offiCer rIcK gRimEs is tHe mAn!

I walk around my yard talking to myself these days. We live so far out in the country, it’s acceptable in my neck of the woods. Do you ever feel like your life is changing by the second in some ways while remaining painfully STILL in others? That’s how my planet spins, too. What I have learned is this, EVEN when it feels like life is standing still, it isn’t. We just don’t always SEE what GOD is planning.

This is a random day when I’m not sharing an inspirational post. If you don’t like horror, science fiction or pop culture, pop on over to PROVERBS 31’s for today. I’m excited about a book idea that came to me during a weekend visit with our sons & daughters. Jena and Scott drove from Charleston to Florence so we could all spend the night at Joshua and Nikki’s house for the boys’ birthday bash.  Bonus daughter Nikki prepared a delightful dinner featuring Seared Duck with Red Walnut Sauce. Aren’t we fancy?  I’ve mentioned before that Joshua & Nikki are comic books geeks. They go to conventions dressed up as Green Lantern & Wonder Woman. 🙂

I’ve been a horror fan since childhood. Remember DARK SHADOWS that starred vampire Barnabas, Julia, Quentin, Josette, Angelique, Willie, David? The special effects were outrageously awful, but what a great story it was. Someone tried to RESURRECT Dark Shadows in 1991, but it was dreadful. Ben Cross was a hotter Barnabas-but considering his original competition-that’s not saying much. Insanely handsome was not a vampire requirement prior to the Cullens.

This is probably going to surprise you, but I love stories about vampires, werewolves, zombies and ghosts. Jason and Michael Meyers-not so much. Give me JACK, Wendy and RED RUM son, Danny-staying in the SHINING Lodge any day. Having said that, I am a fan of Nightmare on ELM Street. Gore a plenty, but dream worlds fascinate me, too. Ever woke & gone to the mirror to make sure your teeth were there or you still had an eye? I have 2 re-occurring dreams; watching an airplane fall from the sky and trying to outrun a tsunami.  Not sure what that says about my personality. 😀

Back to my weekend. Nik, knowing that I’m a Twilight fan, suggested that we watch a marathon of BEING HUMAN on SyFy. I liked it, so she mentioned that to Joshua & he says, Mom would love WALKING DEAD! We watched AMC’s entire season 1 in 2 days. My boy knows Mama scary well.  When we got ready to leave, he loaned me his WD comic books which are properly called graphic novels. Nik showed me how to appropriately read them, since you follow the drawings, not words. Admittedly, the language is strong and quite uncomfortable but, I finished all eight copies the kids had.

The main character is thirty something year old Policeman Rick Grimes. For a cartoon guy, this dude is so the man! Following his plight in a world where he’s totally unprepared- set my own mind wheels in motion. What happens when people face an alien situation that they’ve NOT prepared for? Humans can be more dangerous than the most vicious predator. That’s what held my attention-what everyday people do in epic proportioned crisis situations.

I decided to write my catastrophe as something other than a plane crash. Robert Kirkland, went with ZOMBIES and starts the story AFTER the zombies have full reign on the planet. His scenario is brilliant because you just GO with it. It has been a smash hit and AMC is working on Season 2 and 3 already.

When LOST debuted, I was hooked. I love survivor stories, from BOXCAR CHILDREN to LORD of the FLIES. But, I focus on people. LOST…lost me..when the magical island began monopolizing the episodes. I watched it because I wanted to see how these strangers thrown together by chance would make a hopeless situation work. It was about Jack, Kate, Hurley, Sawyer, Juliette, John, Ben, Claire, Charlie, Aaron, Desmond, Michael & Walt, at least for me.

I thought I’d leave you to ponder life. What if, we’re hit by a nuclear bomb? What if your plane crashes? What if your family’s wiped out, what if…you are one of a few survivors? Could you outwit, outsmart, outlast your enemies? How’s your Bible knowledge? Do you have enough scriptures memorized to sustain you? Enough to share it with strangers? Now there’s something to consider. What if you were the ONLY one holding the only HOPE? Frightening thought isn’t it?

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