are to have them as part of your family? What about the birds flocking to your yard? Are you keeping them fed? The family that came to your home this week? Did you treat them kindly, make them feel at ease?

God wanted me to understand that not everything I do has to be a big thing-HE notices the smallest acts as well. HE delights in how I nurture other members of HIS creation-from the birds to my flesh and blood. HE says-I want you to do EVERYTHING as if you’re doing it for me..because…you are.

God is every bit as concerned about WHY I do what I do as HE is WHAT I do-especially when it comes to how I interact with others. I think what I’m understanding more than ever before is that it doesn’t matter where I’m living or what I’m doing, my top priority is to do everything in a way that makes HIM smile. To do that, I have to believe in me & who I am BECAUSE of HIM. My FATHER cares more about me honoring HIM in what I’m doing NOW than some great accolade that I think I need to achieve to make HIM proud.

So then I read: 1 Corinthians 15:58  Be strong and immovable, my dear brothers and sisters, always work enthusiastically for the Lord, for you know that nothing you do for the Lord is ever useless.

Combing through my old Bibles and journals, I saw a familiar pattern-I feel worthless a lot-but, somehow, HIS WORD always brings me back to this..if I am loving HIM and loving HIS creations, working for HIM, keeping my focus on HIM, walking with HIM and if I’m truly doing everything I do as if FOR HIM-I am successful in HIS eyes and HE has and will continue to accomplish HIS purposes for me through me! HE FAVORS ME! 😀

miLey cyRus teLLs tHe trUth!

The memory is a clear one; in the summer of 2008, we purchased an above ground pool from Craigslist,  for $500-a fraction of the original $3,500 price.  We knew early on that year-that we wouldn’t be taking a vacation because of my pending surgery, Jena’s job and the extra time & money we’d be putting into my parents’ 50th anniversary shindig.  Though we only used it for one summer (we moved here the following March) we sold it for the same price we paid-to a family with 4 kids who were as thrilled to find it as I was.

Ahh…the first time I heard THE CLIMB, I was lying on my float with the sun beaming on my face, not expecting GOD to speak words of wisdom to my heart that afternoon. When the song ended-I dunked my head off the side of the float to swish the tears. Who sings that? Can I put it on my laptop and my Ipod?

Jena: It’s from the Hannah Montana movie Hans (best friend, Hannah) & I watched last week. Remember, you came upstairs to see why we were stomping so loudly? It’s true; my twenty-something year old girls reached the expert level of HOEDOWN THROWDOWN. They even offered to teach me. Uh, you don’t need to know whether I do or DO NOT know the HOEDOWN THROWDOWN..pu lease! This is a serious blog!

BTW-the movie is quite good-too bad that the moral of the story hasn’t resounded nearly enough in Miley’s real family’s life because she’s a talented young woman whose career could’ve been one of longevity (at her age, still can be if she & her ADULT PARENTS will get their ACT together). SORRY, Hannah Montana/Miley haters-yes, I saw the bong photos and read about the wild parties. If I had a ten year old, NO-I wouldn’t want her patterning her life after MILEY at the moment. All I’m saying is-she’s got a great voice & is a competent actress. Did you see THE LAST SONG? Her role as Ronni was stellar. But, who cares what I think, right?

THE CLIMB has become one of my life coach songs. I’m a perfection seeking overachiever who intentionally purposes herself to take notice of the little moments that pave the pathway to anticipated destinations. I’m smart enough to know how DUMB it is for me to be overly preoccupied with oncoming joy. It robs me of small, but nonetheless, immediate happy moments.

I’ve finally labeled a long time personality traitI’m a joy chaser. Does this sound slightly familiar? I don’t have it right this minute, but if can reach the next phase & when I finish the next level & as soon as the kids are out of school & whenever we buy a house. I don’t want to be a joy chaser anymore so I’m remodeling  from the inside out. On the surface, that statement sounds un-spiritual, I mean, shouldn’t a pastor’s wife endorse getting JOY! The BIBLE says to seek joy, spread our babies JOY? *wink-wink* 🙂

My concern is-I become obsessed with hopes of the big joy that comes with reaching a specific goal or destination. That’d be okay except that it usually comes at the expense of smaller bits of joy tucked here and there throughout the journey. I’m terrible about this-so I’m trying to undo fifty years of what comes natural-in favor of what-for me-takes hard work.

This is typical Lis-by the time I reach a goal, I’ve already got another one to focus on-definitely not a stop & smell the roses type. Example-I’m an avid jigsaw puzzle geek..rarely will you visit when there’s not 1,000 pieces on the dining table. It amazes my Chipper that I’ll spend all that time working to complete it-but as soon as I put that last last piece in, I TEAR it up. THAT-tears him-up! He’ll ask-Don’t you want to admire it for a while? My responseBut why? It’s finished! Let’s go to Walmart, so I can start a new one!

The older I get, the more I’m striving to RECOGNIZE & SAVOR happy times that I encounter on the day to day scale because many of my destinations have proven to be just that –my destinations. Proverbs 16:9-we plan our ways in our hearts-but GOD directs our steps. A complex thought if we believe that GOD grants the desires of our hearts. The key to that happening ONLY comes after we’ve  learned how to seek for what GOD wants-not what we want. I DIE daily-I DECREASE for HIM to INCREASE.

What I thought my life would look like looks NOTHING like what I see now, but, I’m fine with that, because I know that I’m where I’m supposed to be. I’m glad that Chipper & I stopped telling GOD what our boundaries were years ago. Let me share a precept that will save you time and suffering if you’ll take my word for it. I know firsthand that being too deeply rooted in your goals & agendas will sprout stubbornness. When that happens, it’s more difficult to SEE, HEAR & FOLLOW HIM if you’ve got your entire life set in stone.

Nobody wants to admit that they’ve boxed GOD in-but, our actions speak volumes and I feel like someone needs to say it candidly. When we are so set in our own ways, GOD isn’t at liberty to work FREELY & UNCONDITIONALLY. (HE gives us free will to do our own thing if we choose to do). I don’t ever want to say anything that I can’t back up with scripture. These words spoken by JESUS led my Chipper and me to see that COMPLETE surrender is a major component of being successful in the kingdom of GOD. Matthew 8:18-23- When Jesus saw a crowd around Him, He gave orders to depart to the other side of the sea. Then a scribe said to Him, “Teacher, I will follow You wherever You go.” Jesus said to him-Foxes have holes and birds have nests, but the Son of Man has nowhere to lay His head. Another disciple said, Lord, permit me first to go and bury my father. But Jesus said to him, ” Follow Me and allow the dead to bury their own dead.”

Why would JESUS answer the question that way? BECAUSE IT WAS AN EXCUSE…it didn’t mean that the guy didn’t want to do what JESUS was asking him to do-BUT-he wanted to add some stipulations to the deal. JESUS was explicitly clear on what HE thought about the man’s half-hearted pledge of devotion. I’ll use a personal circumstance to define. When we announced that we were going to New Zealand, a few folks wondered out loud how we could leave our families, move our kids so far away from their school friends and most of all their aging grandparents. In fact, one of them asked me point blank how we could do that-as if-that– was something malicious or bad. Thankfully, I didn’t have to come up with an explanation because JESUS had it answered for me already. You want to know why it’s beneficial to LEARN the WORD..not just read it? Because when you learn it, it enables the HOLY SPIRIT to bring the WORD to your thoughts when you need an answer. Luke 14:26 says- If anyone comes to me & doesn’t hate his father and mother, his wife and children, his brothers and sisters—yes, even his own life—he cannot be my disciple. I responded boldly.

The next thing that person said was..but, the BIBLE also says that we’re supposed to honor our mother and father.

Jesus used strong language to explain the cost of discipleship. We must be willing to sacrifice everything if that’s what our FATHER requests. For most of us, family ties are probably the hardest thing to let go of-wouldn’t you agree? It wasn’t easy to leave America, but, I don’t think I could’ve honored my very godly father and mother any more than I did by leaving THEM to follow HIM. And, it goes both ways-as painful as it was for them to see their daughter, son in law & first two grandkids move 10,000 miles away, they never asked us not to go because they understood that GOD was requiring sacrifice on their part-just as HE was requiring from us. Look, it’s possible to be a Christian & say NO to GOD.  But, if we expect to discover our full potential in CHRIST, we must be willing to love HIM more than our family or life’s perfect scenarios.

THAT destination that you’re working hard to reach may be nothing more than a figment of your imagination. We don’t know what the future holds for our lives and what we want or expect to occur-may never  come to fruition. We’d be much wiser to  learn how to celebrate the journey while we’re traveling.

For instance, we plan something based on-after the kids grow up. But, what if the kids are never meant to grow up? I acknowledge that it’s a bit morbid for me to suggest-but doesn’t it seem more sensible to enjoy every second of having young children in the event that there may never be a time of-when the kids grow up and move out…

A few days after I heard Miley’s song, my sweet girl bought me a prize. These LIVE LOVE LAUGH pumpkins sit in my kitchen and remind me constantly that-the joy that I’m anticipating to happen later doesn’t have to overshadow the joy GOD has blessed me with today. The song says-It ain’t about how fast I get there-it ain’t about what’s waitin’ on the other side-it’s THE CLIMB. In other words, appreciate my life journey & be content with what God gives along the way.

If you’ve never heard the song-you’ll be inspired and if you have heard it, listen again. It never hurts to be reminded to LIVE LIFE in the NOW!

finDing haPPy nuGGeTs in hoRRific ruBBLe…

2011 has bombarded the planet with tragedy and heartache. To use a cliche-when it rains, it pours. For a person who isn’t all that into regular TV- I’ve been glued to the tube-afraid that I’ll miss something. After all, we’re seeing MEGA disasters simultaneously taking place around the world in a way that we never have before.  PLEASE don’t laugh-but, I read the MAYAN calendar myth one night last week. Of course, I’m not superstitious! But–well, 2012 is only nine months away. Did you SEE the movie 2012?  Okay-you’re more spiritual than me. WELL-did you read the LEFT BEHIND series? Well, there you go! I met Jerry Jenkins last summer at a conference and if what he wrote was a hoax-my spirit would not have “beared witness” with his spirit-but I thought he was great and so was his lovely wife..just sayin…No joke, I’ve begun hitting the pause button when I go to the loo in case something else happens before I can get back to my couch potato position! (Sorry, babe, I know you’re a tad uncomfortable when I disclose um…such personal things…but, I’m driving home a point here).

This photo is one of the images that seared my heart.  I’ve prayed for this young woman everyday since the earthquake-I don’t know what it was about her-other than her eyes. I pray for all of the victims-but, this girl I pray for specifically, though I don’t know her name. LOOK at the pain in her eyes..

I’m here to tell you that I’ve cried more in these first three months of 2011- than I did all of last year-and we had a very rough 2010, by the way. Listen, I can’t contain my tears-and frankly, I needed my heart to be softened and tenderized. Any remnants of bitterness have been suffocated out-for that I’m grateful to this girl. See,  my prayer life has drastically changed ; the things that seemed VITAL to our survival a few short weeks ago-have dwarfed beside the giant devastation. Another thing-red & yellow, black & white- we’re ALL precious in the FATHER’S  sight!

I’ve thought about what it must do to GOD’S heart to see such massive pain everywhere. It’s almost more than I can stand to look at the suffering being endured by so many. It’s actually been easier for me to gaze on bloody, mangled faces-as opposed to those panic stricken, crying ones. The sea of faces veiled by HOPELESSNESS-haunts me. I’m struck by the number of people of all ages, walks of life, ethnicity-having their lives so abruptly ended BEFORE our eyes. It’s surreal to realize that when the video first came across our television screen-there were petrified REAL people in those cars and floating houseboats. It sends a chill down my spine whenever I see it, far more movie-like than real. The death toll will rise long after the official numbers are tallied; I believe that a long and painful journey is on the horizon, universally and we won’t be forgetting any time soon how precious each moment of our life is. We don’t know what the next several moments hold. We just don’t.

I thank GOD for missionaries, worldwide- my prayers for them have been rekindled. Unless you’ve given up a normal life to take GOD to a foreign place, you can’t fully appreciate the sacrifice. I encourage you to bestow honor on the men, women & kids who have left all behind and call another people their people. And, I applaud the generous churches who support them- in times like these- we are reminded what a difference they are making.

Thousands of displaced, physically and emotionally injured people-are in these crowded facilities-alone. I sobbed hearing a mother talk about her five year old being ripped from her grip. Then there was the husband who frantically managed to get three kids from the second floor of their house to the rooftop-and then couldn’t reach his wife. He watched as she was sucked beneath raging waters filled with cars, boats, other bodies and debris.

I wept when I read about a brother and sister, trapped in a collapsed building together during the earthquake in Christchurch. The young woman knew that her brother was on the brink of death-but big sister REFUSED to be removed without him. She held his hand all the way to the hospital where he was pronounced dead.  Scenes like that are supposed to be in tear jerker novels–but when it’s real life, it’s too horrific for words. You and I should be appreciating our petty troubles-because from GOD’S perspective-we don’t have anything to complain about.

We all  have the tendency to think that the world revolves around-me and mine-and it’s easy to get stuck there. We start whining to someone about our problems-only to have that person-one up-us. Worse yet-we one up-their one up. A bunch of poor pitiful me types (that would include EVERYONE) can build a mountain out of mole hill in no time at all. Teamwork never comes any easier than when when we use our personal problems as building blocks. MISERY does indeed-love company.

All of these volatile events crashing in at once-have led me to ponder about the fragility of life. I’ve become a kindred spirit with Ecclesiastes & Lamentations. The sobering truth? As long as humans exist in a non-perfect world, crisis and heartbreak WILL find us. Sometimes we are expecting it-but times will also come when we’re blindsided by sorrow and tragedy. One of the sad FACTS of LIFE-but here is a happy part of that equation, too.

CHILDREN of LIGHT-don’t walk through darkness alone-EVER. Think about that for a second & let that truth enlighten you. GOD promises that HE never leaves HIS CHILD-no matter how DARK, how DEEP, how BURIED, we may be-HE is there with us. I love the poetic words of KING DAVID-Whither shall I go from thy spirit or whither shall I flee from thy presence? If I ascend up to heaven, thou art there: if I make my bed in hell, behold, thou art there. If I take the wings of the morning, and dwell in the uttermost parts of the sea; Even there shall thy hand lead me, and thy right hand shall hold me. Psalm 139:7-10 It’s impossible for us to be in a place where GOD isn’t providing unwavering direction and protection. Even when it seems as though our world is falling apart, even during the most dire of life’s tragedies-those times that we’re crying our eyes out; at those moments when we are barely hanging by a thread of the thread-GOD does NOT abandon us. Psalm 46:2 says: That’s why we are not afraid even when the earth quakes or the mountains topple into the depths of the sea.

I’ve told you before about how my Pa Thompson, who lived in Savannah loved black gospel music. If you haven’t read all of my posts, Pa’s passion for that style of music has been preserved in me. So, I’ve been singing one of mine and Pa’s favorites over the past few days-this song always settles my restless heart. I close my eyes and travel back to that place in my childhood when I’d be riding to the M& M grocery with Pa and this song would come on the radio (static included-it was the1960’s when AM was all we had).  Pa would sing bass and I’d sing the harmony. Thanks for that memory, Pa-it’s one of my most treasured. Courtesy of youtube, I relive it often and your voice is  always mixed in there somewhere. 🙂 No matter what’s going on-I’ll HOLD TO GOD’S UNCHANGING HAND.

tUrn tHe oTHer chEek and wAlk aWay

Every morning I watch the exact same scenario-you know that our animals are very much our extended family-though my Chipper doesn’t think much of me calling Desmond, the chihuahua, son-therefore I do it to IRK him! tehee-hee 😀 I always get up before dark and until the sun rises, Desmond cat naps beside me until day break. Around 7:30,  Cassandra, the boxer, will come barreling to the back door-as happy as can be to be reunited with toy boy. As soon as I open the door-she and Desmond, instinctively race through the front door, charging like bulls to the barn, with hopes of picking another fight with Bristol, the Husky/German Shepherd.

If you haven’t read my Chipper’s blog about the feud between our four legged kids, check out his unique storytelling-Michael Vick Should’ve Been Here Today, or search Lis Morgan can’t be held Liable if Language is Offensive in my archives.

I’m habited to glance to the back fields so that I’ll know where to head in case a barnyard brawl erupts-but rarely does it come to it, most mornings, the tag team wrestlers are disappointed because their opponent doesn’t even bother to show up. However,  this morning-GOD kept my attention & spoke personally to my spirit. I LOVE the way that HE uses random situations to teach me something. When that happens, I’m made fully aware of why it’s so important to WALK IN THE ABIDE CLOSELY by HIS side, to be alert and watchful. If my ears and mind are centered on HIM even in the day to day grind, it allows the HOLY SPIRIT to speak the WORDS of my FATHER instantaneously and I find those experiences to be most amazing.

When Cassie and Desmond took off, I noticed that BRISTOL and BINDI SUE (Lassie collie) were already stretched out in the grass, catching some early morning sunshine. It’s approximately 100 yards from the front door to the barn-so during the mad dash run, my eyes focused on the target, Bristol and her faithful companion, Bindi. It can’t take the two more than ten seconds to make the run-but it played out in SLOW MOTION for me. PICTURE it with me and I guarantee that you’ll benefit from what GOD whispered.

Bristol and Bindi heard the oncoming early morning confrontation. They know the sound-they deal with it DAILY. As Cassie and Desmond were approaching, Bindi Sue, stood up, saw what was coming and headed to the barn. Her leading prompted Bristol to follow the leader. NO KIDDING-at the precise moment when Cassie issued that first ANNOYING, let’s you & me rumble bark, Bristol was literally standing HALF in the barn and half out.

FIXED in my mind-the way that Bristol took that last glimpse before walking on inside. How many times has my FATHER stood up at oncoming trouble and beckoned me to follow HIM out of harm’s way? It doesn’t mean that HE isn’t ABLE to fight-ABLE to win, but-when it’s something NOT WORTH fighting about-HE knows that it’s BEST for me not to waste energy & time if HE has already taken care of it and I don’t need to be tangled up in idle, needless-goings on- again.

Tears welled behind my eyes as my FATHER moved closer towards me. It was as if HE was standing by my side with HIS arm draped over my shoulder. I understood HIS WORDS plainly and the visual helped them to penetrate deeply-thoroughly. Daughter, it’s not cowardly to turn and walk away-if that’s the direction that I lead you. I know WHEN you need to stand your ground, so when I remain for a battle, you can rest assured that you are safely standing in full armor. But, why should you engage the enemy if I, YOUR PROTECTOR-am not concerned or worried? Have you noticed that CASSIE never picks a fight with BINDI? You see BINDI as gentile and non aggressive-therefore you assume that she’s not a fighter. Actually, she’s using her head. Why get dirty if you can walk away?  You have plenty of battles to fight, lots of scrapes, bruises, cuts-it’s futile to get knocked around unnecessarily. She’s actually a VERY SMART girl, that BINDI SUE. Notice how Bristol, the wild, high spirited one..easily submits to BINDI’S leadership.

THE next precept upon precept hit me like a ton of bricks! The only times that Cassie is able to lure BRISTOL to fight is when she’s alone-when she’s not by Bindi Sue’s side.

I had my OWN private screening of Narnia playing out in living color. BINDI, my Aslan– ALL knowing strong and mighty Lion, and Bristol, as Edmond..a strong willed child, weak in the face of temptation from the Ice QUEEN, Cassie and Desmond, one of the many powerless imps who served her.

GOD spoke SO much in that 15 second Show & makes me wonder how often I miss a precept upon precept lesson because my mind has wondered away from where HE is.

I realized once again what a vital  verse JAMES 4:7 is. THEREFORE-submit to GOD, resist the devil and he will flee from you. DRAW near to GOD and HE will draw near to you. We skim over verses way too much! See, many CHRISTIANS know this verse but they’ll say over there in James where it says RESIST THE DEVIL and HE WILL FLEE FROM YOU.  I created a BIBLE STUDY series years ago LEARNING vs READING the BIBLE. One of the initial exercises is a worksheet with ten familiar verses where I leave out a few words for the participants to fill in from memory.  I don’t take them up or look at them myself..I KNOW the results. It was my own results when GOD first began teaching me how to LEARN.  Class members are always stunned to see that nearly everyone MISSES the exact same words in all of the incomplete verses. This one is a prime example of why we need to LEARN the WORD the way it’s WRITTEN.

THEREFORE_______  ____   ______ resist the ______ and he will _______ from you.

Now..everyone usually gets the last two words DEVIL……………...FLEE..some say DEPART…but it’s the first three words that are the trouble. BUT, the verse doesn’t mean the same thing WITHOUT those first three words…I hope you knew them and GOOD job if you did! YAY!! But, don’t feel bad if you didn’’re in the majority. 😀 RESIST THE DEVIL and HE WILL FLEE FROM YOU. Sound advice I suppose-but, the problem is..NONE OF US are strong or wise enough to OUTLAST or OUTSMART Satan. I don’t like to give  Lucifer any credit-BUT-that’s just plain DUMB. He’s smarter, wiser, stronger, than I am–GOD tells me that over and over…HE warns that I can’t let my guard down, that Satan is always ON THE PROWL. So-if GOD clearly tells me that I can NOT handle him alone, why do I seem so naive as to think that I can?

Add this to the blanks- SUBMIT to GOD..the KEY to the whole precept and we’re missing it. Satan flees if we first SUBMIT to GOD. In other words, the DEVIL doesn’t want a face to face fight with GOD-he already knows who will WIN; but a human standing alone is quite another thing! Take thirty verses like this one and LEARN-not read them & your LIFE changes. I know that it does because mine has since I began to fill in the blanks. I’m STILL filling in the blanks and if I want to continue growing in HIM, I’ll never STOP filling in the blanks.

As I sat and pondered what I’d just learned, I asked the LORD to always remind me just how vital it is that I ABIDE in HIM, not some of the time but ALL of the TIME. If I stray even a little bit..Satan’s ALL ABOUT THAT. I was so wrapped up in my early morning LIFE class, that I let my coffee go cold. As I went to get up, my eyes looked through the window and what did I see?

BRISTOL and BINDI lying out in the grass enjoying the early morning sunshine. My first thought was I WONDER who came out first! And, then-GOD whispered one final little precept-don’t try to over analyze everything that I show you. LOL 😀

I say that with a chuckle. The point that HE left me with was this. When GOD LEADS, I don’t LOSE. HE may choose to REROUTE me, send me off the beaten path or direct me to take detours that I don’t understand.  HE may say, let’s not waste time with those guys when I’m rearing to fight. If HE does that-it’s because HE can SEE BEYOND the now-HE doesn’t PREDICT my future-HE DESIGNS it!

the pIcS say it best

My husband is such a talented guy. This week, he took the time to go through all of our picture boxes & chronicle our ministry history. While I honestly considered sneaking it over to my own blog, I couldn’t bring myself to STEAL his thunder, so please take a look at his blog-you’ll find a tab at the top that says Ministry MOSAIC. Chances are you may SEE a glimpse of yourself..after all, we’ve been all the way to the other side of the world and back! 😀

i gOt noThinG!

THERE once was a girl named LIS

with a head full of mind boggling ideas

she spent all of her days,writing blogs, books and plays

Now she stares into space..isn’t THAT a tragic waste?

LOL-the first LINE of the ditty is courtesy of MY CHIPPER who’s been making sport out of my miserable struggle through the worst case of writer’s block ever.  I should have let him finish it himself, since even this measly FOUR line poem has NO flow. If you’re one of my faithful readers AND still coming by after a month of SILENCE, please DON’T give up on me! I’m determined to break through the concrete walls that have barricaded my thought process. I don’t KNOW what the heck is going on, but a little sympathy would be appreciated. Imagine my brand of brain waves being confined to a single ball of playdough with NO outlet? It’s like a cyclonic wind tunnel; my poor head is about to explode-but, I can’t find the tiniest place to drill a hole to offer it an ounce of relief. It’s just SAD!

I’ve decided that GOD is giving me overtime practice in two areas where I’m prone to be weak. PATIENTLY WAITING. Do me a favor and pray for me as I wiggle and writhe through this process because to be REAL honest, it’s frustratingat the momentI’ve got NOTHING to say and for a perfectionist with an abnormally high competitive spirit, it’s HARD to admit being at a LOSS of words.

I don’t do-WAIT-well. I like to THINK that I do-but when TEST time comes, I’m reminded that I’ve got waayy more studying to do before this chapter is MASTERED. The ENEMY often wages war against me using patience and waiting as choice weapons to knock me down. I know his battle plan, yet, I continue to feed lucifer cake & ice cream on a regular schedule. 😦 So, while I HATE enduring, I know that GOD has my best interest in mind whenever HE decides that I need additional patiently waiting drills. But, don’t you worry..once HE gives me permission..OF COURSE, I’ll be right back to sharing the wealth! 😀 tehee

In all seriousness, it’s sobering & awe inspiring to hear GOD whisper-Daughter, this time of quiet is all the more reason for you to remember that your gift with words comes SOLELY from me. On your own, you‘ve got nothing but a broken, empty cistern, so you must ALWAYS allow ONLY ME to speak through you-if it is your genuine desire to speak to this world using MY voice alone.

Most of all, will you help me pray that THE BIG THING that we’re waiting for, will be answered quickly. I’ve come to a conclusion this past week-the cries of my heart are more than likely crowding out the words in my head. My Chipper and I are praying about a life changing shift and it’s hard to get our heads around all of the how would this possibly work details that keep popping up faster than those pretty little purple flowers overtaking my yard. I’m reluctant to let Chipper mow them down-the fragile little things have somehow survived two snows this season which inclines me to shout-Let the FLOWERS live, man! Let the little flowers live! When I look through the window and see patches of beauty in an otherwise ugly BROWN earth, it makes my own heart hopeful that spring is around the corner for us, too!

So, as I once again start my daily ROUTINE in my RAIN MANgotta go to KMART and get some BoXer shorts– kind of way, (you’re not going to get that unless you’ve seen the movie where Dustin Hoffman plays Tom Cruise’s autistic brother) why don’t you give a listen to the song I usually rely on as my first dose of VITAMIN C (C as in CHRIST). Maybe you need some happy for what ails you, as well. They dance and groove-Shasta, my dear, THIS is where I learned-to BUST a MOVE.  CRANK up the volume, and ENJOY the promise that CHANGE IS COMING!

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