iT’s tHe LittLe tHiNgS iN liFe..

I just spent a few minutes talking with a friend about an upcoming ladies retreat. As we chatted, we swapped lists of  a few of our favorites things and those we wouldn’t miss if they disappeared from the planet.  I told my pal how I always loved the silly questionnaires grade school girls passed around.  I’m a self professed PINADDICT-definitely DOPE for a daydreamer.

Strong coffee with chocolate. I am a Hershey bar lover so it’s a cheap date! I love waking up to birds singing. Obsessed with white (possibilities are unlimited when you start with it); black runs close second. My friends worry if I’m dressed in any other colors and I nearly started a ruckus for wearing a purple dress one Sunday morning. Bwaha!

Brushing Bindi Sue’s hair (my rough coat collie) is therapy. Meandering at Farmers Markets to look at produce and plants. I spend hours at my piano making up songs that I don’t copy down because the music is between HIM & me. A new four pack of legal pads and fancy gel pens. True Bliss.

I look at pets on Craigslist everyday and pour over my collection of Christmas cookbooks all during the year making a preliminary menu even though I know that I’m going to resort to the same menu my family expects.

Good results from products I make at home. Two hours on sofa watching a black & white film. (The YEARLING, PINKY, DAY of WRATH, GEORGE WASHINGTON SLEPT HERE, SEVEN BRIDES for SEVEN BROTHERS, YOURS MINE OURS & WITHOUT LOVE) all enjoyed over the past couple of months.

Beam when my Chipper says YOU so funny girl and grin like a Cheshire when I win Jeopardy (two or three times a year at max cos I married a flippin’ genius).  Reading something in a book, especially the Bible & having a light bulb illuminate the words unexpectedly. Random texts from Joshua & Jena (Nikki & Scott) make me smile..proof that my kids haven’t outgrown a need to share non important stuff.

What makes you happy? Take a minute or two RIGHT now and write a few things down. Then go make one of them happen and allow your heart dance today!

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