Someone in another country sent me an email recently about this particular post. They wanted me to know that the words had struck a chord in their spirit about how to deal with a neighbor down the street who isn’t necessarily a candidate for Neighbor of the Year award. As I read the note, I smiled, just to be reminded that GOD uses my thoughts to help my neighbors with THEIR neighbors. 😀

Dangerously Transparent

Months ago there was a story on the local news about five children, aged 3-12, who were removed from a home where they lived with no electricity in what cops described as unimaginable filth. The news footage seared my heart & made me ponder how theneighbors reacted when they heard the sordid details lurking behind their neighbors’ door.

I wondered why no one had called to report the squaller; surely somebody around the house knew there were kids were living there! Nope. What merited a call to authorities was the foul smell surrounding the place. Let me just go there.  What stinks to  HIGHEST HEAVEN-is the mindset-your trash is cramping MY style. That’s how most humans, we CHRISTians included, operate. If you want to mess up your life, fine! But you keep your crap to yourself!


Not that this is the ideal time to be…

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