iS tHis juNk EVER gOiNg to END?

Since my son and bonus daughter introduced me to the Walking Dead, I’ve become obsessed with..what would it be like if life as we know it on earth were to suddenly change? I’m not talking about the rapture here. I’m saying, if earth were to get overpopulated and we were attempting to set up colonies on other planets, or we got hit with a nuclear bomb or a flu pandemic made it’s way around the globe. GO WITH ME, people. I don’t expect this kind of thing to wipe us out-GOD will handle that according to his perfect timing. But, thanks to Netflix, Chipper and I have watched several cancelled series with this preface & it’s intriguing to imagine. If we woke up tomorrow without electricity, water, absent government & sparse population, what would happen? No Walmart, BP stations, schools, McDonalds, hospitals?  Watch JERICHO, OUTCASTS, SURVIVORS, FIREFLYyou’ll consider reserving a pantry shelf in case there’s a doomsday lurking in our future! 😀

Many are living through the worst economical times ever and the answer from them might be, no worse than what I’m stuck with now. This statement is without prejudice because I don’t endorse either of the 2012 Presidential candidates. My point is that we flourish under solid leadership and we’ve struggled in this area throughout history.  Proverbs 29:18 says-Where there is no vision, the people perish: but he who keeps the law, happy is he. We often restrict this verse to church campaigns, but it penetrates all facets of life, individually & universally.

Someone coined the phrase that from the moment we’re born, we start to die. Up until a few years ago, I laughed at that but, as I get older-my body & mind are showing the effects of a natural aging process, so I better understand the importance of embracing life for everything it’s worth while accepting that the quality usually diminishes with age.

Anti-aging is a new addiction. Botox lips, beach ball sized boobs, the fake hair, surgery to tighten up skin on your toes? I won’t travel too far here since I’m having cosmetic dentistry soon. My front teeth are turning black after some nerve damage and that’s just not happening!  I’m for maintaining within reason, but I don’t want to look plain silly. It’s sad to see people of all ages who are racking up debt, resorting to ridiculous extremes to obtain youth & perfection. For Heaven’s sake, we can’t stay twenty forever. It’s just freakishly unnatural to see these 68 year old men with skin as smooth as a baby’s butt! 😀

Can life as we know it, get any worse? Oh yeah.  Reality TV showcases who we are and gives a foreshadowing of things to come. What scares me is, with our brilliant discoveries, advancements in technology, medicine, global trade, we’ve become ARROGANT, completely RELIANT on what we can do so we flippantly flaunt this insane notion that we don’t need anything BIGGER than us. Well, one day, GOD is going to remind us again exactly who HE is & who we are. I fear that this entire world is facing more than just another lesson.

I pray that there are enough of us still getting on our faces before HOLY GOD, crying out to HIM with repentant spirits as 2nd Chronicles 7:14 says we must if our land is to be healed.  CHRIST followers have to strategize together & I’m not talking about buying chicken sandwiches on a designated day. Hey, I bought one, I’m not dissing the idea; but if you thought that was persecution, baby, you ain’t seen NOTHING yet!  The body of CHRIST must regain its vibrant, healthy status & the bottom is, turmoil is rampant in virtually EVERY church of EVERY denomination and we don’t stand a fighting chance at the rate we’re traveling. We are NOT strong enough, smart enough, rich enough, sly enough..we are NOT ENOUGH of anything to stand against the forces of evil.

Our ONLY hope is to believe what the WORD of GOD tells us HE will do..IF..we first do our part.  We still have the opportunity to blaze a trail on the most awesome adventure ever if we’re courageous enough to put on the FULL armor that HE designed for the  battle.  I want to be more than pretty or funny, smart, or talented. Sure I care about what I look like on the outside, but more than anything, I want to be a SOLDIER girl willing to do all I can to rally the army of the LORD!

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