yOu dOn’T inTimiDaTe mE-well..maybe a little..

Tomorrow, we’re going to Carowinds and I’m so excited I can hardly wait! It’s my early Mother’s Day gift from Josh & Nikki. My kids know me oh so well. I’ve never been one for much bling and clothes don’t really ring my bell, either. I’m easy to buy for because I like FUN or PRACTICAL. Joshua and Jena grew up with two big kids. Many vacations were spent ROLLER Coaster chasing. Our kids have never been afraid to do much of anything-I’m not sure that’s a good thing-but they get it honestly-that’s for sure.

Ideal gift suggestions?

Well, last year Chipper & Jena took me to Lowe’s to pick out vegetables and herbs. The year before that, I wanted a utility sink in the garage so that I could wash the dogs and tomatoes outside. Another year I wanted shelves for the pantry and they never go wrong with birdhouses and seeds, quotation books or jigsaw puzzles. My mother and sisters truly HATED giving me that canning pot that I wanted for my fortieth. No kidding, my sweet mother begged me to choose the Stein Mart Gift Card instead. But I realllllyy wanted that commercial size canner, by golly. I’m proud to say that they sacrificed their pride and bought me what I asked for. 😀

So, anyways, I love roller coasters-I mean they scare me to death-but, not enough to keep me from climbing on, strapping in and taking off. I’ve ridden almost all that Carowinds has to offer-all except THE INTIMIDATOR. Oh, my. Take a look at this thing would ya! Technically, I shouldn’t be subjecting my body to such blunt force, but the day I start acting sick is the day I’ll stop really living & I’m determined not to let that happen until it’s absolutely necessary. Jena’s already sent a couple of texts reminding me to use my COPD medications in the morning and have my inhaler in my hand at all times. How in the world, you can hold on to anything while soaring to the sky on this thing remains to be seen.

I LOVE my life-I love that my kids think of me as YOUNG enough to enjoy the amusement park as much as ever, even though I’m a grandmother now. And yet, they think of me as OLD enough to graciously allow me to pass on going to the IKEA store with them this afternoon. Of course, there was a trade-off involved. I have a country style dinner waiting on them when they get back; ribs, broccoli casserole, honey glazed carrots, rosemary roasted spuds, cheddar cheese & jalapeno corn bread (baked golden brown in my old cast iron skillet. That’s what makes it so special, you know!) and a cherry cheesecake to seal the deal. 😀

Mama, you were so very right that afternoon when you said to me, Honey, life is about seasons..each one with a beginning and an ending. About the time that you are growing tired of one season, GOD brings you into another. I’m just glad to find out that I can enjoy roller coasters and grandbabies in the same one! 😀

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