wiLL wOrK fOr fOoD

Is it Friday yet? I’m so ready for the weekend-EASTER weekend. I NEED to experience EASTER desperately. This year was tough, I’m just not going to lie to you. The fog is so dense outside this morning-I can’t see anything-I hear cows in the pasture beside the house-but I can’t see them through the thick haze.

Truth is, the ground beneath my life has been rumbling steadily for way too long and it’s caused some paranoia/schizophrenia like behavior.  Don’t worry, I’m not going crazy-don’t need rehab or therapy..no permanent, irreparable damage. Just noise. Shifting. Restlessness. Unsettled nerves. Hormone rages. And, if you don’t think that guys don’t have problems in that area, just ask my Chipper. When the ground is shaking beneath your feet, your insides churn and writhe, it makes no difference about the male/female thing.

I spent almost all of yesterday and last night looking at my life-sorting good & bad. I need to reassess what I’ve done; what I’m going to do. I’m 50 years old-not 25-but, I’m not 75 either. I don’t believe that it’s uncommon for people my age to rethink their values or their life plans, especially with the economy like it is. Life is harder than it’s ever been for an overwhelming majority of folks.

Several friends have lost jobs, so far none have lost a home-but a friend of a friend has. We’ve lived in a BORROWED home this year for free so technically my Chipper and I really are HOMELESS once this house sells. But, as far as homeless goes, we’ve got it GREAT!

I know some who have sold at least one of the the family cars because they could no longer afford to maintain the usual fleet. I relate. I haven’t had my own car since BEFORE we went to New Zealand-ten years and while it is inconvenient at times, I’ve survived! I used to have an apple red Firebird, then a Lumina van and when our business boomed, I got my first fully loaded Suburban.  I must confess that I dearly loved my Suburbans and at some point, if GOD gives me permission, I will get another one because when you’re five feet tall & shrinking, it’s empowering to sit high enough to see where you’re going! 🙂 Remember the deranged captain in the movie Avatar that drove that massive monster tank? That’s me in a Suburban! 😀

When we moved to New Zealand, we only had funds to purchase one car for several months. When Joshua started to University, we got a second one for him. Somehow, I learned to live without my own car. It’s embarrassing, but I only got a cell phone when we moved to Savannah. I know..sad. Well, we had a land line and since I don’t like to talk on the phone, it sufficed just fine.

We haven’t taken a vacation in two years-see, survival mode certainly does NOT include vacation time. So, we bought a croquet set, thanked Liz for the grill she bought for us when we moved back to the U.S.-our backyard is our eating out & entertainment complex.

We haven’t been able to afford high speed HUGHES NET so there went FARM TOWN & downloading anything but email. I get a lot of notes asking why I don’t use FB like I used to or post on my blog as frequently; well because this basic internet is a pain in the butt to use-that S word comes to mind. And the other reason is the customized computer that my Chipper rigged up for me when my laptop died, got the last laugh..you make fun of me-I QUIT!  Oh the shame! We are a one car, one computer family.

I miss my old life-I’m not going to lie. We never had a lot of extra stuff-matter of fact, I’m not a materialistic kind of gal, I never was, but I’m not AMISH either. I enjoy eating out on the weekends, catching a movie, going bowling, taking a trip now and then, buying what I wanted to buy at the grocery store, browsing at GOODWILL, playing FARM TOWN. LOL

But-as stretched as things are for us, we’re still very fortunate to have the things that we have. Pictures of JAPAN shamed me. We forget how quickly life can go from normal to catastrophically changed. I remember the December 26th, 2004 Tsunami that literally wiped out entire villages all over Asia. Since we lived in New Zealand, we got more news coverage than what was broadcast in the states and I can honestly say that I had NEVER seen anything like it in my life. I literally cried for days when it happened because SKY NEWS was getting live feed 24/7. But, the images  faded eventually and my life went on. When I get on a POOR PITIFUL us kick, I don’t have to go any further than pulling up those pictures to put my thoughts in check.

The fluffy stuff of my life’s been trimmed back-VIGOROUSLY, in truthfulness, SEVERELY-but, the truth is, there’s nothing that I can say I actually need-can’t live without– today. Instead of being ticked off, irritated, maybe a wee bit resentful about stuff that I’ve had to let go of, it would be far more productive and a whole lot more GOD pleasing- if I look at my situation as simplified, scaled back, uncluttered. Sometimes I need to take a reality check anyway-find out what’s priority and what’s not. I know this, when we get out of this place, I will try harder than ever before to look for WHAT OTHERS don’t HAVE before SEEING what else I WANT.

I’ve never been this poor financially and I sure do pray that GOD plans to upgrade the MORGANS sooner rather than later-but I’ve never been this RICH in the wisdom of knowing that HE WILL SUPPLY our needs. In that sense, MY CUP RUNNETH OVER.

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Nette Everett
    Apr 20, 2011 @ 09:02:05

    Lis, I am so there with you…being reminded of the blessings in my life and then letting that reminder/truth sink in and stay for awhile even when incoveniences come along (yes I am blessed but extremely inconvenienced right now – do you hear to pity party violin??)…I should hang my head in shame….


  2. jena
    Apr 20, 2011 @ 09:09:11

    PrOuD oF yOu!!! I lOvE u 7!


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