sUnDaY sEvEn thiNgS

So here’s my list of seven of the most memorable things to happen in my life in the past seven days.

1.) My sister, Lori is celebrating her forty something birthday today.

2.) Attended a sweet home-going of a man who showed such courage in the face of death.

3. Went to midnight premier of AVENGERS with my Chipper-something we’ve done since our kids were teenagers.

4. Ate at one of the best sushi bars I’ve ever been to for $5.99!

5. Found out that I will probably be including major surgery into my summer plans.

6. Received email from two strangers who were encouraged by my blog while walking through a dark valley. I love how GOD takes the smallest, most unlikely things we do and multiplies them in ways too big for us to comprehend!

7. Seeing this mobile pic of my daddy and The Ladybug pop up on Facebook a few minutes ago. The kids dropped in at his church unexpectedly today and the delight on his face says it all.

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