“dUm sPiRo SpErO”

LYing awake worryingWhich do you ponder most when your head hits the pillow-a day’s successes or failures? I’d rather dwell on the positive, but my personality doesn’t lean that way; most nights I count my mistakes and begin an agonizing routine of punishing myself.  Guilt is an emotional mind bender that manipulates me easily. Loser. Why do you torture yourself with ridiculous goals? No matter how many times you try, you CAN’T. You’re just a dressed up failure. Why should GOD use you? He’s Wiser. She’s Prettier. They have more talent. More charismatic. Not impulsive. Not unsure. Comparison eats away at my identity until it reduces me to less than zero.
Brothers, I don’t consider myself to have taken hold of it, but one thing I do; forgetting what is  BEHIND & reaching FORWARD to what’s ahead, I pursue as my goal the prize promised by GOD’S heavenly call in CHRIST JESUS. Phillipians 3:13-14
WEIGHTED WITH GUILT fear worryWe’re commanded to share GOD by showering hope, goodness, love & compassion. This ginormous responsibility guarantees that we will fail at times but, we can’t be afraid to go hard in all we do, without fear of not receiving HIS forgiveness when we falter. Yes, we can expect to be chastised, but only because HE uses mistakes to help us grow stronger. Difficulties aren’t maliciously or deliberately allowed to thwart progress. HE won’t hold us back, beat us down or purposely prevent us from celebrating victory over the things HE willed for us to conquer. HE doesn’t set us up to fail! I hope that makes your heart do the happy dance!  How delightful the trip would be if I’d fully grasp that GOD has every aspect under control. Guilt will keep us from slaying our giants, take away our happy & leave us empty and hopeless. Don’t give in to guilt!!
STATE MOTTO with treeWhen I’m brave enough for ink, I want the motto of my state, South Carolina, placed on my left foot. I want it on my left foot because I stepped in a hole a few years ago and snapped both bones in my lower leg. A freak accident that required a trauma surgeon and a whole bunch of metal to put my leg back together again.  I was non weight bearing for over three months and did I ever learn how to be humble through that experience. Suddenly, I needed help for the most simple of tasks like putting on underwear.  Nowadays, when I finish a 4 mile run or walk up several flights of stairs, I think back to that time when I could not and it makes me appreciate my bum leg far more.
“Dum Spiro Spero” (Latin) means while I breathe, I hope. May I always strive to find that place of peaceful nights when I fall asleep guilt free, not because I lived perfectly, but because I took each step with FULL confidence of  WHO was LEADING my way .FOOT TATTOO DUM


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