wHiCh wAy dO i gO?

Question #1,111?  How do I stay disciplined to go against my natural instincts so that I can trust in hope deferred, things I can’t see? How do I walk in faith when walking in my flesh happens much more naturally?  Contrary to what many CHRISTians advise, I’m here to disagree-it AIN’T easy to deny self & take up a cross; anyone who teaches that it is (in my humble opinion) hasn’t studied scripture enough or they have trouble with interpretation. We wrestle NOT with things of this earth, but with evil principalities-powers WAY more complex than these imbecile minds can handle.

How do we make intelligent decisions if we’re not smart enough to know-we’re too stupid to be wise? 🙂 I could quote scriptures here, but most readers can conjure up plenty of verses to back up this statement so I’m jumping to the application.  Spoiler alert-We can love GOD with all of our heart & still make bad choices. I’m passionate about pleasing CHRIST, enough so that I’ve devoted my life to following after HIS heart but, I so identify with PAUL when he confesses in Romans 7:

14 The trouble is not with the law, for it is spiritual & good. The trouble is with me, for I am all too human, a slave to sin. 15 I don’t really understand myself, for I want to do what is right, but I don’t do it. Instead, I do what I hate. 16 But if I know that what I am doing is wrong, this shows that I agree that the law is good. 17 So I am not the one doing wrong; it is sin living in me that does it. 18 And I know that nothing good lives in me, that is, in my sinful nature.I want to do what is right, but I can’t. 19 I want to do what is good, but I don’t. I don’t want to do what’s  wrong, but I do it anyway. 20 But if I do what I don’t want to do, I’m not really the one doing wrong; it is sin living in me that does it.

21 I have discovered this principle of life—that when I want to do what is right, I inevitably do what is wrong. 22 I love God’s law with all my heart. 23 But there is another powere within me that is at war with my mind. This power makes me a slave to the sin that is still within me. 24 Oh, what a miserable person I am! Who will free me from this life that is dominated by sin and death? 25 Thank God! The answer is in Jesus Christ our Lord. So you see how it is: In my mind I really want to obey God’s law, but because of my sinful nature I am a slave to sin.

Making godly decisions takes relentless practice, heaps of patience and an iron will to forfeit immediate pleasures for delayed gains. How do we achieve this goal? I don’t have all of the answers, but I DO know that in order to come anywhere close to the target, we must rely on the HOLY SPIRIT in every decision. We mature in decision making-one good decision at a time, hour by hour, day by day, week by week, month by month, year by year.

It’s said in Isaiah 28:10 It’s precept upon precept, precept upon precept, line upon line, line upon line, here a little, there a little.  We find a way to override what the human in us wants so that the GOD in us can shine.  Continuing to learn GOD’S principles by studying his WORD and committing myself to fellowship with other believers is a huge part of my own faith journey.

Life isn’t perfect! Skies aren’t always bright blue with fluffy white clouds. Personally, I can’t think smart enough on a clear days to make ideal choices 100% of the time, so what happens when stormy weather bellows overhead? I’ve learned not to base decisions on circumstances because hardly EVER is the RIGHT choice marked with GOD’S signature-This one’s for you, Lis! 

Note that I said HARDLY ever. There have been rare occasions when I did receive an answer easily. I’m still trying to sort out what I did differently during those times to merit a STRAIGHT answer. If I find out, I’ll share the wealth!

Psalm 77:19 is one of my favorite verses for this exact reason. GOD chooses impossible routes to leave NO DOUBT about who leads my way!  Your road led through the sea, your pathway through the mighty waters–a pathway no one knew was there!  I need the HOLY SPIRIT to help me catch a glimpse of HIS glory. Only then-do I find courage to walk HIS way.

I make the mistake many times of letting evil tamper with my thoughts. Whenever I permit lucifer to douse my hope or dampen my faith, the result’s always the same-I’m weakened instantly.  Walking in faith is accomplished only when I make the decision to leave the decision making to HE who knows me better than anyone else.

Hope & Happiness!

Lis 🙂

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