aNd oN tHe sEvEnTh dAy..

Seven is good number indeed.
GOD liked it. So does my baby girl, Jena. So much does my daughter like the number seven, it’s how we say I LOVE YOU. I was looking for a restful topic to post today & as I reflected back on my adventures this past 7 days, I thought it would be fun to designate Sunday posts to listing  7  of the most memorable things that took place in my daily life.. Why not make your own 7 list on Sundays, too?
1. My thirty three year old niece nearly died from a ruptured intestine and is recuperating after having part of her colon removed.  I saw her at Christmas & wondered if she was anorexic because she looked thin and sallow.  A conclusion that she was “dying to be thin” was spot on but DEAD wrong since we found out that she’s been suffering from CROHN’S Disease. The surgeon said he didn’t know how she was functioning & walking around because it had gone undetected & untreated for years.  I’ll be more vigilant in taking care of my body & when someone who looks sick says, I’m okay..just tired..I won’t be so quick to take them at their word.
2. My ER nurse/BONUS daughter (I don’t do IN LAWS) started a new job today. She decided that a change of scenery was in order & went for it. So proud of her for taking a leap of faith. She earns a new pair of sparkly girl power stilettos!
3. My Chipper & I spent each afternoon this week doing something together..just for us. I’ve fallen in love with my man of thirty two years all over again.
4. Desmond (NOT a pet..he’s my baby) was nearly killed because I didn’t put him on a leash to go potty. Little boys can’t be expected to resist chasing a ball into oncoming traffic. And to think I love Pet Semetary? Bwahahaha
5. After hearing about four kids in our county who died at the hands of a grandmother, mom, mom’s boyfriend, negligent dad, my Chipper and I have decided to renew our foster parenting license.  Being a granny doesn’t make me too old to continue as a foster mom. (In case you’re new to my blog, the two handsome boys in photo with me are our foster sons who lived with us while we resided in New Zealand.)
6. We joined Planet Fitness and my goal is to rock a swimsuit by vacation time at the end of June!
7. Mama got a brand NEW bag.  I’m a thrift/resale/Goodwill chick so about everything I wear but underwear has been gently used.  My Chipper looked at my bag yesterday & said it was harshly used & insisted on a new one. He asked if I wanted to hit the mall. If you don’t know me by will Never never NEVER know me. We settled on BURLINGTON COAT FACTORY. Of course, he tsked tsked at my nothing tagged over $20. I muddled through GUESS, NINE WEST, TOMMY, LIZ before spotting this gunpowder gray XOXO.  With a penny to spare, I held it up & my dude nodded. Totally you.  I was so excited over it that I’d dumped the contents of my worn out one into it before we got back to the car. I gotta admit..sometimes new is really nice.
Hope & Happiness,

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