yOu dOn’T inTimiDaTe mE-well..maybe a little..

Tomorrow, we’re going to Carowinds and I’m so excited I can hardly wait! It’s my early Mother’s Day gift from Josh & Nikki. My kids know me oh so well. I’ve never been one for much bling and clothes don’t really ring my bell, either. I’m easy to buy for because I like FUN or PRACTICAL. Joshua and Jena grew up with two big kids. Many vacations were spent ROLLER Coaster chasing. Our kids have never been afraid to do much of anything-I’m not sure that’s a good thing-but they get it honestly-that’s for sure.

Ideal gift suggestions?

Well, last year Chipper & Jena took me to Lowe’s to pick out vegetables and herbs. The year before that, I wanted a utility sink in the garage so that I could wash the dogs and tomatoes outside. Another year I wanted shelves for the pantry and they never go wrong with birdhouses and seeds, quotation books or jigsaw puzzles. My mother and sisters truly HATED giving me that canning pot that I wanted for my fortieth. No kidding, my sweet mother begged me to choose the Stein Mart Gift Card instead. But I realllllyy wanted that commercial size canner, by golly. I’m proud to say that they sacrificed their pride and bought me what I asked for. 😀

So, anyways, I love roller coasters-I mean they scare me to death-but, not enough to keep me from climbing on, strapping in and taking off. I’ve ridden almost all that Carowinds has to offer-all except THE INTIMIDATOR. Oh, my. Take a look at this thing would ya! Technically, I shouldn’t be subjecting my body to such blunt force, but the day I start acting sick is the day I’ll stop really living & I’m determined not to let that happen until it’s absolutely necessary. Jena’s already sent a couple of texts reminding me to use my COPD medications in the morning and have my inhaler in my hand at all times. How in the world, you can hold on to anything while soaring to the sky on this thing remains to be seen.

I LOVE my life-I love that my kids think of me as YOUNG enough to enjoy the amusement park as much as ever, even though I’m a grandmother now. And yet, they think of me as OLD enough to graciously allow me to pass on going to the IKEA store with them this afternoon. Of course, there was a trade-off involved. I have a country style dinner waiting on them when they get back; ribs, broccoli casserole, honey glazed carrots, rosemary roasted spuds, cheddar cheese & jalapeno corn bread (baked golden brown in my old cast iron skillet. That’s what makes it so special, you know!) and a cherry cheesecake to seal the deal. 😀

Mama, you were so very right that afternoon when you said to me, Honey, life is about seasons..each one with a beginning and an ending. About the time that you are growing tired of one season, GOD brings you into another. I’m just glad to find out that I can enjoy roller coasters and grandbabies in the same one! 😀

tWenTy fiVe i tOld yOu so’s!

Yesterday, I was texting with 25 year old Jena, 14 year old niece, 30 year old friend, 40 year old sister & a 47 year old pastor’s wife-all at the same time.  While my fingers talked, the variety of chats that I was engaged in brought a smile. I say that I don’t like giving out advice but as one of my heroes, Judge Judy would say, LIAR LIAR skirt’s on fire! I’m happy to dish advice out from sex to salad. 🙂

Not long ago, a young woman asked..if you were 25 again, how would you change who you are & what makes you tick with what you’ve learned in your last 25? In other words, Will you share your failures if it will help me avoid unnecessary flub ups? Chapter 2 of Titus instructs older women to train younger women. CHRIST chicks have younger girls watching, there isn’t an AGE of passage. So, for today’s post, I jotted down 25 things that I wish I’d known back then. I warn you-a few are are off the wall!

1. I can’t be all things to all people & if I go down that road, I’ll suffer collision after collision.  I wish that I’d have had the courage to be real-and been true to who I was-flaws and all.

2. Exercise & skincare shouldn’t start at 40. Mama never had money to buy expensive stuff, but she used Oil of Olay faithfully. Look at this picture of us at Jena’s February wedding. This woman is 71 years old! On my 30th birthday, I decided to follow her example. Mama has walked two miles a day for decades and joined Curves in her late fifties to build muscle tone. I can’t tell you how often she  is told that she DOESN’T have old lady legs! She still wears cute shorts & dresses WITHOUT hose &  her legs look great. Mama’s the epitome of a gracefully aging woman who has maintained her good looks the old fashioned way!

3. Eating the right foods and drinking water is important! That old Ivory Dish soap told the truth-hands reveal your age! According to Joshua, my hands place me at ninety! I have the ugliest, wrinkliest hands. And here’s one I wish someone had told me. Your heels need attention EVERYDAY! If it weren’t for HEELTASTIC-you’d never find me in flip flops and sandals.

4. Picking the right mate’s the most important decision you’ll make after CHRIST, but, there are no 100% guarantees.  I wish that I had shown my Chipper even more how thankful I am to be his wife. Your spouse needs to be your best friend-not mama, sister, BFF since first grade, not the kids. Love never stops needing to be nurtured. More sex! More laughs! More happy moments!

4. LIVE YOUR DREAM, don’t DREAM your life-I say that sincerely as I myself do a little too much dreaming & not enough living.

5. Sometimes it’s best to shut up & listen. You aren’t always RIGHT-so get over yourself. One of my regrets as a Mom is that I didn’t listen to my kids enough when they explained things to me. Maybe I knew best-but I wish I hadn’t always been so quick to say so.

6. Be a blessing, pay it forward! Of my accomplishments, the one that I’m most proud of is-being a foster mom. Any inconveniences that came with having more family members to tend to-pales in comparison to hearing, I LOVE YOU, MOM, from more kids than the two that I birthed.  Take a risk & care for somebody who you aren’t obligated to love.

7. GUILT kills your happy! I wish that I had learned how to NOT allow that to happen years ago. Say I’m sorry and walk away.

8. There’s no excuse for NOT spending time with GOD everyday. Even if it’s five minutes (which is really sad if that’s all HE gets) but, I can NEVER emphasize enough how an intimate relationship with CHRIST will benefit all of your other relationships.

9. Embrace your femininity! Equality & women’s rights are important, but, why rob yourself of being pampered? Look at the life of women in many countries who can’t go out with anything but eyes showing. Many aren’t allowed to go to school past a certain age.10. Don’t be quick to judge. Don’t assume a person’s headed to hell because they have a bottle of wine in the kitchen or don’t attend Wednesday prayer meeting. Heaven isn’t just for Baptists, Methodists, Pentecostals, or Church of God, etc. JESUS is the only way in. HE is the one who judges-NOT us. Luke 7:33-no matter how one attempts to explain it, JESUS speaks HIS opinion here clearly.

11. Kids won’t suffer long, drawn out consequences, if they go to bed dirty or without dinner and dessert.

12. Make adjustments to your hair and makeup as you age. Trust your daughter’s judgement more than your own. As a general rule, LESS is more!13. Owning a house isn’t the most important thing in the world and renting doesn’t make you trailer trash.

14. Coffee & chocolate are healthy addictions! 😀

15. Bubble baths are just about as relaxing as Xanax. Let Calgon take you away a few nights a week.

16. Your husband is a man. Men really like sexy women. The way I see it, nice lingerie isn’t a luxury item, girls. Victoria’s Secret has a great clearance rack..and I’ve picked up some adorable stuff at ROSS!

17. Playful pouting can be cute. Poor pitiful me pouting is POISON.

18. Learn to make a dish that becomes your specialty. When you get my age, it’s fun to have your family request something that you make better than anybody else in the world. My new specialty is old fashioned cornbread made in an old cast iron frying pan.

19. I wish that I had admitted-I was wrong easier, said “I told you so” less and offered “I’m sorry” more. It’s not becoming to be a know it all-in reality, thinking that you’re always right is a sign of weakness and self absorbance.

20. I’ve learned to THINK about what I commit to-nobody likes to have a promise that was made to them broken and that doesn’t happen if you never make one in the first place.

21. CLIP COUPONS! You’d be amazed how much money you can save.

22. Don’t feel guilty about having your hair done by a professional every few months. I wish that I’d used drug store hair color less. Nothing makes a woman feel better about herself than a good hair day! And nothing can cause us to fall apart faster than a bad one!23.When you don’t get enough rest, it shows physically & mentally. I wish that I’d known that chronic insomnia needs to be treated sooner rather than later. I should also note that it is a hereditary disorder that runs heavily in my family. I’ve struggled with this since childhood.

24. If your insurance allows it, it’s a good idea to get a colonoscopy and mammogram before you hit forty.  I recently lost a friend to colon cancer who was only 39. She was diagnosed with stage 4 and died five months later.

25. I wish that I hadn’t been so busy planning how I wanted to live my life that I wasted valuable

wiLL wOrK fOr fOoD

Is it Friday yet? I’m so ready for the weekend-EASTER weekend. I NEED to experience EASTER desperately. This year was tough, I’m just not going to lie to you. The fog is so dense outside this morning-I can’t see anything-I hear cows in the pasture beside the house-but I can’t see them through the thick haze.

Truth is, the ground beneath my life has been rumbling steadily for way too long and it’s caused some paranoia/schizophrenia like behavior.  Don’t worry, I’m not going crazy-don’t need rehab or permanent, irreparable damage. Just noise. Shifting. Restlessness. Unsettled nerves. Hormone rages. And, if you don’t think that guys don’t have problems in that area, just ask my Chipper. When the ground is shaking beneath your feet, your insides churn and writhe, it makes no difference about the male/female thing.

I spent almost all of yesterday and last night looking at my life-sorting good & bad. I need to reassess what I’ve done; what I’m going to do. I’m 50 years old-not 25-but, I’m not 75 either. I don’t believe that it’s uncommon for people my age to rethink their values or their life plans, especially with the economy like it is. Life is harder than it’s ever been for an overwhelming majority of folks.

Several friends have lost jobs, so far none have lost a home-but a friend of a friend has. We’ve lived in a BORROWED home this year for free so technically my Chipper and I really are HOMELESS once this house sells. But, as far as homeless goes, we’ve got it GREAT!

I know some who have sold at least one of the the family cars because they could no longer afford to maintain the usual fleet. I relate. I haven’t had my own car since BEFORE we went to New Zealand-ten years and while it is inconvenient at times, I’ve survived! I used to have an apple red Firebird, then a Lumina van and when our business boomed, I got my first fully loaded Suburban.  I must confess that I dearly loved my Suburbans and at some point, if GOD gives me permission, I will get another one because when you’re five feet tall & shrinking, it’s empowering to sit high enough to see where you’re going! 🙂 Remember the deranged captain in the movie Avatar that drove that massive monster tank? That’s me in a Suburban! 😀

When we moved to New Zealand, we only had funds to purchase one car for several months. When Joshua started to University, we got a second one for him. Somehow, I learned to live without my own car. It’s embarrassing, but I only got a cell phone when we moved to Savannah. I know..sad. Well, we had a land line and since I don’t like to talk on the phone, it sufficed just fine.

We haven’t taken a vacation in two years-see, survival mode certainly does NOT include vacation time. So, we bought a croquet set, thanked Liz for the grill she bought for us when we moved back to the U.S.-our backyard is our eating out & entertainment complex.

We haven’t been able to afford high speed HUGHES NET so there went FARM TOWN & downloading anything but email. I get a lot of notes asking why I don’t use FB like I used to or post on my blog as frequently; well because this basic internet is a pain in the butt to use-that S word comes to mind. And the other reason is the customized computer that my Chipper rigged up for me when my laptop died, got the last make fun of me-I QUIT!  Oh the shame! We are a one car, one computer family.

I miss my old life-I’m not going to lie. We never had a lot of extra stuff-matter of fact, I’m not a materialistic kind of gal, I never was, but I’m not AMISH either. I enjoy eating out on the weekends, catching a movie, going bowling, taking a trip now and then, buying what I wanted to buy at the grocery store, browsing at GOODWILL, playing FARM TOWN. LOL

But-as stretched as things are for us, we’re still very fortunate to have the things that we have. Pictures of JAPAN shamed me. We forget how quickly life can go from normal to catastrophically changed. I remember the December 26th, 2004 Tsunami that literally wiped out entire villages all over Asia. Since we lived in New Zealand, we got more news coverage than what was broadcast in the states and I can honestly say that I had NEVER seen anything like it in my life. I literally cried for days when it happened because SKY NEWS was getting live feed 24/7. But, the images  faded eventually and my life went on. When I get on a POOR PITIFUL us kick, I don’t have to go any further than pulling up those pictures to put my thoughts in check.

The fluffy stuff of my life’s been trimmed back-VIGOROUSLY, in truthfulness, SEVERELY-but, the truth is, there’s nothing that I can say I actually need-can’t live without– today. Instead of being ticked off, irritated, maybe a wee bit resentful about stuff that I’ve had to let go of, it would be far more productive and a whole lot more GOD pleasing- if I look at my situation as simplified, scaled back, uncluttered. Sometimes I need to take a reality check anyway-find out what’s priority and what’s not. I know this, when we get out of this place, I will try harder than ever before to look for WHAT OTHERS don’t HAVE before SEEING what else I WANT.

I’ve never been this poor financially and I sure do pray that GOD plans to upgrade the MORGANS sooner rather than later-but I’ve never been this RICH in the wisdom of knowing that HE WILL SUPPLY our needs. In that sense, MY CUP RUNNETH OVER.

choColaTe torTe tO dIe for…

If you’re in the market for a delicious dessert to serve with your Easter meal this year, click on the Celiac Braniac/Delete the Wheat link and consider a flourless chocolate torte. NO KIDDING-this tastes just like the chocolate thunder dessert at Outback. You won’t be sorry that you gave it a try and to make it even better, it’s ridiculously easy to prepare! HAPPY BAKING!

sOmeTiMes iT’s wHaT yOu cAn’t sEe thAt maTTeRs!

So, you guys have to indulge me here and take a look at this video from last November. Now-there’s a lot going on here. First of all, this is one of my praise teams who REUNITED to open the service for another church in our city. We had not sung together in a year, so that’s the first deal. Second, the video is actually from a low end camera-so the sound is not that great-couple that with the fact that TANGY was the one doing the recording and you get a very pronounced voice in there that has never been able to carry a tune in bucket. Having said that, I listen to this video quite often-not to hear me..but to hear my Tang Tang going hard out on that chorus. It’s just a happy moment guaranteed for me every single time I give it a go.

I was very short of breath this particular morning and majorly swollen-so you’ll see me go in and out of my mic a good bit-that left tilt of my head that I do several times, is my way of instructing Hannah to pop on the lead note for a second so that I can drag in a breath before I carry on. This team was so amazing. They were with me when the COPD diagnosis was given and we were all just so devastated about what it would mean-not just for me, but them as well. SINGING, leading worship, that’s all I know-I’ve been doing it since I was a child … so-cruel irony crosses the mind about now. LOL Anyhow, they quickly learned how to exchange any harmony notes by a mere GLANCE.  We continued to blend effortlessly; nobody was ever the wiser when I began having to stop during every song to take in a breath.  It was supernatural how GOD just taught them how to do that-without any practice!

But, what I was reminded of this morning was WHY I did a turn around on that chorus a couple of times. I think a lot of folks listen to the video and assume that the piano is being played by Scott (you know, my Dove award winning son in law, hehe). But, that’s not the case.  That’s sixteen year old Dustin Stewart putting out an impressive sound.  It’s extra special to me, because when I met this young man, he was twelve..and I knew the day that I heard him play, he had a real gift.  But, it wasn’t so much hearing him as watching him, watch me play.  Look, I don’t read music, so-that limits me considerably.  Yes, I write a lot of songs and have had them recorded for many years-but, I have to HEAR a song someone else has written at least a time or two before I can play it.  AND- I’m not that good.  Just being honest.  I do okay but, ain’t nobody gonna pay to hear me play-that’s for sure.

But-on the upside, I can transpose a song to any key (please don’t ask me to go to D … I hate D… Mama hated D, it’s a mental thing. :D) And, I can do some decent runs-which allows me to alter timing when I want to change the sound of it.  I love minors-so I can throw some unique curves in a normal piece of music.

So, I got to noticing that DUSTIN would study how I played about every chance he got to listen or watch.  And, the kid instantly was able to mimic my style.  It didn’t take long for me to start showing him a bit of how I did what little bit I could do and wow!  Combined with his ability to read music, he advanced like wildfire.  SO MUCH SO…that I had to apologize to his piano teacher one day in SAM’S for leading her studious pupil astray. LOL

Eventually, he and I had a talk, to which I gently urged him to STOP playing follow the LEADER, because in this case, his LEAD didn’t have the capabilities to take him where I KNEW he was capable of going.

OH-and the last thing about this video that I love-but that you can’t see-is that over on the left side-there’s a couple doing a happy dance!  Seriously, each time I see this video, I am reminded of a middle aged guy & gal who leaped to their feet on the second chorus and begin to dance before the LORD.  There was absolutely NOTHING indecent about their worship style, and I was INSPIRED to see two folks bold enough to do something not TYPICALLY DONE in a traditional baptist church.

I wish we could be more like Tangy, and Dustin and the HAPPY FEET couple!  Sing like nobody’s listening, play as if you’re leading the symphony & dance like the disco ball is shining directly down on you! 😀

When you’re a Friend of GOD, you can’t help but LIVE, LAUGH, LOVE! 😀

PW for DUMMIES 101

As I gleaned over my archives today, trying to make room AGAIN to avoid an inevitable upgrade charge, I came across this draft and it seemed logical to post it since the other PW entries were popular. It’s about ordinary pastors’ wives like me, normal chicks, swimming in their shark tanks, trying to be a blessing despite being cursed often. I drafted this short entry in November, so a lot has happened since that time. But, the advice I was dishing out then, I NOW give with firmer conviction.

One of my closest friends is another pastor’s wife who visited my blog several months back. Since that time, we text or email daily just to check on each other and offer encouragement. We also do a little “venting” every now and again too. Our relationship shows me everyday how important it is for pastors’ wives to have a support system. We’ve even talked about partnering together to host a retreat in the fall-for EVERYDAY PW’s like us. If you’re a pastor’s wife, stay tuned for location and dates.

Here’s a preview of the things I’m putting together for that weekend. All practical material-things that make our journey a lot easier.

When you are dealing with a difficult person or delicate situation:  Solicit advice from OUR FATHER before you ask for anyone else’s advice. See, I want to help any of my sisters and I know that you feel the same way..but- we’re assigned to different battle stations, or I should say tanks.

I have PW gal-pals in Kenya, Kentucky, Texas, Ohio, Singapore, Pennsylvania, New Zealand, Nicaragua, Washington, New York, Louisiana, Georgia, Missouri, Philippines, Argentina, Arkansas, Mississippi, Australia, Costa Rica, China, Korea, Florida, Bahamas, Mexico, Canada, Greece, Italy, Guatemala, Honduras, England, Scotland. You’re following my direction..what works with Swahilis probably isn’t going to work with Cajuns. SEEK GOD’S direction first and foremost-but-if you need someone to discuss tactical maneuvers with, you’re safer listening to us who wear the same brand shoes that you do!

Don’t berate yourselves for too long over nasty feelings..we all have them periodically. You’ll have it up to there many times along the way-we aren’t perfect even though THEY seem to think that we should be. Do your best to control your actions and tongue. But, understand, you’ll wish you hadn’t done or said this or that.  Ask for FORGIVENESS, then move on. Side note; if the one you offend is set on holding a grudge, don’t be manipulated by guilt. Some church folks like to hold transgressions over our heads. DO NOT fall in that pit. Dust your shoes off and WALK AWAY.

You’re not BAD because you get MAD. Let me tell you something, if our husbands spoke to another man’s wife or kids the way that we GET spoken to sometimes-it wouldn’t fly. It amazes me how often someone complains to my husband about what another man has done to his wife-but, that same man has NO PROBLEM speaking to me in a derogatory manner. They don’t just let it go whenever their wife is wronged-but, I’ve seen men get fighting mad with my Chipper because he came to my defense. It’s really quite sad how men who I genuinely consider to be good men-don’t understand that basic principle.

Our husbands are put in a predicament when it comes to shielding our feelings and since ol’ lucifer is out to destroy the KINGDOM, it is his primary goal is to render the CHURCH useless. When he succeeds in destroying another church, he does a happy dance.

See, our church isn’t the building where we go to WORSHIP (even though I know a heck of A LOT of  building worshipers)- it’s THE PEOPLE who meet in them. Putting out wife bait is a powerful, highly enticing scent. It’s clever, I’ll give him that. It draws the sharks closer and it pulls the pastor out into the water. IF ONLY more CHRISTIANS took time to study lucifer’s sneaky game plans!

NEXT thing you need to know..You’re not unworthy of your calling because your thoughts weren’t PURE when Brother FEEL ME UP extended an invasive hug under the brotherly hug canopy. INCESTUOUS hugs are not acceptable! You have the right to decline his or her (oh, yeah…I’ve had the overly friendly female squeeze, too!) show of affection, if it makes you uncomfortable. We all  have a few of those in our fellowship-and for some reason, their wives usually assume that we’re soliciting the attention…hmm…I’ll leave that one right there.

Here’s a good one! You’re not the only pastor’s wife who grows weary of the endless well doing. I assure you, we ALL get tired of being the default mode for positions that are vacated…from the 8am nursery worker who calls in sick at 7:55 to the last minute chaperone replacement for summer camp.

Oh and you should learn this early because..that’s just the way it is.  Everyone but us, is excused for having other plans.  Honey’s sister in law’s cousin, won a radio contest for a spa getaway and she invited me to go.  It would ruin my testimony if I turned her down. Sista, here’s the COLD, HARD, TRUTH…that kind of  emergency situation does NOT apply to us.

BUT, the good news is..we have some pioneers trail blazing on our behalf. Just wait until you meet some of my friends like Kim and Karen. They helped me gain the courage to just say no and it’s one of the best things that I’ve ever done for me, for my marriage and my home!

We all need to air our frustrations sometimes-but our husbands shouldn’t always be the ones to hear it.  Remember, he has to look at those people and preach weekly.  There’s a balance in what you talk about with him and what you don’t.  But the most important key to your success, venting SHOULD NEVER be around somebody in your church. I learned that from my own mother. Sure, I’ve gone stupid a few times and done what I knew NOT to..9 times out of 10- it came back to CHOMP me in the butt!

I talk to my Mama, Jena or Hannah, 26 years bff, Liz, one of my sisters, sister in law, Ginny, pastors’ wives friends that I’ve been blessed to know and trust and a small-but VERY close circle of NON pastor’s wives who I confide in now that I’m NOT their pastor’s wife. Choose listening ears carefully! THERE ARE TIMES when my one of my loyal doggies are the best for me to confide in. It’s so corny, but, I have cried on Bindi’s Sue’s shoulder many times and my precious tiny Desi laps up tears as quickly as I shed them.

No, sweet sister, you are NOT the church doormat where everybody scrapes the poo off their shoes! 😀 I’m praying for you and I’m hoping that you’re praying for me. Even with all of the challenges, I think we wear the best BRAND of shoes out there and I wouldn’t trade mine with anybody else.

offiCer rIcK gRimEs is tHe mAn!

I walk around my yard talking to myself these days. We live so far out in the country, it’s acceptable in my neck of the woods. Do you ever feel like your life is changing by the second in some ways while remaining painfully STILL in others? That’s how my planet spins, too. What I have learned is this, EVEN when it feels like life is standing still, it isn’t. We just don’t always SEE what GOD is planning.

This is a random day when I’m not sharing an inspirational post. If you don’t like horror, science fiction or pop culture, pop on over to PROVERBS 31’s for today. I’m excited about a book idea that came to me during a weekend visit with our sons & daughters. Jena and Scott drove from Charleston to Florence so we could all spend the night at Joshua and Nikki’s house for the boys’ birthday bash.  Bonus daughter Nikki prepared a delightful dinner featuring Seared Duck with Red Walnut Sauce. Aren’t we fancy?  I’ve mentioned before that Joshua & Nikki are comic books geeks. They go to conventions dressed up as Green Lantern & Wonder Woman. 🙂

I’ve been a horror fan since childhood. Remember DARK SHADOWS that starred vampire Barnabas, Julia, Quentin, Josette, Angelique, Willie, David? The special effects were outrageously awful, but what a great story it was. Someone tried to RESURRECT Dark Shadows in 1991, but it was dreadful. Ben Cross was a hotter Barnabas-but considering his original competition-that’s not saying much. Insanely handsome was not a vampire requirement prior to the Cullens.

This is probably going to surprise you, but I love stories about vampires, werewolves, zombies and ghosts. Jason and Michael Meyers-not so much. Give me JACK, Wendy and RED RUM son, Danny-staying in the SHINING Lodge any day. Having said that, I am a fan of Nightmare on ELM Street. Gore a plenty, but dream worlds fascinate me, too. Ever woke & gone to the mirror to make sure your teeth were there or you still had an eye? I have 2 re-occurring dreams; watching an airplane fall from the sky and trying to outrun a tsunami.  Not sure what that says about my personality. 😀

Back to my weekend. Nik, knowing that I’m a Twilight fan, suggested that we watch a marathon of BEING HUMAN on SyFy. I liked it, so she mentioned that to Joshua & he says, Mom would love WALKING DEAD! We watched AMC’s entire season 1 in 2 days. My boy knows Mama scary well.  When we got ready to leave, he loaned me his WD comic books which are properly called graphic novels. Nik showed me how to appropriately read them, since you follow the drawings, not words. Admittedly, the language is strong and quite uncomfortable but, I finished all eight copies the kids had.

The main character is thirty something year old Policeman Rick Grimes. For a cartoon guy, this dude is so the man! Following his plight in a world where he’s totally unprepared- set my own mind wheels in motion. What happens when people face an alien situation that they’ve NOT prepared for? Humans can be more dangerous than the most vicious predator. That’s what held my attention-what everyday people do in epic proportioned crisis situations.

I decided to write my catastrophe as something other than a plane crash. Robert Kirkland, went with ZOMBIES and starts the story AFTER the zombies have full reign on the planet. His scenario is brilliant because you just GO with it. It has been a smash hit and AMC is working on Season 2 and 3 already.

When LOST debuted, I was hooked. I love survivor stories, from BOXCAR CHILDREN to LORD of the FLIES. But, I focus on people. LOST…lost me..when the magical island began monopolizing the episodes. I watched it because I wanted to see how these strangers thrown together by chance would make a hopeless situation work. It was about Jack, Kate, Hurley, Sawyer, Juliette, John, Ben, Claire, Charlie, Aaron, Desmond, Michael & Walt, at least for me.

I thought I’d leave you to ponder life. What if, we’re hit by a nuclear bomb? What if your plane crashes? What if your family’s wiped out, what if…you are one of a few survivors? Could you outwit, outsmart, outlast your enemies? How’s your Bible knowledge? Do you have enough scriptures memorized to sustain you? Enough to share it with strangers? Now there’s something to consider. What if you were the ONLY one holding the only HOPE? Frightening thought isn’t it?

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