I’m sTill hEre…

Honestly, it’s weird. I mean, I haven’t blogged in months and months and yet-everyday people will type in Dangerously Transparent or Lis Morgan to find out what I’m up to these days.  Sure, it’s a bit flattering to think that anyone besides my husband and kids CARE what I’m up to these days. To be fair,  if it weren’t for some of my namedropping, I’d get less blog traffic. 😀  Oh yeah, I am still me-I’ll tell the truth even if it means having to steal my own lightening bolt. While I eat my slice of humble pie, let me put a wee bite of crow in the mouths of my more famous mentions like Victoria Osteen, Miley, Paula White, Snooki, Darlene, Jessica, Angelina, etc.-all of us combined do NOT garner the attention that FRANCES SWAGGART does. Seriously, you’d be REALLY surprised by how many people are desperate to see Jimmy’s Swaggart’s wife naked…just sayin.

It got me to thinking about my influence in this world when my blog summary for 2011 came. I got enough hits to fill up the Sydney Opera House..like numerous times. How is that possible? Whether or not I understand, isn’t the point.  The fact is, our blogs, youtube, facebook, myspace and other outlets provide a  mouthpiece that stretches around the world-so while I sit at my sister in law’s table in rural South Carolina writing my silly post, once I hit publish, people in Alabama, LA, New Zealand, China, London, India, can read it instantly. THAT’S  incredible! My voice and ideas make impacts on others and so does yours-and I’m going to keep that in mind this year when I communicate about anything.

Maybe I’ll be better at  keeping my blog current because a lot has happened in my life over the past year.  I’m a first time LOLLY (grandmother) to the most beautiful baby girl, Selah Annalise McDowell. She is a miracle and I want to tell you how GOD spared her life and incorporated SOCIAL media craze in the process. My Chipper and I are still living a nomadic Abraham and Sarah life-residing in the tent of uncertainty.  At fifty & fifty one years old, we see our four parents aging rapidly and with that comes a cloud of dread about what the future holds. Our son and daughter got married so Chipper and I aren’t privy to everything going on in their lives and that’s tough when you’re a fix it kind of mom.  I lost a friend last year, but was able to mend a couple of relationships, too. Wow. I’ve missed sharing my ups and downs out loud-wacky personality trait of mine-an extremely private chick who hardly ever keeps her thoughts in secret!

So-don’t be stranger! BUT- if it’s NAKED pictures of Frances Swaggart you’re hoping to dig up, I’m fairly certain that you’re out of luck! Frances has more important things to do than show off the results of doing the Brazilian Butt Lift! Bahahaha😀

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  1. gary
    Feb 14, 2012 @ 23:58:10

    I was interested in piano lessons for my son Is scott still in charleston area?


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