wInd oF cHanGe

I’ve been doing a lot of reading about women and their roles of leadership in today’s thriving churches. One of my favorite new women to learn about is Pastor Sherry Surratt. I doubt that you’d find many-in the know-mainstream Christians, who have not heard of Seacoast Church in South Carolina. My sister, Amy and her family, are active members there. Everybody knows a lot about Pastor Geoff Surratt-but I don’t think nearly as many realize that his wife, Sherry, is also a Senior Pastor, paid and everything!

Sherry has become well known as a woman unafraid to wear her ministry title and has garnered enormous respect across America and the international world. I’m attending an upcoming leadership conference that Sherry’s hosting-encouraging called women to accept their roles with authority & confidence. WOW-do you know how long that I’ve been waiting for someone other than the uber Charismatics to have the courage to take this step?

I don’t think that this will come as a big surprise to people who really know me and have seen my heart-I’m a leader..I love leading, I love church ministry and I’ve always wondered why GOD decided to make me a girl-since my parents have three other daughters anyhow. If I had been a guy, I really would have been a preacher or an evangelist. I study like one, research like one, plan like one, THINK like one. But, I’m a that’s that. Until now

If there is an ordained call on our lives, a person knows that-male or female.  Not saying it-doesn’t make it any less real. I’ve been afraid to take this step for a long time, but today-as I was studying & writing a ladies Bible study series, GOD whispered-Why apologize for the anointing that I placed on your life?  It’s not something to be ashamed of. Even if you try to hide it-people see it-whether you want them to or not.

So, Sherry, thank you for paving the way for less courageous chicks like me.

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