wHo cAreS iF yOu’Re tiRed??

The most frequent excuse for throwing a tantrum is-I’m (they’re) so tired I (they) can barely keep my (their) eyes open. Ever noticed how parents and grandparents especially-pin a child’s bad behavior on the lack of a proper nap?  I’ve learned that a closed lip smile is an effective way to keep my opinion on the other side of spoken. 🙂

Alas comes The Ladybug & her 1st true tantrum. For badness sakes all she wanted was another spoonful of bananas. Poor baby was tired.  As I watched the clip of Annalise pitching a fit on Facebook I smiled and thought to myself-I’m one of them now! When Joshua (my firstborn & my parents’ first grand) was born, a lady who helped raise my sisters and me, gave Mama this advice-your grandkids are only GRAND to you so don’t bore the rest of us talking about them all the time. Nana didn’t mince words, she spoke the truth!

I began lightheartedly because I knew where we were going. Tired isn’t just about how this physical body reacts to exhaustion. If our emotions give out on us, it’s far more detrimental.

Lisa Bevere says in her book BE ANGRY BUT DON’T BLOW IT It is exhausting to live constantly on the edge of rage.

Ever walked on eggshells in fear of saying the wrong thing and sending someone to Planet Stark RAGING Mad? I’ve been the eggshell walker & I’ve been the cracked egg Sharing who I am today sometimes requires that I revert back to the dark years so that I can tell you how GOD restored me to my happy place.

We think of rage as one dimensional and it’s not. Good people can be filled with rage. I was. It became the single, most effective way I found to gain momentary release from that unrelenting albatross of emotional exhaustion. It’s actually quite difficult for me to think back to that time in my life because I no longer have rage episodes. But lingering memories of caged claustrophobia haunt me still. A RENEWED mind is a beautiful thing indeed, but I long for the day when I get a NEW mind-one that holds no recollections of the past.

As long as we JUSTIFY our emotions, we’ll NEVER overcome them. As long as we feel entitled to be angry because of what was done to us, we are captive. I fight daily..DAILY-not to go anywhere near that place anymore because I found out what life is like BEYOND it and man o man is it ever better!

Do you really want to live the rest of your life ANGRY all the time?

I’ve been doing ministry all my life without a ministry degree so going back to school-a woman in her fifties-to earn one stems from a desire to be the best guide I possibly can for those trapped in their own dark years. I read POKER faces with ease because I wore the mask. I’m grateful that someone looked deeply into my lying eyes, saw a troubled young wife & mother, and challenged me to unveil hidden secrets.  With her help and GOD’S grace, I got a new “Lis” on life!  (my Chipper came up with that one)

An arrow pierced someone’s heart unexpectedly today-I believe that because I didn’t plan to get so personal. If you see yourself in my self portrait, I pray for you to find strength and confront whatever causes you to foam up and explode. Have you been hurt by people who should know you better?  Are you overwhelmed by defeat, disappointment and broken dreams? Are you battling an addiction that started as an attempt to numb pain? Am I writing this for..you?

Did you muster up enough courage to confide in a person you trusted only to hear-everyone has things that have left them scarred. I’ll share a bad thing that happened to me so you won’t feel alone. Next thing you knew, they were telling you something trite & petty AS IF it compared to your burdens.

You LONG to have someone just listen. If you’re carrying an emotional garbage can filled with confusion, guilt, fear, paranoia-scared to death of emptying it because your pain might be minimized or dismissed altogether-listen closely here because I’m going to give it to you straight. Most people are not going to understand and it’s not wise to go out there and bare your soul to very many. But, I promise that if you’re serious about moving beyond the pain, GOD has someone waiting to help you. I know because HE gave me the right person when I was ready to deal with my own dark years.

The happy zone is possible if you’re willing to take the journey. Are you WILLING to take the road less traveled? Great!  Meet me here tomorrow then and we’ll at least get you pointed in the right direction!

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