we’Re haVinG a Girl! :D

Sometimes you just KNOW things in your heart and you can’t explain it, but-I KNEW this child was a girl. I would not have loved a boy ANY less..but, I JUST KNEW. So much so, that I actually bought a breathtaking white ROUND canopy crib a couple of weekends ago off of Craigslist-a story within itself that I will share with you later on as I have a feeling that the young woman who we purchased it from will be in our future. This crib was so beautiful and I kept seeing it on CL Savannah..but, I didn’t want to buy it until an ultrasound had positively confirmed what I already felt in my heart.

Nevertheless, two weeks ago, while we were in Savannah with a moving truck, I called the seller. I had to have it! It’s magical. In fact, I’ve already begun writing–you guessed it!  THE MAGIC CRIB.

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