yOu cAn hAvE iT!

Surely, I’m not the only CHRISTian who has gotten so completely exasperated trying to master something, that I shoved it at GOD begging-please help me with this one more time. We shouldn’t berate ourselves when this happens because it takes a lot of courage to admit an EPIC FAIL, especially if the task is one that we’ve been at for a while and we’re convinced it should be easy by now. Honestly, I believe GOD smiles when we acknowledge our dependence on HIM and admit, I still need YOU to help me with this one.

IMG_1973During The Ladybug’s last visit, I don’t know how many times she handed over something with a frown & disgruntled huff, unable to carry out a task she’d been working on a day, two weeks, a month. She struggled to unlock the crayon case & was too short to grasp toys from the bottom of her toy bucket without it tipping. But, Miss Independent would’ve pushed us away had we stepped in to help too soon. Our smarty pull-ups has memorized pictures on her DVD cases and knows which videos she likes. After watching us load them over & over, she’s identified which device spins them; she just hasn’t quite figured out how to get from A to C yet. But once she voices her need for assistance-HELP is here, baby girl!

GOD is incredibly patient as we attempt to do things that HE knows we aren’t going to be able to do-maybe only for now-but is gracious enough to let us try anyhow. Just as I allow Annalise to take on challenges that are too advanced for her at this stage, I don’t step in until she decides for herself that she needs my help. But as soon as she gives me the green light, I’m there!

I grow weary of repetition; I’m not good at sitting still, but there’s no denying that the mundane things HE requires me to practice over AND over, do indeed make me a stronger, more usable instrument in HIS hand. GOD is in no hurry to RUSH to my aid if I’m not in danger but HE is always RIGHT there.

IMG_1655As Annalise opened a CD case, pulled out a disc, stared at the blu ray player before pushing a button to see if the tray would pop out this time, I only intervened when I foresaw damage to her or the player. See, I know something that she doesn’t yet. One day soon, it’ll be second nature for her to use the TV and everything that goes with it; in time she won’t need me to help her with the very things that for now seem impossible so-I’m perfectly happy to let it happen when it happens. 🙂

Training is never in vain if I am willing to go the distance & learning never stops if I’m willing to muddle through trivial motions to reach triumphant moments. HE knows that I’ll get there so I’m going to try and relax, whether I comprehend HIS ways or not.

Stiffen up those upper lips little soldiers..our time IS coming! 😀

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