sOmeTiMes iT’s wHaT yOu cAn’t sEe thAt maTTeRs!

So, you guys have to indulge me here and take a look at this video from last November. Now-there’s a lot going on here. First of all, this is one of my praise teams who REUNITED to open the service for another church in our city. We had not sung together in a year, so that’s the first deal. Second, the video is actually from a low end camera-so the sound is not that great-couple that with the fact that TANGY was the one doing the recording and you get a very pronounced voice in there that has never been able to carry a tune in bucket. Having said that, I listen to this video quite often-not to hear me..but to hear my Tang Tang going hard out on that chorus. It’s just a happy moment guaranteed for me every single time I give it a go.

I was very short of breath this particular morning and majorly swollen-so you’ll see me go in and out of my mic a good bit-that left tilt of my head that I do several times, is my way of instructing Hannah to pop on the lead note for a second so that I can drag in a breath before I carry on. This team was so amazing. They were with me when the COPD diagnosis was given and we were all just so devastated about what it would mean-not just for me, but them as well. SINGING, leading worship, that’s all I know-I’ve been doing it since I was a child … so-cruel irony crosses the mind about now. LOL Anyhow, they quickly learned how to exchange any harmony notes by a mere GLANCE.  We continued to blend effortlessly; nobody was ever the wiser when I began having to stop during every song to take in a breath.  It was supernatural how GOD just taught them how to do that-without any practice!

But, what I was reminded of this morning was WHY I did a turn around on that chorus a couple of times. I think a lot of folks listen to the video and assume that the piano is being played by Scott (you know, my Dove award winning son in law, hehe). But, that’s not the case.  That’s sixteen year old Dustin Stewart putting out an impressive sound.  It’s extra special to me, because when I met this young man, he was twelve..and I knew the day that I heard him play, he had a real gift.  But, it wasn’t so much hearing him as watching him, watch me play.  Look, I don’t read music, so-that limits me considerably.  Yes, I write a lot of songs and have had them recorded for many years-but, I have to HEAR a song someone else has written at least a time or two before I can play it.  AND- I’m not that good.  Just being honest.  I do okay but, ain’t nobody gonna pay to hear me play-that’s for sure.

But-on the upside, I can transpose a song to any key (please don’t ask me to go to D … I hate D… Mama hated D, it’s a mental thing. :D) And, I can do some decent runs-which allows me to alter timing when I want to change the sound of it.  I love minors-so I can throw some unique curves in a normal piece of music.

So, I got to noticing that DUSTIN would study how I played about every chance he got to listen or watch.  And, the kid instantly was able to mimic my style.  It didn’t take long for me to start showing him a bit of how I did what little bit I could do and wow!  Combined with his ability to read music, he advanced like wildfire.  SO MUCH SO…that I had to apologize to his piano teacher one day in SAM’S for leading her studious pupil astray. LOL

Eventually, he and I had a talk, to which I gently urged him to STOP playing follow the LEADER, because in this case, his LEAD didn’t have the capabilities to take him where I KNEW he was capable of going.

OH-and the last thing about this video that I love-but that you can’t see-is that over on the left side-there’s a couple doing a happy dance!  Seriously, each time I see this video, I am reminded of a middle aged guy & gal who leaped to their feet on the second chorus and begin to dance before the LORD.  There was absolutely NOTHING indecent about their worship style, and I was INSPIRED to see two folks bold enough to do something not TYPICALLY DONE in a traditional baptist church.

I wish we could be more like Tangy, and Dustin and the HAPPY FEET couple!  Sing like nobody’s listening, play as if you’re leading the symphony & dance like the disco ball is shining directly down on you! 😀

When you’re a Friend of GOD, you can’t help but LIVE, LAUGH, LOVE! 😀

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