tHaT rOaD isn’t eVen oN tHe mAp!

Warning confusion aheadOn the journey with CHRIST, MapQuest isn’t part of the deal. People refer to the BIBLE as a map, but in my opinion, a more befitting view of GOD’S WORD is-divine compass, spiritual warfare army fatigues, healing balm, joy-meter, hope floater, problem solver, dictionary, unlimited text messages ๐Ÿ™‚ It’s an ultimate travel manual full of essential, vital information on the Highway to Holiness, but you’re not going to get precise destinations spelled out nor can you pinpoint a preferred route. Well, you could-but chances are VERY likely that you’ll stay L.O.S.T.ย  You better pack plenty of BLIND FAITH if you expect to cross the finish line because you aren’t going to know where you are or why you are there half of the time!

One of the most relevant scriptures for my personal journey is, “I have yet many things to say to you, but you aren’t able to hear them right now“. In other words, Lis, if you want to make this leg of the race easier,ย trust me on this. Don’t stress out trying to map out where this road leads. Don’t ask for details because if I tell you in advance, you’ll be afraid to go any further.LOST to find ourselvesWhat I’ve learned is; don’t waste energy mapping out the destinations; when I’ve done so, it didn’t end well. There are roads that GOD led me down eons ago that to this day, I don’t understand. Detours that HE’S chosen lately have baffled me silly, still I’m confident that what HE does in my life, no matter how HE does it-will always be what HE has determined BEST for me. Blind faith enables me to keep moving whether I see the road clearly or not & in the rubble of the confusing places- dark & painful as they may have been, it’s not the suffering that lingers in my memory so vividly as the indescribable, unique intimacy that evolved when I had no other source but HIM to place my hope.

SHARK in DESERTWhen on scary terrain, places where the fog is so thick it sucks the breath from us, it’s natural to cower in fear, to vacillate from trust to doubt. While the two often cross paths simultaneously, we must choose which is to be our companion. Trust and doubt don’t travel easily together and progress comes to a halt when our soul wrestles between the two. A GOD guided tour of duty is difficult. HE instructs us to count the cost before we start. But, there’s no greater honor in life than to serve CHRIST with steadfast surety that no matter how tumultuous the sea, steep a climb, deep the cavern, barren a valley, you are going to conquer the challenge because HE created this path exclusively for you. SO, when you are in the desert, being shot at by a sniper after you’ve being swallowed by a great white shark, you’ll survive it! ๐Ÿ˜€ Yep, I’d say this photo just about sums up the blind faith bit! ๐Ÿ˜€

You can’t follow CHRIST and expect to avoid sorrow & suffering; the most likely reason why HE mercifully didn’t provide a complimentary map for the trip. Think about it. Have you ever gone to MapQuest to request the hardest, most difficult route? Of course not! We want the fastest, easiest, arrow straight way. We can’t help but think it’s all about me whether we want to think it or not. That’s not me talking, PAUL said it first!.

If you don’t mind me saying so-what’s in YOUR wallet-doesn’t impress GOD. From what I read, HE isn’t prone to delving out first class tickets to HIS children. Count on WALKING in areas not hospitable for humans, but never lose sight of WHO you’re walking with as you’re passing through those places. I guarantee, HE rewards every hard trek with a vacation! *Smiles*

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