i’Ve lOsT sO mUcH wEigHt!

I am convinced that there are times in life when GOD hangs back and waits for us to catch up.  HE isn’t mad or angry because we can’t keep up with the big boys.  GOD isn’t ticked or irked…HE just has all the time in the world for HIS kids.  Hey ya’ll…HE FAVORS ME! 😀

My Chipper and I have been through a devil of a time and now that we’re back in the Land of the Living, I confess that I’m still having a bit of a problem with Zombie Lis. Whilst I know that the world is desperate to hear the REAL truth of the gospel-I also know that there are a gazillion fakes peddling a counterfeit brand of KEEP CALM and try JESUS stuff.  To be honest, I’m so over all the hype.  UGH! As one of my favorite writers, Ann Graham Lotz says-just give me JESUS! I’ve stomached all of the religious junk food a five foot chick can handle so I’ve been deliberately ramming my fingers down my throat, digging into my soul to jump start the regurgitation process.

Yesterday I watched a group of grade school kids play in the park while I cooked dinner;  I found myself in tears remembering days gone by..afternoons climbing monkey bars, chasing toothless boys and pigtailed girls. To be that carefree again.  NOT to know all that I know now about the people I play with day in and day out.  I was whining-but fortunately GOD forgives pouting. HE whispered to my heart lighten up, that particular storm is over daughter.  Look outside, see how the sun is shining!  Downcast is not in your seven day Forecast Lis. Relax. (Please don’t get uptight about my phrasing. I pop my fortune cookies as eagerly as the next, but NO I don’t read horoscope or stop by Sister Hope’s Spiritual Readings)  HE went onLet the sad go and grab on to your happy. Yes, serving ME has been difficult for you in recent times, but you must remember..you gave ME full permission to refine you for MY purpose in ANY way I choose. That’s what this has been about. Refining you-make you purer, holier, better.

It brought me to my knees-experiencing the voice of GOD speaking to me in such an intimate way. In that single  moment I was made keenly aware of what an amazing privilege it is to be HIS daughter. The one that HE loves enough to devote unlimited time to-making me more beautiful, more like HIM.

Let me be dangerously transparent here. This messed up, broken world doesn’t need the UNREFINED me.  Heck, I don’t even LIKE that me..so why should I expect others to come calling?  Nothing grates on my nerves much more than a cantankerous person with a bad attitude telling me how to live my own life ..good.  The negative squeezes out the positive-their ying repels my yang like fingernails on a chalkboard.  Flashpoint..I don’t want the GOD in me to be null & void because of the me in me – yet, it’s been too easy to allow that to happen in the midst of rugged terrain.

BUT enough already! This world NEEDS me and my tales of adventure, so I’m running back out on the playground. What should I do first! The swings? Monkey bars? Oh Wait! That twirly thing? Yep! I’m definitely ready to start SPINNING again! Hop on and get dizzy with me! 😀

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  1. Laurelie
    Apr 13, 2012 @ 19:46:37

    I am with you. So often, I hear all the bad going on in our world, and hear people who I always trusted, not acting like Jesus. But I am reminded once again, to keep my eyes on Him. Make sure I am acting like Him, that my attitude is right.
    Thank you, once again for sharing.
    Bless you.


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